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Kuch Rang Episode 289--290 Update On Wednesday 24th October 2018 On Adom TV


Bejoy collapses while dancing with Dev. Whole family and Dev takes him to hospital. Soha asks what happened to Daadu. Sona says he is just tired. They all reach hospital. Doc comes out after checking Bejoy and says his BP is very high and his condition is very critical. Everyone get worried. Sona starts lashing Dev that Sona considers him superman, but he is not. If something happens to baba, she will not spare him.

Elena tries to leave home. GKB asks where is she going. Elena says Soha worriedly called Golu and informed that Mesho/Bejoy is in hospital. GKB asks what happened. Mesho’s BP shot up after Dev gave him alcohol. GKB laughs he did not give poison. Elena says she is wasting her time here and tries to leave, but GKB stops her and in her irritating broken
English and accent starts yelling.

Asha stands outside Bejoy’s hospital room worried and Sona tries to calm her down. Doc comes out and says Bejoy is fine now and they can meet him. Family walks in. Bejoy says they thought he would die so easily, he will not. Asha asks him to keep quiet. Dev stands near Dev. Bejoy singals him to come in and says Dev told him not to drink, but he did not listen. Dev apologizes. Sourav comes with Ronita. Bejoy tries to get up. Ronita asks him to sleep. Bejoy says football is getting his bahu against him. Asha asks him not to call Sourav as football at least now. Ronita says he can call football as she calls him panda. Sourav asks Bejoy that he will aask doc to keep him under observation. Bejoy says so that he can finish his marriage food alone. Dev walks out.

Asha feeds soup to Bejoy. Bejoy asks if he is a good, better or bad father. He cannot be bad as he took care of his family well. He asks why he is telling this. He says Dev told even he must have made mistake in life. Asha says what Dev told is not important. Their relationship is continuing as they got adjusted to each other, but Sona and Dev are unable to. It is their duty now to get Dev and Sona reunited.

Sona gets him coffee and apologizes. He says she does not have to, even he reacted similarly when maa took medicine overdose and tried to suicide. He asks if she remembers what happened that day. She says no. He says he overreacted that day and blamed her and when she broke up with him. She says he broke up. He says she remembers everything then. Their problem is they find ways to blame each other more than trying to understand each other.

Bejoy is taken home. Soha greets him and asks if he is fine. He says yes. Soha says he is also superman like her papa. He says it all happened because of her papa. Sona and Asha look along. He says her papa took him to hospital on time and saved him. Soha says her papa is best. Asha asks Sona where is Dev. Sona says she scolded him in tension, so he went home. Asha says it is not about her and Dev, it is about Soha now.

Elena tries to feed Golu and he does not. She asks Vicky to convince Golu. Vicky yells if he is not eating, let him, he will eat later. Golu says he will not eat until Big cha comes. Dev says he is here itself. GKB tries to brainwash him that he should get Soha here itself permanently instead of staying at Bose house for Soha. Dev says he is returning back and just came here for Golu. He feeds food and gets Golu on bed. Golu insists him to tell a story like he does to Soha. Dev says soon Soha will be with them and he will recite story to them both. Golu says it will be a fun with his sister. Golu starts story.

Sona goes to Soha’s room and recites story. She then tells she will tell her papa’s story. Soha asks if she remembers papa’s story, then she remembers him also. Sona reminisces scolding Dev and feels guilty.

Dev checks his phone and sees 5 missed calls. He says Suha must be waiting for him. He comes to Sonakshi’s house. Sonakshi comes out angrily and asks where he went? Dev says outside. She asks why he didn’t pick up her calls. She said sorry and he still.. she continues scolding him and says it’s about Suha.. why he’s not answering. He says he will speak if she lets her. She gets quiet. He says Golu was upset with him so he went to him and his phone was on silent mode. Dev taunts her and goes in. Sonakshi says, Mr. OBODRO.

Vicky is upset with Dev taking care of his new family and here taking care of Golu as well. Radharani tells him not to worry.. let Sonakshi and Suha come here, then she will see how Dev looks after them. Vicky tells her.. did she see Golu?
He does big cha big cha all day. Radharani says she has a plan for that as well.

Dev is playing with Suha. Saurav comes to talk to Dev. He tells him that he wants Ronita to look best bride. He can only trust one person for this. Dev says he knows.. his style is such.. Saurav tells him he is not talking about him. Dev says, then? Saurav says Sonakshi. Dev tells him, are you serious? Saurav says, don’t be mean.. they both know this is the truth. Dev asks then why he came to him? He says how he can tell Sonakshi about this and asks Dev to talk to her. Dev says ok.

Sonakshi is working on laptop. Dev comes and watches her. She asks any work? He continues watching her. She gets distracted and asks what? He wants to say anything. He says nothing. She asks why he’s glaring at her? He says she’s not that bad.. She says she knows that and she has no issues with anyone glaring at her, but him… because his eye sight is cheap. He grabs her hand and says, before she didn’t find him cheap. She says, before he didn’t find her boring and ugly. Both have eye lock. Sonakshi goes back to work. Dev laughs. She tells him to say what he wants.. for how long he will stand there. He asks how she knows that he wants to say something. She says she just knows. He asks does she have any plan to look hot in wedding or she will go around like this boring? Sonakshi says seems like alcohol is still on his head and asks him to leave. Dev now says directly that Saurav wants her to get Ronita ready as he thinks her dressing sense is good. Sonakshi says why he sent Dev.. couldn’t he come himself? Dev says he must be shy.. She says such a small thing.. couldn’t he say it directly? Why so much drama. Dev says he enjoys troubling her.. how he would let this opportunity go? Sona’s mum comes and tells Dev to go to caterer to give final order as she has to go some other place. Sona’s dad says why Dev? Sona’s mum looks at him.. he says he means Dev is pure vegetarian and they will be having non veg.. but if Dev wants to go.. he can.

Later, Asha comes to Mr. Bose and asks what’s going on? There’s something between him and Dev for sure. He says she has issues when they fight and she has issues when they don’t? Nothing’s going on. He understood Dev is here for Suha and she was right about what she said in hospital that they both should support Dev Sonakshi.

Later, Dev comes to Asha. Asha asks where he went yesterday. He says to Golu. She says he loves Golu a lot, right? Dev says, yes.. last 7 years he spent because of Golu only. He used to think what Sonakshi must be going through.. but then she had Suha with her. Dev goes to the caterer.

Asha is busy with all preparations. She gives a list to Sonakshi to check, but she has to go to Ronita’s place to get her ready. Sonakshi thinks how she can leave all on Asha. She sees Dev and goes to him. Dev has earphones and doesn’t hear Sonakshi. Sonakshi pulls him and gives him the list saying she is going to Ronita’s place and requests him to go through the list. Dev quickly checks it and says done. Soankshi says it’s hopeless to request him for anything. Dev says it’s his last day here.. if he does anything wrong, then she will make a big deal out of that… so it’s better he doesn’t do anything. He wants to relax on his last day. After couple of hours, they will be at his place and there will no longer be Sonakshi’s rules. He goes. Mr. Bose hears this.

Saurav is nervous about his wedding. Dev tells him to be relax. Other side, Sonakshi tells same to Ronita as she’s nervous too. Both Dev and Sonakshi try to calm them down. Dev says they two have understanding, love, and most importantly, both families have accepted them. Sonakshi tells Ronita to always trust each other and never lie. Saurav tells Dev when he understands so much, then why he couldn’t save his marraige? Saurav and Ronita ask Dev-Sona whether they two forgave each other?

Mr. Bose is not feeling well by thinking Sonakshi and Suha will leave tomorrow. Asha says it’s just for a week and they knew about it.

Guests start to arrive. Dev sees Jatin and tells him he wants to talk to him. They come outside. Dev frankly tells Jatin that he doesn’t like whenever he’s around Suha and tells him, tomorrow they are going to his house and no member from Bose family will be allowed to come there. As Mr. Bose takes Jatin as his family member, this rule will apply on him as well. Jatin says he won’t disturb them and he knows Dev will take good care of Suha.

Saurav-Ronita’s wedding starts. They both tell each other about their nervousness and Dev-Sonakshi helping them. Dev and Sonakshi look at each other as they recall their wedding. Sonakshi walks away. Dev follows her. He asks she was thinking about their wedding as well?

Episode ends.

Precap: It’s midnight. Dev is ready with his bag. He says Sonakshi’s good time is over. He goes and wake her up saying her 7 days are over.. now his time starts. She says have you gone mad? What’s the need to go this late? He says we are going and it’s final..

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