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Teles Updates

Kuch Rang Episode 299--300 Update On Wednesday 31st October 2018 On Adom TV


Sona calls Elena and asks if Dev is at home. Elena says he is playing with Soha and Golu. Sona asks her to tell Dev that she wants to talk to him and is coming home soon. Elena asks what happened. Sona asks her to tell just that. Bejoy sees Asha not around her laptop and tries to open it to read her novel. He tries his name, DOB, etc. as password, but cannot open laptop. Asha calls him. Dev leaves home on his bike. Sona reaches and calls Dev, but he does not listen to her and leaves. Sona sadly thinks she came to talk to him and tell everything. Khatri comes and says he heard she went in search of a house and succeeded. She asks what is his problem. He says he will expose Ishwari’s crime in 24 hours and she can try to stop him if she can. Sona goes to Dev’s room and
looks things around sadly.

Asha asks Bejoy to confess that he tried to open her laptop with wrong passwords. He acts. She says if she had entered ICECREAM as password, laptop would have opened. Bejoy says now he will read her story. She says she changed password.

Soha enters Sona’s room and asks if she had food. Sona says she is not hungry. Soha asks her to inform when papa comes, then she can have food with papa as they both will be hungry. Sona stands confused. Soha bakes cake and asks Golu to mix cream and sugar. Golu asks what is special today. Mamaji enters and says he knows. Golu says it is nobody’s birthday, then why she is preparing cake. Soha asks not to tell, else Golu will not help.

Asha then goes to Sona’s room and looks at cupboard sadly. Bejoy gets tea for her and says he knows she cannot cook today in this condition, so he ordered food from outside. Asha says she cannot forget this day. Bejoy says what Sona must be feeling when they are feeling so sad. Ronita enters. Bejoy both stop and Asha asks if she needs anything. Ronita says nothing important and leaves. Bejoy says what Ronita must be feeling. Asha says Ronita is just married, so she does not want her to fall in family issues.

Mamaji says he will help and tells 8 years ago, he was very happy, Dev and Sona were well dressed. Golu asks why. Mamaji because it was Dev and Sona’s marriage. Golu says that is why Soha is baking cake for them. Sona hears them and walks thinking. Khatri calls her and says she should listen to elders as an obedient younger. He says he will expose Ishwari’s truth and she cannot do anything, not even Dev. She does not know where Dev is, but he knows. Sona walks thinking of meeting Dev. Soha stops her and says she will not let her go, even papa is not at home. Sona says she should play with Golu, she is going to bring Dev and walks out reminiscing Dev showing his childhood school, his old house, etc.. and asking Sona will she marry him. She thinks she knows where Dev is. Jatin comes and says they need to go. Sona says she is going to bring Dev and knows where he is, he has a reason for to go there and she knows about it. They both leave in car.

GKB sees Jatin and Sona going and drags Vicky out and asks to follow bengalan and her Jatin. Vicky yells at her and walks back in. GKB alls PK and orders to inform driver to get car out. PK says driver is off today. GKB yells and walks out. She asks taxi driver to start car. Driver says he needs to sleep. She shows him 2000 rs note. He agrees and starts car. She searches Jatin’s car and asks driver to follow it. Driver asks if it is police case. GKB says no, just follow car. Taxi stops and driver says it is not starting. GKB gets out of car yelling she missed a good chance today.

Sona searches Dev outside the hospital he was born, then school, etc. Watchman knocks window and asks what they want. Sona says they are searching a man who looks like hero. Watchman says he did not see anyone. Jatin rides back car and asks Sona why she brought her via dirty narrow lanes. Sona asks to just drive and stops seeing something.

Sona with Jatin continues searching Dev and reaches Dev’s old rented house. She reminisces him it is their old rented house and is very dear to him and thinks where to find him. Soha prepares chocolate cake for Sona and Dev’s wedding anniversary. Golu says it looks yummy, they should cut it. Soha says let mamma pappa come sand cut cake. Golu says they have not come home yet. Soha says what if they are celebrating in some other place. Jatin tells Sona that Dev is not even here. Sona says Dev proposed at this place and got her and thinks he lost her, so he must have gone where he lost her, so they should go there.

Ronita sadly informs Sourav that maa and baba were talking about Sona and when she entered, they stopped as if she is stranger. Sourav says he will ask them.
She says she is not sad and is fine, not to stretch issue. Bejoy enters and asks what are they talking about. Sourav says Ronita is missing her family and wants to meet them. Bejoy says even they are his family and if she gets sad, they will get sad, she is like Sona for them. Ronita smiles and Bejoy leaves.

Vicky shirtless after a bath asks Elena to give his T-shirt. She throws T-shirts on him. He gets romantic and says bhai and his wife will not celebrate their anniversary, so let us celebrate. He holds her intimately when Golu and Soha enter and insist Elena to tell a story. Vicky gets angry. Elena says she will tell him story tomorrow and leaves with Golu and Soha.

GKB continues following Sona and Jatin. She tries to stop taxi, but it does not stop. She stops a tempo and gets in forcefully. Driver asks if she wants to die after fighting with her husband. She shows him money bundle and asks to follow a car which she shows. Her drama continues.

Golu and Soha insist Elena to their favorite story and say they will play tug of war and whoever wins, their story will be recited. They use blanket and pull it on their side. Mamaji comes and gives them milk. They finish it and Soha wins tug of war. Golu angrily leaves. Mamaji praises Soha that his princess is strong.

During dinner, Sourav fights with Bejoy and Asha that Ronita is sad, but they are not bothered, for them only Sona’s problem is problem. Ronita says she is not sad. Sourav continues he is though. Bejoy warns to stop. Ronita’s parents enter and mom asks Ronita what happened. Ronita says she is fine. Asha says she can share her problems with her parents and tells she and Bejoy were discussing about Sona sadly when Ronita entered and they stopped thinking they should not upset even her. She tells Ronita that she did not forget her promise and for her, she is also her daughter like Sona. Ronita hugs her and apologizes. Sourav continues fuming and Ronita’s mother looks jealous.

Soha calls Sona and asks when is she coming home. Sona says she is far away but will soon. Soha asks if their story will have a sad ending like other usual stories. Sona says their story has still a long away to go, it will see a happy ending.

Vicky gets intimated with Elena. Elena says she has important work and shows Golu’s marks card. Vicky asks what is in it. Elena shows Golu’s low marks and says Dev is busy in his life and Golu is missing him, he needs their attention. Vicky fumes he will slap Golu. Elena says they should spend time with him instead. They go to Golu and try to talk him lovingly, but Golu says he does not need them. Vicky fumes and yells at him that Dev does not like him at all and is worried just about his daughter. Golu leaves shouting they are bad parents. Elena scolds Vicky that he did wrong.

Khatri get out of auto near house #12. Sona also reaches there and sees Dev’s bike, reminisces inebriated Dev fighting with her 7 years ago and breaking their marriage. Khatri smirks at Sona and rings door bell.

Precap: Khatri tells Sona that he grabbed money from Ishwari telling he will tell her truth to Dev, will grab money from Dev telling he will expose his mother’s truth to whole world, shows CD and says it has Ishwari’s confession.

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