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Teles Updates

Kuch Rang Episode 295--296 Update On Monday 29th October 2018 On Adom TV


Dev asks Sona why she is questioning so much. She says just like that, if he does not want to, he should not. Dev says there was a man whom mom used to be so afraid. He could not do anything as he was a kid. Sona asks if he did file police complaint. Dev says some people escape police easily and asks why she is worried about mom, he knows she is not. She says she was always worried for aunty ji. PK comes and asks Sona today’s menu. She asks to ask GKB. He says she is busy over phone since 1 hour. She asks to prepare bindi sabji, dal, maseldar karela. PK says she still remembers bhaiyaji’s favorite food, she is perfect wife. Dev and Sona both say she is not wife.

Sona calls Asha. Asha tells her novel’s line, then asks what is the issue. Sona says she feels she
is interfering in Dev’s family issues. Asha says when Dev took Ronita’s mother’s blame on him, did he think so. Sona reminisces Dev talking about it to Asha. Asha says they both are same and think of each other’s families. Asha then serves dinner to family. Sourav angry on Ronita says he is not hungry. Bejoy says even he and Asha used to fight similarly after their marriage and laughs loudly. Sourav leaves followed by Ronita. Asha should why did he laugh so loudly.

Dev holds Vicky’s collar and shouts why did he do it again. Mamaji asks what did Vicky do. GKB asks to leave her son. Dev warns him to stay away. Mamaji asks again what did Vicky do. Dev says he had made 2 crores FD for Golu, but Vicky stole it. Vicky shouts even he wants to start his own business, he does not want to work under Dev, all his staff obeys Dev and not him.

Sona goes to Elena’s room and asks what has changed here after she left. Elena says Dev used to be busy in work, bikes, Golu, girlfriends. If she thought he would sit at home reminiscing her, she is wrong, he has moved on.

Ronita enters room and tries to convince Sourav. She says he knows she will not look good in his gifted dress. He says she will look very pretty. She says she will wear it for him tonight itself instead of waiting for honeymoon. Sourav gets very happy.

Sona speaks to Jatin about Khatri and tells him she does not know whether to inform Dev or not, how will Dev react. Dev enters and shouts she wants to move on with Jatin and is trying even here. Sona warns mind his language, he is same he was 7 years ago. His doubting nature has not changed at all. He says he is worried about Soha, what will she think. Sona says he is not worried about Soha and would react same way anyways as it is habit to doubt. She says they both have separated now and when he can have girlfriends, why is he worried about her.

Sourav thinks Sona is in trouble and if he goes to US and she needs help, how will he help her. Ronita sees him tensed and asks reason. He says his tension. She says they can go to some nearby resort for honey money, he need not worry. He gets happy. She goes to kitchen. Asha asks if she canceled US honeymoon for Sourav’s sake. Ronita says yes and she wants to be with Sourav, place does not matter. Asha says she is very happy that Sourav got such an understanding wife. Ronita asks how is Sona didi, if she called her. Asha says she is fine.

Dev does pushups in the morning angrily reminiscing Sona’s words. Golu comes and sits on his back and Dev continues pushups and gets him down. Golu says he has either become more powerful or is angry. Dev says how does he know. Golu says he knows when he and Sona angrily look at each other. Dev says they do it everyday. Golu says why they do that, it is a wrong thing. They should patch up and try to be happy. Dev thinks Golu understood the problem, but Sona did not.

Sona asks Mamaji if he spoke to Ishwari. Mamaji says no, her phone is not reachable, if she needs anything from Ishwari. Dev enters and says she just wants to poke her nose in everyone’s issues. Mamaji asks why he is misbehaving with Sona. Their nok jhok starts and they both leave. Mamaji smiles. Sona goes to kitchen and sees GKB pouring ht green tea on her hand and writhing in pain. She gets burnol for her. GKB yells there are 2 bahus, even then she has to prepare green tea alone. Sona says Dev praised her that mamaji takes care of whole house, whenever someone gets ill, mamiji serves them..even then when someone troubled Ishwari, mamaji helped her. GKB asks who come she does not know anything. Sona says she was just blabbering and leaves giving her ointment. GKB
stands confused.

Jatin calls Son and informs that she was right, man/Khatri is outside Dev’s house and his men saw him. Sona says she is coming right now, requests Elena to take care of Soha and leaves. Dev hears that and follows Sona. Sona gets into Jatin’s car and leaves. Dev follows them on his bike and clicks their pic hiding. Sona says she should inform Dev about Khatri/man. Jatin says she should later, not now.

Bejoy looks at Asha and says she is looking so beautiful and he is looking so old, he should apply dye on his hair. Asha says he would be same Bejoy she loves. He says they are going somewhere and asks to pack bags.

Jatin and Sona wait for Khatri, and Jatin says his detective found Khatri here. Coffee shop boy knows window and says Sona if he should bring her favorite coffee, where is bhaiya, she did not come for years but bhaiya came often. Sona tells Jatin that she and Dev used to come here often, Dev used to work for 15 hours and even then used to bring her here, they used to spend time till morning and Dev used to go to office directly from here, he is habituated to be awake, she usedto force him to rest, Mr. Obodro. They see Khatri. Sona gets out of car and says Khatri she needs to talk to him.

Mamaji kneels down and asks Soha that he is her house and she can ride on him. She says it is bad manners. Mamaji reminisces Ishwari telling that Soha does not behave like usual children. He says if she forcefully sits on him, then it is bad manner, he is asking her instead. Golu runs and sits on mamaji. Soha tells she will sit on GKB.

Sourav with Ronita reaches a hotel for their honeymoon and scolds receptionist that hotel is not like showed online. Ronita calms him and takes in. Bejoy brings Asha there. Asha says let us go back. Bejoy says when children can enjoy, why can’t they, even they can relax.

GKB is busy over phone. Soha runs towards her. She asks Soha to stay away. Soha says she frightened her. Mamaji with Golu comes and says it is time to sleep, else Dev will get angry. He takes them along and taunts GKB that she got chicken pox. GKB get afraid.

Khatri asks Sona why did she come back, go away. Sona shows him money and says he can spend his whole life with this money. Khatri says if she knows whom she is trying to buy, he does not need her money. She says he will tell how he is related to Ishwari and will never come in front of her again in life.

Dev reaches home tensed and asks Elena how is Suhana. Elena says she is fine and asks why he is tensed. He says no. She says she knows him since so many years and can read his face. He says he is fine and asks how is her photography going. She says he wants to get rid of her, so changing topic. He says no..She says he can speak to her freely. He asks regarding what. Elena says Sona… he can speak to her.

Khatri asks Sona to take her money and leave, her money cannot stop him from meeting Ishwari. Sona says she will not let him meet Ishwari. Khatri frightens this is his area and his one signal will stop her breath.

Dev says Elena that she is similar to other girls. Elena says if his love is relive after 7 years. He says he loves only one girl. Elena says she knows, Soha. Since he met Sona again, he is not cool and gets angry and nervous for silly issues. He says he is not. She says she should tell Sona about it. He says he does not have anything to say. She says he should when he wants to.

Sona says Khatri she is not afraid of him, he can do anything he wants. He says she is brave and strong willed like Ishwari. Even she used to take care of her children alone and hide her dignity with her pallu, he was surprised thinking how can she do that.

Precap: Khatri tells only he knows Ishwari’s secret, even Dev does not know about it. Sona asks what secret. Khatri says long ago Iishwari did a crime and he has proof.

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