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Madhubala Update On Tuesday 30th October 2018 On Angel TV


So RK is at jail & the inspector comes to tell him lunch is ready , RK is in no mood to have the jail food & he dismisses him off saying the air in jail is quite heavy , he isn’t hungry , however on inspector’s insistence & remembering lawyer’s suggestion on getting equal treatment as other prisoners’ & earning a good will that shall work in RK’s favor he agrees .

Prison food area

RK meets a fan among prisoners who out of courtesy offers him to take food first . The inspector informs RK he has some work which he wud wind up n return . The fan prisoner takes RK but they are halted by the nasty ones who taunts at RK to show them dance , acting etc . The fan prisoner tries to stop them but they say he might b super star RK outside but here he is also a prisoner . They too have fought to see his films & now he’s standing amid them . They had done many murders yet they did not get this special treatment & RK too committed one … so why shd he b given royal treatment ? The prisoners threaten RK to abide by their terms lest they wud beat him up such that this face that earns him bread n butter wud b damaged ! RK keeps quiet remembering lawyer’s advise & goes to stand behind but those nasty prisoners don’t leave him . They continue their tease on how difficult it must be adjust with such place , food especially when at his home the food is cooked by his wife’s delicate hands . On hearing that RK’s twitches his jaw ; the prisoners continue that his wife’s name is Madhubala that is very filmy … & one of them commented that shd he see her once rest of the time he would only dream of Madhubala … to this one of them remarks only dream nothing else … suggestively ??? … this breaks the patience & RK breaks into a fight with them .

Initially RK beats them up but eventually the prisoners since were more in number overpowers him & hits him badly ; thereafter badly thrashing they take a sharp edged plate & slashes RK’s shoulders & arms . Whilst this entire ordeal RK only remembers Madhu & slips in unconsciousness taking her name .

Here Madhu pleads Bittujee on going to jail but the latter suggests it wud b better if she stays back coz Madhu going might complicate the case . Madhu tells Sultan has threatened to hurt RK in an hour’s time … Padmini consoles Madhu that Sultan cannot harm RK as Madhu’s love would protect him . Madhu says she’s getting an uneasy feeling & her phone rings … Madhu hears the other side & rushes out !

On reaching police station Madhu sees RK moved out unconscious into an ambulance .Madhu runs to RK assuring she’s here with him . The entire family leaves for hospital . Doc comes out after a while saying RK is out of danger .

Sultan ST : That in an hour RK’s life will end & his shall begin .

Dips get a call from Sultan n the former is unhappy that RK is hurt . She says that henceforth if Sultan tries to hurt RK she’ll forget plan n everything n will expose him . Sultan says exposing him wud mean her role play revelation too n as far he knows dips loves herself too much . Dips says how dare he hurt RK to which Sultan replies its a war of love & passion ; blood will b spilt … he won’t let his own blood spill neither Madhu’s … the only one left is RK n so …

Sikki comes n says who was Dips talking too n Dips says its suleiman her designer saying clothes r ready .

Madhu & Radhajee see RK unconscious . Madhu gets a call & seeing the number takes it outside . Madhu tells Sultan how in the world he dared to hurt RK ? Sultan says it not entirely his fault he had warned her shd she not speak abt RK regards divorce the outcome wudn’t b pleasant . This is a trailer of that outcome ! Sultan tells her not to shed tears for that RK … he urges Madhu to end all relationships with RK filing divorce otherwise she knows what he can do !whatever happened today can happen again n this time RK wud be straight at pyre ! Madhu says how can how can a person stoop so low ? Sultan says a lot happened too that I never thought wud happen so Madhu shd stop accusing & just do what he has asked her to do ! Madhu looks at the Ganesha idol at hospital .

The episode begins with Madhu walking all shaken. Paddo & Bittoji ask her whether she is alright! MB says how can I be alright when my hubby is hospitalized & the police is not ready to believe that Sultan is behind all this! The attack on RK happened in police custody!!! Is it some kind of a joke?? Inspector Joshi seeks sorry & says but it was RK Sir who fought first with other celler & also says that Sultan is nt alive, it’s your hallucination since you have yourself seen his dead body! You haven’t got any proof that he is alive! MB says I have, the number with which Sultan called me just now, that can’t be my hallaucination right? Joshi says alright I will check the number for your satisfaction.

Joshi returns a while later saying that number is of some paan wala whose name is not Sultan! Dips heaved a sigh of relief.

Rads is in the hospital room & she hears RK asking for water with his eyes closed. She brings water but he turns his face away. Then MB arrives. Rads leaves & MB sits besides him. She says that I was not scared as I believe in our love. You will never let anything happen to urself as you know my life starts with you! MB feeds water to RK! Emotional sequence! BG-Tum hi ho!

Just then Bittoji comes saying the lawyer wants to meet RK. MB tells RK that Bittoji walks in them but they wouldn’t have been able to survive in his absence .Lawyer comes & askes R K hw he is. RK sarcastically says playing football but go injured so cancel! Lawyer says MB to stay away from the case as again she blamed Sultan for accident! If she keeps on interfering, it wud be difficult to get RK released. RK tells Lawyer that there is a board behind him saying ‘SILENCE PLEASE’ & rules should be followed!

RK tells Lawyer to leave & then tells MB Sultan is dead as he himself has shoot him in front of her so she needn’y keep him alive in her hatred! He has no regrets of killing Sultan since he was a poison that was spoiling their life together!

RK further says I am scared for you becoz if something happens to you, we won’t be able to unite! I can’t lose you! I want to be back to you! We will be together! All will be well!

Haathon main mohabbat ki lakerein adhoori ho toh, mohabbat puri nahi hoti!
Par ho haaton main ek pyaara sa haath, toh laakeron ki zarurat nahi hoti!

Rishbala hold hands. Just then nurse comes as it’s tym fr injection & MB leaves!

MB tells everyone to leave since only one is permitted to stay with RK & that she is not alone when RK is by her side. Bittoji tells the police to keep a stern watch. MB enters the room & sits besides a sleeping RK. She is staring at him remembering their bathtub moments when there is a knock on the door. MB is shocked to see Sultan in doctor’s disguise!

MB goes to all insp but no is there! Sultan says I won’t do so much of foolishness! Sultan says he won’t get caught for this arrogant & do kaudi ka RK, But he knows hw to win! MB screams Sultan! He says BEAWARE as if RK wakes up, then he(Sultan) will have to send him to deep sleep forever!

MB asks why has he come her. Sultan says why does anyone come to one’s life? She puts her moby in record mode. Sultan says for life & that she is his life!

He says you have two ways either break RK’s heart to keep him alive or see RK getting cremented & then regret why she hadn’t listened to Sultan before! MB says NO!
Sultan tells MB to leave RK, tell RK that she doesn’t loves him, divorce him!

Precap: RK tells Bittoji he has 24 hrs & not more than that!The divorce papers kept by RK’s bed fall on the floor. Bittoji proceeds to pick it up!

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