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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Monday 29th October 2018 On Angel TV


Madhu comes down and takes Radha’s and Padmini’s blessings and leaves. Radha breaks down and says that she can’t even believe in God now when Padmini asks her to trust The Lord. Radha states that seeing the way things are turning up, she has lost faith in God. Padmini tries to console her. Radha confesses that even if RK comes back home, he won’t talk to her because she hid his dad’s truth from him. Padmini tries to calm her down saying that why won’t RK understand, he is her son and will definitely try to understand that if parents hide something from their children, it’s for their good only. She continues saying that Madhu is also there who would make RK understand. Radha thanks Padmini for giving birth to Madhu and claims that without Madhu, their family would have had shattered by now. Padmini says that Radha should not worry and that Madhu won’t let anything happen to her family. She will get her son back and Sultan will be taught a lesson for his deeds. Dipali hears about ‘teaching lesson’ to somebody. She comes and asks the matter but the mothers ignore her and leave. Dipali thinks what is Chawl-bala upto now. Radha says that it was advised to her that this matter should be as concealed as possible.

Madhu reaches the Fisherman Colony when Bittuji says that he is still of the view that what Madhu is doing is not right. This is dangerous. Madhu says that she will do this no matter what and RK will be freed very soon. Madhu looks at Ganpati’s idol and prays. Bittuji asks her to take care of herself and call him whenever she needs to. Madhu nods and comes out of the car.

The scene shifts to the jail where RK is telling the Inspector that Madhu has risked her life by going near Sultan and if anything happens to her, he will burn the entire world along with him. Madhu should get even a single scratch on her body otherwise the result might not be good. The Inspector assures that Madhu is perfectly safe and a small unit of The CBI is there for her protection. RK clenches the bars.

Madhu walks inside the Fish Market looking around to track Sultan. Sultan watches her from behind a carton stack. Madhu senses something and turns in that direction but she sees no one. She continues walking in fear. Sultan gazes at Madhu and smirks. He watches her beauty and is enthralled by her. Madhu senses that someone is definitely watching her but she is unable to track that person. She reaches a place where Sultan nears her. He walks towards her and when he’s about to touch her shoulder, he sees Madhu sharing some strange looks with a Fisherman who has a bluetooth in his ears and comes to know of the plan. Madhu turns again and Sultan has disappeared by now. Dipali calls Sultan and warns him that not Sultan’s love but Madhu’s plan has brought her to him. Sultan says that she is late and he already knows that. Dipali says that how does he feel… broken heart? Shattered? Sultan ignores her. Dipali says that Madhu was talking of teaching someone a lesson. Sultan sniffs in anger and hangs up the phone. He reaches Madhu and smiles at her. Madhu turns and sees Sultan and panics! She points her fingers at him and yells “Sultan” Sultan sees the police approaching him and runs away. The police play hide and seek with Sultan and he is finally caught. One of the officers delivers the news to Madhu and Bittuji who are overwhelmed. Bittuji leaves to identify Sultan while he asks Madhu to go back home. Madhu calls Padmini and tells about Sultan. She advises her to go to the temple before coming back home. Madhu looks at Ganpati’s idol again in a relief and happiness.

The Inspector tells RK that Sultan has been caught. RK is shocked. He is puzzled.

The Inspector beats up Sultan. Bittuji comes for identification and he realizes that the guy is not Sultan. He is shocked and reaches RK. RK says that he knew Sultan couldn’t get caught so easily. He then thinks that if Sultan is still roaming free, Madhu would be unsafe. He orders Bittuji to call Madhu and ask her to be safe.

Bittuji calls Madhu and says that the guy that was caught wasn’t Sultan and she should be safe. Madhu is shocked. Bittuji asks her to go back home without going to the temple. She instructs the driver to turn towards RK Mansion. The car stops in a deserted area. The driver pulls down his cap and Madhu realizes that this is Sultan. Sultan smirks saying that now when she has come to pay visit, she should not back off. Madhu tries to get out of the car when he stops her. Madhu bites him and runs out of the car. Sultan follows her. Madhu steps on a stone and falls on a car. Sultan comes running and asks her if she’s alright. He tells her that whenever she tries to go away from him, she gets hurt. So she should stop doing that. He says that Madhu has left him with no option. He lifts her up and takes her away. Madhu struggles in his arms.

He takes her to an abandoned place and locks her inside. He turns to lock the door when Madhu tries to run away from the window. Sultan says that she should stop trying as it is sealed. He comes near her and says that her happiness, her tears and her everything is his and that he has dreamt of a beautiful life with Madhu. Madhu interrupts that NO! Her happiness, her tears, her life, her love… everything was, is and WILL ALWAYS BE RK! And no one else.

Madhu tells Sultan.. he was the one who used to talk of ideals.. principles n now he has forgotten it all n has stopped so low.. ! She rues that he is only stooping lower.! Madhu says..Sultan has cheated.. all . .his mom ..his son ..her ..everyone …! Sultan says she should not be talking of chearting coz she is the one who cheated him ! He says.. he had asked her to come to meet him ..but she brought cops with her! Sultan says no problem.. he is not caught yet. n no one knows.. he is alive .! Also.. even now.. RK is behind bars on the charges of killing Sultan n till now ..Sultan has not even talked of his deal! Madhu says …dun wanna make any deal.! She tries to leave from there but Sultan pulls her arm n says.. he can go away with her.. right now itself but RK wont rest till he finds her n wont let them live in peace..!

Madhu asks.. Sultan to leave her hand n Sultan says. .wont leave this hand..!He says have dreamt a beautiful dream for them n she has to be his..! Sultan says.. want her to break RKs heart.. crush it .by leaving him forever and come to him so they can start life afresh!! He says ..he wants .. to see RK go crazy.. to break his head.. n realise that his Madhu is no longer his ..but is Sultans..! Madhu pushes Sultan away n says. not in his biggest dreams or her worst nightmare will this come true. so no chance of this happening in real life!! Sultan says..he has fulfilled all his dreams n he will fulfill this one too! Sultan says. RK is sunky .. he has crossed the limits of sanity.. ! Its only Madhus arms that have stopped him from going totally insane.. only she has kept him calm..! Sultan asks what will happen when RK finds out that the girl he loves is not with him anymore… n the girl he is crazy about .. is no longer in love him! Sultan says … RKs world of love will be empty . n he will .. go insane. or worse even die! Madhu says. SULTAN!

Madhu says… even if God tells RK ..that Madhu doesnt love him… he wont believe..! Sultan says not God.. someone else will tell.. Madhu asks who? He says U ..! Madhu is stunned! Sultan asks ..what will happen if she .. RKs life goes n tells RK she wants a divorce from him? Madhu says divorce? Sultan says. yes go away from RKs life.. to be free from this sham… and. .pride filled world n come into Sultans love filled world… n to be his forever..! Madhu says cant happen ever.. no matter how many times he tries! Madhu says Rishbala ..cannot be separated.. Rishbala are born for each other.. n says… she will never divorce RK!

Madhu says. he is asking her to be away from RK..forever . but she cant be away from RK…not for a second ..a minute …a hour or a day..! Madhu says he can try but she wont go away from him! Sultan says.. she will have to ..for him .. only him.coz thats his deal.. for RKs life n freedom..! Sultan says.. Madhu leaves RK n RK leaves jail ..she has no other option! Madhu grabs Sultans collar and asks..what will he do? Kill her.. ?? Then he can do so…! Madhu says if her death.. gives RK life ..she is ready to die! Sultan holds Madhus hand which is on his collar n says. .this is the thing… that makes him go crazy .. this passion of Madhu …to do anything to save the person she loves..! He says… he Hates this love of hers but loves it too .! Sultan asks Madhu… ..what is the use of taking her life..?! He says have better idea.. that if she does not listen to him ..he will kill RK! He says..just thot.. but can do so for real…if she doesnt listen! He says. .how to kill him? First.. wont come before the RK suffers n Madhu too n then .. if he comes out.. to finish him off.. .! Sultan stops and thinks n then says…as such.. inside or outside ..its easy to kill RK! Madhu is scared! Sultan asks Madhu if she wants to save him then leave him .. n be mine..! Madhu is stunned..! Sultan says. .RK will go nuts without Madhu but atleast he will be alive..! Sultan asks Madhu not to think so much .. n says go n talk to RK .. ! He extends his hand n promises.. nothing will happen to RK..! Madhu steps back n opens the door n runs ..!

Madu is at the mansion and tells Cop the details about her meeting with Sultan! Cop asks how come its possible? Paddo says. if he is suggesting that Madhu is lying? She fumes n says.. Sultan kidnapped Madhu n took her someplace… .. what if anything happened to her? Dips smirks.. that.. if anything happens..she did throw the biggest party of the town! Cop says..he trusts Madhu but its not possible.. ! He says..she is going thru.. stressed times so thinking all this is true.. which is not..! All this is her imagination! Madhu asks.. if he is suggesting that she is nuts? That she is dreaming of Sultan? Cop says.. they are forced to think..whatever..Madhu is thinking.. is not real.. ! He says.. at the fisherman colony, they followed the guy she had signalled at n he was not Sultan..! He says. .the guy lied..initially saying he was a fisherman n then said.. he n his friends fooled Madhu by posing.. as Sultan.. ! Madhu says. the Cop is mistaken..! She says she saw him . .n talked to him.. ! Madhu tells Paddo to do something to save RK! Dips says.. for her sake if they believe her.. then why did Sultan let her go ..n not once but both times? She asks.. leaving the biggest weakness of his biggest enemy? Why? Dips asks Madhu ..if Sultan din think .. that sh will tell all to the cops if he lets her go? She asks Madhu if she has any idea? Cop says . this rather proves.. Sultan is not alive..! Dips says.. OMG. n then says. if Sultans plan was on hurting RK, then he could have shot him that day.. then.. why did he create this fake drama of death? Cop asks..why did Sultan need to do this! Madhu says.. Cop believing or not.. wont change facts.. ! She says… if Sultan is not stopped RKs life will be in danger..! Paddo reassures her.!

At night.. in the prison … RK asks lawyer to speak everything clearly n not to add drama! Lawyer says. he wants to fight the case but Madhu has weakend the case a lot..! He says cops think.. that a wife wanted to save her hubby …so now cops are not taking interest to investigate! Cop says. Madhu is mistaken..! Sultan is over! Lawyer says.. all can be kept ok if Madhu is kept away.. from the case..! He advises RK not to meet Madhu n try n keep his image good in jail..! Lawyer.. says .told cop to not discriminate between RK and other prisoners ..! He says.. sympathy helps .. first target is to get RK bail..! Lawyer leaves.. saying will meet next day with case papers..!

Part 2

RK is sitting in his cell n recollects Madhus words about how Sultan is alive n lawyer asking him to stay away from Madhu! He says Madhu n Madhu screams out in her room…! She says… RK . ! She says.. felt as if RK called her n that he needs her ! She says.. she has to go to him! Paddo asks her to calm down n hugs her n says ..all will be well ..!

Next day morning, Madhu is standing in front of mirror… and recollects Sultans deal … Divorce RK .. n Come to me..! She holds her hand n the ring RK has given..! Bittu comes.. and Madhu says.. ready …lets go! Bittu is quiet..! Madhu asks the matter? All well? RK well? Bittu says all well .but.. Madhu asks but? Bittu says … she cant meet RK for few days..! Madhu asks why? What is he hiding? Bittu says. .their lawyer.. Deshmukh ..! His cell rings its from police station! Madhus cell rings n its Sultan. n he says.. felt sad to know she cant meet RK ever… lambi judai..! Why did it happen? Heard it was all coz of her silly efforts.. n that she has made the case worse for RK ! Sultan smirks saying… RK is walking towards.. his downfall .more n more! Madhu fumes .. Sultan says.. get used to this! Sultan asks Madhu.. if she has decided …already to divorce RK n becomes Sultans forever?

Part 3

Madhu says now n forever Madhu is RKs n will always be! Sultan says not to say that he should have.. atleast given a last warning coz the result of this …n Madhu asks..what? Madhu says he cant do anything..n says. .he n his men better leave.. coz the result of this… she will show them ..! She says …they cant touch her RK! Madhu says no power is bigger than God and stronger than love n her RK has .. Gods blessings n her love..! Madhu tells Sultan ..if he can match up to God..then do..! She says. .till she is alive she is RKs!! Sultan says.. she is challenging Sultan ..well then now .. RKs bad times have really started. .! He says…she will regret.. her words! Sultan says.. pray between love n God. .n see who will listen first..! He says.. wait for one hour.. for RKs bad news..! Madhu screams Sultan? Madhu keeps trying Sultans number but its unavailable..!

Precap – Madhu tells Radha that Sultan will hurt RK ..coz he said.. in one hour he will… n right then her cell rings! Madhu receives it n is shocked!

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