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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Thursday 1st November 2018 On Angel TV


Madhu opens the envelope and finds a pic of her with RK at the hosp with a cross mark on RKs face..! She reads the words ’24 hours’ on the envelope and is panic stricken! She quickly hides the envelope…and dials the hosp number! The receptionist informs that RK has been discharged 2 hours back and has gotten bail too..! Madhu asks where is RK and she says.. no idea! Madhu tries RKs number but its out of coverage n she tries Bittus number too but same thing..! Madhu worries about RK and rushes down the stairs..! She is blabbering nothing can happen to RK..! Paddo asks the matter? Madhu says dunno where RK is…She says.. he has been discharged and gotten bail too..! She says he started 2 hours back but hasnt reached home yet..! Dips wonders why so much time to reach home? Paddo reassures saying may be he is stuck in traffic! She asks to call Bittu n Madhu says tried but call is not connecting! Radha prays that not any more.. please protect Rishu..! Dips wonders what new game Sultan is playing ! Sikky asks what? Dips says nothing! Madhu says dunno what to do!

RK says. .Biwi ..jab kuch samaj na aaye to samjho RK aa gaya..! RK comes and Madhu is stunned and relieve seeing him and walks to meet him..! Dips smiles seeing him! Madhu is dizzy and faints and RK holds her..! Radha rushes to help but RK stops her..! RK asks to call Doc..! He picks Madhu up and rushes her to the bedroom..!

Madhu wakes up and finds RK sitting by her side..! She says RK? RK says this is not a dream.. he is here.. Indias biggest superstar is here by her side n sitting so close that she can touch him! RK teases Madhu saying.. she is more talented than him . .he did the film n she took credit! Madhu watches as if in a daze! RK says told Bittu not to tell Madhu when bail was given to surprise her but she changed the climax.. fainted n all..! Madhu says he took so long to come home and din answer his moby! RK says.. he was in court.. to sign papers..! Madhu hugs RK..! RK hugs her back.! RK says if there is an award for shedding tears.. no one can beat Madhu ..bahut shiddat se aur dil se roti ho… no matter happiness or sadness! RK says.. crying is allowed for happiness only! RK says.. the person she cries gonna be with her for life..! RK says new lawyer is good..! Madhu is silent..! RK asks why so quiet? He says no one can separate them…n they will fight together in future n win too! Madhu says RK.. n RK says what?

Madhus cell rings n RK goes to receive..! Madhu is panic stricken..! No one answers on the other side.. of the phone..! RK says seems the guy doesnt like his voice..! RK asks Madhu what is the matter? Madhu stammers n says.. since morning getting blank calls.. dunno who it is? RK says only two people like to do this.. some lover..male/female! RK says.. he broke all lovers hearts the day he married her. .n is it some lover of hers? Madhu stammers n RK says joking..! RK asks what was she saying ? Madhu says.. very scared.. that some storm will come n destroy all . .n she is trying to stand firm in all this..! RK says storm can shake her feet..till she accepts defeat n surrenders.. n when Rishbala are together darne ki kya baat hai? Madhu says have to say something..! She tries but moby rings again..!

Madhu goes to check n RK goes to get fresh..! Madhu says hello n Sultan says if tummy is full with love .. present the reality to RK ..ask for divorce..! Sultan asks if her mood changed? If yes ..dun think …coz.. his mood hasnt.. ! He says if she does not separate from RK .. he wont take time to separate RKs life from him! Sultan says.. till RK is in her arms. .he wont hurt..but when he comes for shoot or party ..then he will handle him! Sultan tells her not to tell RK that he called.. n says ..only 12 hours left.. spend.. with RK n then .. after separating from RK ..end him ..! Sultan cuts call ..! Madhu is scared..! RK comes and pats on Madhus shoulder n she is scared! RK asks ur lover called ?? Madhu says bank called about new account RK has opened.. n call got cut..! RK says.. let it be.. tell what u wanna tell? Madhu recollects Sultans warning n is quiet..! She says.. dunno how long can she live like this in shadow of fear.. today he is with him .. n tomorrow if his bail is cancelled ?? ! RK says all will be well .. lawyer will handle.. ! Madhu says.. cant say for sure.. she says..he is not understanding! RK says. .what is wrong? They are together n will stay! Madhu pushes his hand away n says.. why dun u understand if anything happens to him then …! Madhu leaves from there.. saying getting food! RK is confused..!

Madhu is cutting carrots in kitchen n recollects Sultans warning.. ! Radha comes n sees water boiling n asks Madhu if all is well? Madhu is in a daze ..! Radha says.. she knows.. Rishu is in pain.. ! Madhu says not to worry all is well ..! Radha says ..she is a mom cant stay in peace..! She rues not being able to see RK properly! Madhu says ..why saying so? Radha says.. she din. .n says.. will she get Rishu back?? Madhu changes the topic and says she is making halwa for RK..with carrot..! Radha says make of sooji ..he likes sooji halwa.. ! Madhu says.. know how to make but how much sweet to add? If she can help? Radha agrees to guide..!

Part 2

RK asks Bittu if he will take cash or cheque to stop irritating him..! Bittu says only 4 hours needed for finishing the patch work..! RK says next week! Bittu says. .its very important..n if he again n RK says goes back to jail n the pic gets stuck? RK says.. keep faith in God .. he will do something bad.! Bittu says dun mean that! RK says he just got back but no one is happy .. seems all are waiting for him to go back to jail..!! Bittu says dun say so!

Radha is making sooji halwa.. with Madhus help ..n Madhu is about to add badam n she says add kishmish! Madhu says.. what a weird habit.RK has… dun like badam in sooji halwa! Radha says she too doesnt like badam in halwa..!

Part 3

Radha says she understands that Madhu is making Radha cook the halwa..! Madhu says. if she remembers.. that she had said once.. that never leave RKs side..! Madhu asks Radha to promise that she wont leave RKs side..! She asks in future .. RK will need her the most.. ..her love.. her support ..! She asks if Radha will support RK? Will never leave RK? Radha asks ..why is she thinking so? Radha says Madhu is RKs biggest strength and sh has to be with RK for life..! Madhu is quiet and in tears.. n then says.. even then… a mothers love and blessing only Radha can give..! Madhu puts halwa in a bowl and asks Radha to take it to RK ! Radha hesitates! Madhu insists..! She wipes Radhas tears and says go..! Radha goes to RK ..!

Precap — RK fumes seeing Radha n tells Bittu …she (Radha) is not my mom ..she is MKs wife.. who instead of telling her son the truth ..chose to keep alive MKs lies..! RK says if she had told RK the truth.. he wouldnt have been this destroyed!! Sultan would not have been in their life! He rues that then he wouldnt have killed Sultan

RK says that he hasn’t spent years in Jail, it has been only a few days and he was still joking. Bittu ji says that jokes that pinch the heart are not jokes. RK smirks that now even Bittu ji has learnt to make sarcastic comments. Bittu ji says that he doesn’t know what they’ve been through in his absence and RK should stop reacting like that. RK gets up and goes near him. He assures him that that’s the reason he is neither going to the Jail nor to the studio. He will stay right there to trouble them. He sees Radha Ji entering and says that Bittu ji, aapki maalkin aa gayi hai… ask her what she wants. Bittuji is sad to see his behavior. Radha ji says that she has made his favourite Halwa. RK says that he has always been taught to not talk or take anything from strangers because they sometimes take children to some Baba. Radha says “Rishu” RK asks her to not shorten his name, like others…she might as well address him as RK. Radha ji is shocked at his behaviour. RK says “Iss Route Ki Sabhi Linein Vyast Hai…Kripya Kabhi Call Na Kare” Bittu ji interrupts saying that she is his mom. RK gets up in fury that she isn’t his mom, but Mohan Kundra’s wife. The woman who preferred to keep the secret of her husband’s betrayal in herself rather than disclosing it to her son. Radha says that he can only see the lies…not the reason why she said it. RK says that it will not change the truth. If she had told him the truth about Mohan Kundra, he wouldn’t have been destroyed; Sultan wouldn’t have been in their life and RK wouldn’t have killed Sultan. The world wouldn’t have tagged him as a “kaatil” or a “khooni” Radha says that she did that so that RK is free from any pain. RK smirks that she can very well see how much pain he’s in right now? He can never say a truth which can hurt others… and happiness sought from such a lie will be a fake one as well. Such happiness can’t be blessed by a mother as well. Radha ji is stunned. RK declares that he wouldn’t forgive this lie of her…EVER. He turns and asks Bittuji to leave for the studio. Bittu ji stays still. RK rebukes him that does he want to waste the 4 hours he reserved for shoot as well?? He turns to walk as Madhu enters. He stops seeing her. Madhu sees Radha ji crying. Radha ji says… that he might go…anywhere…but the fact that he is her son will never change no matter what… He couldn’t come on earth alone, he had to take help of her love and nurturing to come to this planet and he can never deny this relation. The waves of the sea might try to get away from it to any extent, but one day they have to return back to the sea, so will he return to her again one day. And for that moment, she will wait…and wait. Madhu asks what the matter is… RK interrupts her saying that he’s not in a mood to listen to ANYBODY…not even her. RK leaves.

Madhu comes and pats Radha ji… she is shattered and says that he will never forgive her this time. She knows that. She has hurt him alot. Madhu asks her to take care of herself. Radhaji asks her to go with him, he must be broken on inside. He will need Madhu. Madhu hesitates but she forces him to go to him.

RK is shooting with his heroine for a romantic scene wherein he takes her blind-folded to a dinner table. The heroine is happy to see the candle-light arrangement. She asks if Rahul (RK) has done all this for her. RK says that does she know the moment he fell for her, the moment when not only did he see her…but also saw himself going deewana in his love. Madhu is watching the sequence and starts re-calling RishBala Moments when RK splashes water on her and they both share a hearty laugh. Rahul (RK) bends on his knees and asks for the heroine’s hand. Madhu smiles re-calling their love when a shadow comes near her. It is Sultan’s. He comes on the other side of the white curtain and watches RK giving the shot. He comes near the curtain and starts saying… “Tick Tock! Tick!! Tock!!” Madhu turns and sees Sultan’s shadow. The heroine meanwhile agrees to marry Rahul (RK) and shot is called “Cut!” Madhu runs to the other side but Sultan has vanished. She becomes panicky!! RK sees her and calls her. He is surprised to see her. She says that she is alright and she is here to spend sometime with him. She asks the spot-boy for a chair and then RishBala sit. Madhu opens the tiffin and RK says that she hasn’t come to see him, she is here because Maa asked her, he stammers “The woman who…” Madhu interrupts that yes… Maa asked her. She opens the Halwa and RK says that he’s brought Maa’s Halwa to him. She said she made it. RK eats it and comes to know that it not Madhu but Maa made it. Madhu says that Maa will be glad to know that he remembers her haath ka swad. RK says why is she doing this. Madhu says that she is doing this because Radha ji is his mom. And tomorrow… Madhu might be there or not…Radha ji will always be there. RK says what does she mean by that?

Part 2

Madhu says nothing, she just came to spend some time with him coz God knows when will she get the time again to be with him. RK is confused and says what does she mean by “God knows when?” Madhu says “I Love You, itna…ki jeeya na jaaye… aur tumhare liye jeena ka dil bhi kare…” She cups his face and asks him, do you know the moment when I fell for you…and when Madhu became deewani in RK’s Ishq?

Part 3

Madhu continues that the moment she saw RK in pain, she fell in love with him…the moment she saw him smile, not only did she witness that and the fact that RK wasn’t looking at her…she saw herself falling in his Ishq and Junoon. She cups his face and caresses it. BG- Hum Hai Deewane

RK tries to interrupt but Madhu asks him to stop… “Dekh lene do Jee Bhar Ke”… RK tries to hide his face by covering her eyes, but she stops him. RK gets up and moves and closes her eyes. Madhu asks why is he doing that. He takes her to a part of the studio while Madhu keeps asking why is he doing that and that he will surely vanish away leaving her alone. He makes her stand in the center and then asks her to open her eyes. She sees snow everywhere and smiles. RK says that she opened her eyes and still found him near her, he won’t go anywhere…ever. Madhu smiles and hugs him tightly. Tears drop from her eyes. RK hugs her back.

>> SRK-RK-Madhu dancing on 1…2…3…4 Get on the Dance Floor!
>> Madhu finds Divorce Papers. Sultan comes from nowhere and says that the Divorce papers haven’t been signed yet? What is taking so long? At the nick of the time, RK enters and says “Sultan” He has a bouquet in his hand and asks “Tum toh Marr Gaye The Na??” Sultan fumes and takes out the gun and points at RK. Madhu is stunned.

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