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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Thursday 25th October 2018 On Angel TV


Madhu wakes up n seeing time rushes with family to court . However at mansion she tries to contact Bittujee who was absent . Padmini suggested maybe they shd leave for court coz Bittujee might have straight away gone there .

At court the proceedings start .

Madhu & family still wait for Bittujee . Marathey comes n Madhu calls Bittujee who pics up the call this time saying he has arranged for the money , now Madhu shd convey this to Marathe n till he arrives just manage the situation .

The defense attorney starts that this was a simple case RK-Sultan fought & a gun shot was heard . Who was this Sultan ? he was criminal who committed a large number of crimes but w/o any evidence against him . His name was destined on one of the bullets of cop so what RK did in a way was good to society . He shd be allowed liberty on doing this social honor .

He further said that Sultan came their prepared like a hunter . Whilst things went out of hand the hunted n hunter got in struggle n the former in self defense shot !

Marathe catches up with him saying , he did a wonderful debate n had he had a reward he wud have given him .

Marathe then approaches RK n asks how many films he does in a yr ? RK says 5 – 6 . So Marathe says that means he is quite a busy man n on top of that married recently so he must b spending time with his wife too . So if he is this busy why he went to meet a gangster . Such emergency visits is only possible if the person concerned is the Biggest Friend or Foe ! n to meet enemies one does not get a basket of mangoes but poison n that’s exactly what RK carried with him . RK wanted to end the “PlighT’ named Sultan once n for all , coz he irked him so much so he dared to call RK his step bother so RK finished him off !

Marathe focuses with conviction on RK’s motoive of going to meet Sultan as murder n hearing him over n over harping the same thing RK admits that yes he went there with intention of murdering Sultan .

Marathe smirks n says no further questions . Defense lawyer objects n says if the person is pressurized anyone wud succumb . He needs to have a word with RK till then he requests the judge for a break . Judge announces further proceedings post lunch .

Madhu n Bittujee leaves courtroom n a person informs them that Marathe will wait them by the tree . They go there n Marathe arrives . Bittujee offers his demanded 20 Crores that impresses n he decides to play in favor of RK .

Post lunch break

Marathe for cross examination calls Bittujee . Bittujee stands n takes oath of Geeta . Marathe asks Bittujee abt his job description . Bittujee says he’s RK’s manager , he schedules meetings with producers , directors n everything related to RK’s profession . Marathe asks so RK’s enemies’ list too must be lying with him. . Bittujee stays mum . Marathe says he’ll rephrase the question . Bittujee is loyal to his chief . Bittujjee says yes , so Marathe says that means Bittujee even can lie for RK ! Bittujee said whatever he said was the truth . Sultan n RK fough n in self defense RK shot lest Sultan wud have killed RK . Marathe says but his chief himself admitted he went their to remove Sultan from his life n that he hated Sultan !

Bittu says.. a man thinks a lot but not necessary he does whatever he has thot..! Doing and Thinking are different! He says.. Marathe must be married.. n might have had fights with his wife…and talked of beating each other etc but there are no injury mark on his forehead.which proves that he and his wife are leading a blissful life! Bittu says.. RK says something in anger but he doesnt kill anyone! He says.. RK plays with hearts .not life..! He says..RK did all this in self defense. n that if the gun is pointed at Marathe too, he will give a damn about law and try and save himself… ! Bittu cries.. n says RK did all this in self defense.! Marathe tells him to stay calm n drink water if he wants..! Marathe says…its RKs job to entertain with dialogues.. n its Marathes job to show the right in the wrong..! He says its his job to do justice.. and so he wont let any injustice happen to RK! He says.. if RK killed Sultan in self defense.. then Sultan tried to kill RK . but why? Patil objects.. n Marathe says…will get to the matter soon n calls Madhu in the witness box!

Madhu walks into the witness box..! She swears to tell truth..! Marathe asks Madhu how much time since Rishbala wedding..! She says few weeks..! He asks about the 4 phera wedding..! RK fumes..! Madhu says.. one year..! Marathe asks.. if …they are in domestic bliss? He asks Madhu if there are 21 pheras etc this time? RK says thanks ..for worrying ..but how is his wife n kids..! Marathe says.. asking would reply to Madhu had she asked this question…! Madhu says thats her question too! Marathe says. .hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye..! He asks Madhu about why the Sultan-RK tussle started… n Madhu is quiet..! Madhu says..when he said.. he is RKs step bro! Marathe asks.. was he right? Madhu says.. not linked to this matter .so request to .respect family ..! Marathe asks Madhu why did Sultan call her..due to which RK got angry. n went there instead of her..! Marathe says..this is not private.! Madhu says..coz Sultan wanted her to convince RK about being his step bro.! Marathe says.. Sultan knew.. RK would be angry about this n go to meet him..! Madhu says yes..! Marathe says.. n if she went..could have kidnapped her n forced RK!Madhu says dunno ..!She says. Sultan was a cheap guy n could do anything for his own good..! Marathe says.. relax..! Marathe asks so in summary.. RK was angry on Sultan .. n reached n finished Sultan in self defense..! Patil objects again..! Marathe says sorry and asks Madhu to leave..!

On the way.. Marathe. stops her n asks her to come back in the witness box again..! He says…Madhu said..she has given all the details…nothing left.. so asking again. .did she say whatever she needed to? Patil objects again…! Judge doesnt accept..! Madhu says din hide anything..! Marathe.. asks.. if she thinks this case is strong.. RK is true.then why did she offer bribe to Marathe? Madhu is shocked…! Marathe says.. to weaken this case Madhu offered him Rs. 20 Cr bribe..! Bittu opposes..! Marathe says..they can check the car with the money..! Judge asks if Marathe is telling truth? Madhu is panicked..! Marathe says.. its confirm she tried.. to bribe .. n it also proves.. that Madhu has no faith that RK is innocent.. She knew.. that case is could blooded murder.. not self defense n thats why offered the money! Marathe says have proof.. n he shows the the court..!

Marathe says it can be checked.. who offered money.. account no etc! RK is shocked..! Marathe says…he had doubt on this case. .but when Madhu begged him . it confirmed that.. murder is being faked as self defense… ! Marathe asks Madhu if she came to his office or not n Madhu says..yes..! Marathe says..he doubted that Madhu wanted to buy him got the pics taken to show the truth to all..! [Dips is shown holding the camera] ! Marathe says.. Madhu is too naive.. she should have checked his background if Marathe is someone who can be so easily bought off the shelf..!

Part 2

Marathe says.. that possibly …RK could have been released eventually but Madhus steps have proved beyond doubt that .. RK is guilty..! Madhu breaks down! Marathe says.. one more side to this case… the reason ..of RK-Sultan feud.. is not just.. Sultan being RKs step bro..! Marathe says..truth is something else.. something very cheap..and lowly..! Even RK dinno when his life became a movie..a movie with a love triangle..! One RK.. another Madhu (his wife) n third Sultan ( the dreaded gangster)..! Dips smirks..!

Part 3

Marathe says… this battle of Superstar and SuperDon was for love and passion.. for making this woman.. Madhu their own..! Marathe says.. this love story began with one lovers death and will end on anothers the judge pronouncing his death..! Marathe says.. le dubi.. do ashiqo ko..! RK screams.! Marathe says..this is not a place to scream.. Tarik pe Tarik.. he has lost. the case.! Marathe asks RK to accept that he couldnt tolerate.. Sultan in Madhus life..! He says..have CCTV footage that Sultan came to meet Madhu on the day of Rishbala wedding..! He says.. this made RK fume..! Marathe says.. how will RK spare his wifes lover? RK fumes and jumps out of the criminal box..and strangles Marathe. asking how dare he talk about his wife in such a shallow. manner.! RK says..if Marathe talks like this..he will decide date of Marathes death..! Marathe tells the judge that..he can for just two sentences uttered by Marathe against Madhu made RK attempt to kill him.. so how will this man (RK) tolerate.. another guy..who had relations with his wife..! All are shocked.. Dips smirks again..! Madhu is crying.. while RK fumes…!

Precap — Promo shown of Madhu walking on the street. looking lost and defeated…and wondering what to do..! Voice over says.. .RKs life is at stake and Madhu has very few options! Her moby rings and a car comes to stop near her..! She turns n says.. U??

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