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Kuch Rang Episode 291--292 Update On Thursday 25th October 2018 On Adom TV


Dev asks Sona if even she is thinking about their marriage. She nods yes. She says everything was so perfect. She says is one deed spoilt all memories. He says that one day reminds their love, she taught him what love is. She says when someone asks what love is, she does not have any answer. Dev says they always find reasons to hate each other. She says now her daughter is everything to her. Dev says their daughter is everything to them. Sourav and Ronita’s marriage continues and Panditji asks Sourav to fill Ronita’s forehead with sindhoor. He does. Panditji says marriage is complete. Sona and Dev reminisce their marriage. Sourav and Ronita take Ronita’s parents’ blessings. Father asks Sourav not to let his daughter complain. Sourav says he will not give any chance,
but what if he comes with complaints. Father laughs. They touch Asha’s feet. Asha wipes Ronita’s tears and says she got one more daughter. Dev reminds Ronita’s mother his warning. She nods yes.

Back to room after marriage, Asha thanks god that marriage happened peacefully. Bejoy says if he should talk to Dev to stay here for some more days as Sourav’s marriage just happened. Asha says not now.

Dev excitedly thinks, now it is his turn to torture Sona like she did. He goes to Sona’s room and tells Sona and Soha let us go now to our home. Soha asks at night. Dev says yes. Soha says they should informs dida and dadu. Dev says they both are sleeping, so they will inform later. Sona thinks he is very adamant.

Dev takes Soha and Sona to his home. GKB holding aarti thali waits making her usual weird faces. Golu asks till when she will peform aarti. She calls PK. Dev asks who PK. She says DK went to his village and kept his brother PK as replacement. She scolds PK that he added ghee in lamp, but did not get match box. He runs to get matbox. Mamaji scolds GKB. Soha asks where is daadi. Mamaji says she is still in piligrimage praying for her cute granddaughter. GKB performs Soha’s aarti. Dev says she did not do aarti of her ex-bahu. GKB says they don’t perform guest’s aarti. Elena takes Sona’s bag in. Sona walks in reminiscing her days in this house and sits on her swinger. Elena says she used to remember her a lot and did not let this swinger taken away. Whenever she missed her, she used to talk to this swinger for hours.

Dev asks mamaji why did not maa come with him. He says she wanted to pray 2 others places, so he did not insist her to come along and came alone. Dev says how will maa manage alone. Mamaji ssays he can call Ishwari in the morning. Dev says yes. Sona touches Soha and says she is having fever. Soha says just a little and she is fine. Sona asks her to go and sleep now.

Sourav and Ronita munch sweets and is surprised seeing each other. Sourav says everyone were having sweets in marriage, he did not get one. Ronita says same here. They both feed sweets to each other and says slowly, else they will be caught. Asha, Bejoy, and Daadi switch on light and say they are caught. Bejoy says Daadi she lost her bet that Sourav and Ronita must be together enjoying. Ronita says they are doing same differently. Bejoy calls Sona. Ronita and Sourav say she is not at home and sent message that she and Soha are going to Dev’s house.

Sona goes to kitchen to get water. Dev gives bottle. Sona says water used to be this side. Dev says in 7 years, people change, forget things. Once he leaves, Vicky enters and starts his usual misbehavior. He yells he know why she is here, she cannot be back in Dev’s life. Sona says she is here as Soha’s mother. He says exactly, she is Dev’s daughter’s mother and nothing else and should remember that. She leaves fuming. GKB stops her and says she has shifted Sona’s belongings into a guest room and starts her usual broken English in irritating accent. Sona calls PK and orders t shift her items in Dev’s room. GKB yells what she is up to. Sona warns PK if he wants Dev to inform. PK says no and rushes to shift items.

Sona hears Dev loudly calling Soha’s name and rushes to room. Soha collapses and Dev gets worried. Doc checks her and Sona and comes out. GKB in irritating broken English asks why did he send Golu and Dev. Doc says Soha and Sona got chicken pox and nobody should go near them. Dev says his daughter will stay here for a few days, how will he spend time with her. Doc says he understands, but if he catches, chicken pox he will take more time to recover. Dev gets very tensed.

Sona tells Dev that he has to stay away from Soha for 4-5 days. He says he cannot wait. Suhana comes and says she does not want him to fall ill, so he should not come near her. He says Suhana. She gives her promise and closes door. Sona looks at Dev and gets into room.

Next morning, Bejoy sits sadly without having breakfast. Asha asks him to have breakfast and stop thinking about Sona and Soha. Bejoy says he is not hungry. Sourav says baba’s favorite girls are away, so he is very sad. Asha says if he wants to upset Ronita as she prepared breakfast today. Bejoy warns not to provoke his bahu against him. He eats breakfast and says it is very tasty. Daadi says she is lucky that bahu and her bahu both are good cooks. Sourav says he is more lucky. Asha gifts necklace
gift to Ronita. Ronita says there was no need for it. Asha asks if she did not like it. Ronita says it is very pretty. Bejoy says yes food is very tasty. Everyone laugh.

Dev nervously checks on laptop about chicken pox. Mamaji comes and asks if he did not sleep whole night, why is he spoiling his health. Dev says he read chicken pox is very painful and irritable, how will Soha tolerate it. Mamaji says even he got chicken pox in childhood and it is not that bad as they think, so he need not worry much. Dev says really and starts searching remedies online. Sona notices his anxiety and worries.

Bejoy insists Asha to call Sona and let him speak to Soha. Asha calls Sona who informs that Soha is ill. Asha goes aside and asks what happened. Sona says Soha got chicken pox. Asha asks her not to inform Bejoy, else he will come there to pick them up and disconnects call. Bejoy asks why did not she let him talk to Soha. Asha says they reached late night, so Soha is sleeping even now.

Dev gets herbal medicine and asks Sona to give it to Soha, it will improve her condition. Sona says allopathic medicines are working. Dev insists to check on net, they are helpful. Sona says she knows he must have researched about it and takes medicines in. Elena enters and asks how is Soha now. Sona says she is resting now as medicines are very strong and she sleeps whole day. Elena says she was hoping they speak again in life. Sona says she and Asha used to talk a lot about her, how should would react in different situations and comment, etc. Elena says even she missed them and says Sona took a right decision. Sona asks if she is not happy Vicky. Elena gets sad and says even if there is a 1% chance of reuniting with Dev for Soha’s sake, she should. Sona nods okay and says let us not disturb Soha. Elena leaves.

Sona goes to kitchen and picks water from bottle from fridge. She hears a sound and asks who is it, gets afraid seeing light flickering and sees door open. Dev is seen making Golu sleep, goes to Sona’s room and knocks door. GKB comes out of room and says Sona is not in room since 30 min, she heard Soha calling mamma, so went in and made her sleep. Dev asks since when Sona is not in room. GKB says 30 min, where she must have gone. Dev leaves. GKB smirks. Dev calls Sona’s mobile and does not get response. He sees door open and sees Sona chatting with Jatin. GKB comes and says she came to ask if Suhana’s mother is found or not, it is good she reached on time and helped Suhana. She starts brainwashing Dev that Sona should not behave like this in this house, people will badmouth about her, she should have called Jatin inside instead of talking outside. Dev says he does not care whom Sona is meeting and what people will tell, he is just worried that Soha.. GKB says Sona should take care of Suhana, not to worry they are all here to take care of Suhana, what is the use of a mother who cannot take care of her daughter. She just spoke thinking of this house, rest Dev knows well, he can seek her help if needed. She smirks and leaves, leaving Dev fuming on Sona.

Dev eagerly waits for Sona. Sona enters. Dev asks where did she go. Sona says he stopped Jatin from coming here, so she went to meet him. Dev says her daughter was writhing in pain, but she was busy speaking to that man. Sona says Jatin is her best friend and Soha’s god father. Dev says she is not a good mother and cannot take care of Soha. Sona says she took care for 6 years. Dev says her parents took care of Soha and not her. Sona says instead of taking care of Soha, he is standing here and showing his insecurities.

Dev goes back to Golu’s room and reminisces Sona speaking to Jatin, their fights, etc. Sona also reminisces same.

Precap: Dev holds Sona and says she should accept that she is not a good mother. Sona says she does not have to prove that a Soha knows better. She loves Soha like she used to love him some time ago.

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