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Kuch Rang Episode 275--276 Update On Monday 15th October 2018 On Adom TV


Suhana enters room and asks Sona if her leg is hurting a lot. Sona says she is fine now. Suhana touches her leg. Sona it is better now with her touch. Sona sees a pain killer strip and Dev’s note that her pain will vanish with it. In the morning, Sona gets up and goes out. She sees Golu fuming that he will not spare fat uncle and asks what happened. Suhana says during game, another parent threw stone on Mr. Dixit and won game by trick, Mr. Dixit is injured now. Dev tries to tie cloth to his leg injury. Suhana says he and mamma are same same now, they both got leg injury. Dev writhes in pain and Golu fumes that he will not spare fat uncle. Dev says it is okay, these things happen in camps. Teacher comes and tells Suhana that there is a running competition between parents
and who will participate from her side. Suhana says nobody. Dev says he will participate from Suhana’s side as her father. Suhana looks at Sona and she nods ok. Teacher says Mr. Dixit is injured. Dev says he is fine.

Race starts. Dev’s leg wound starts bleeding during running and crossing hurdles. He continues racing even then writhing in pain. Suhana and Sona notice him sadly. Dev hits his head to a pipe while climbing and then while running falls down holding his leg. Suhana reminisces telling Dev that she will call him papa only if gains respect. She calls him papa loudly. Sona’s mouth widens in surprise. Dev gets very happy hearing that. Suhana happily runs towards him. Dev says he lost the game. Suhana says so what, he tried. Coach says he lost game, but won life’s game. Everyone claps for Dev. Teacher gives best parent-child trophy to Dev and Suhana and says this year’s
trophy goes to them. Dev requests Sona let him spend one more day with Suhana, even she can join them if she wants. She asks where they are going. He says he will tell.

Bejoy during lunch angrily shouts he has made a decision. Asha asks what. He says she saw how Dixit tried to ruin Sourav’s alliance and denied flatly so, he has decided he will not send Suhana to their house.

Dev gets his car and a truck behind and asks Sona to get in. Sona ask where are they going. He says he will tell on the way. He takes them to orphanage. Suhana asks what is orphanage. He says children who don’t have parents, they stay here and since she called him papa for the first time, he thought of sharing his happiness with underprivileged children. He takes them all in and distributes toys and burgers among children. Sona gets impressed with his gesture. They both look into each other’s eyes. Suhana and Golu see that and get happy. Golu tells Suhana to speak. Dev asks what. Suhana says she wants to ask something. Dev says he will get whatever she wants. She says she wants to stay with them both. Dev says it is not possible, he is a good father and good son, but not good husband. Sona says if she likes 2 ice cream flavors, she cannot eat them at once. Suhana says she will stay with them both or will not with any of them. Dev and Sona stand surprised. Golu gets happy.

Sona travels back home with Suhana in a car. Suhana does not speak reminiscing both Sona and Dev rejecting her wish to stay with both her parents. They both reach home. Ishwari panics after GKB brainwashes her that Sona will be back in Dev’s life. Mamaji tries to console her that GKB always spits poison and all her words are not true, else her son Vicky would have been talented. Ishwari continues that Sona is with Suhana and Dev will bring Sona back with Suhana. Dev returns home and says nothing of that sort will happen, he will not patch up with Sona and she need not worry. Ishwari says with Suhana, Sona will also be back in his life. He says Suhana needs both parent’s love and Sona will be with her always, but will not get Sona back in his life. His daughter asked something
for the first time, but he rejected her request. Ishwari asks what is it. He says Suhana wants to stay with both parents, but said it cannot happen. Ishwari fumes more in jealousy.

Suhana reaches home and greets Asha and Bejoy. Bejoy acts as angry. Suhana asks if he does not want to talk. He says no, she did not take him with her. She says next time and starts talking about camp and papa. Bejoy fumes and says she used to call him Mr. Dixit. Sona enters and says if she did not tell about snake barging into camp and starts describing the incident. Suhana angrily leaves. Asha asks what happened to her. Sona tells about Suhana calling Dev as papa and insisting to stay both parents, Suhana loves Dev a lot now. Asha asks what about her.

Dev gets sad reminiscing Suhana’s request and feels sad. He tells Golu that he is world’s bad father. Golu says he is world’s best father and big cha. Dev says Suhana must be upset now. Golu says he will call and speak to her. He calls her and asks if she is sad and what is going on in her mind. She says why should she tell. Dev asks Golu to tell that he will keep secret and will not inform papa. Golu repeats same. Suhana says she knows he is big cha’s puppet and will tell him everything. He says he will not. She says she will not speak to anyone and disconnects call. Sona notices it.

Dev and Sona reach office next day and think about Suhana in office. Sona calls home and landline falls down. They both bend to pick it and strike their heads. They reminisce their old days that if they strike once, they will get horn, so should strike twice. Dev lifts landline. Their ankh micholi continues.

Next day, before dropping to Golu to school, Dev goes near Sona’s house and waits to meet Suhana. Sona comes out and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to meet Suhana, if she is fine now. Sona says she did not speak at all and left for school already. Dev says let us go to school then and asks to sit on his bike. She says she will come in her car and argues. Dev agrees and leaves with Golu on bike while Sona leaves in her car. They see Suhana sitting on bench silently and asks why she is silent, she can speak to them, they will keep secret. Suhana says her demand is same, bell rings, and she runs saying bye papa.

Back at office next day, Dev gets tensed reminiscing Suhana state of mind. He goes to Sona’s cabin and says he needs to talk. She says she is busy in an important meeting. He says nothing important than their daughter. Sona excuses staff. Dev says he is worried about their daughter, she is having many questions in her mind. Sona says Jatin can help them. Dev says only they will tackle this problem. They both reach school. Golu comes out of class after school let off and tells them that Sona did not speak whole and did not even eat, she got scolded by teacher for the first time. They both get more concerned.

Precap: Suhana tells Sona if mamma and papa cannot stay together, then daadu should book his, dida and her ticket. Asha says durga pooja is far away. Suhana says they are going to stay permanently there.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Anytime I read and dnt get the chance to watch,am ok cos it's understandable. But what is the full meaning of GKB?