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Iron Lady Wednesday 24th October 2018 On Zee World

 zara coming out from washroom in her lw avtar and sees sleeping RK and Indu and sits beside them. she dreams that she is dancing with Rishi but then she thinks of what Rishi had said and gets upset and goes outside the room and starts crying. indu wakes up and starts shouting for her mom. Rishi comes to zara and ask about lw .

in party, commissioner scolding everyone and indur asks him not to scold LW because she is ill. commissioner orders vanraj to send all of them to asylum .

Rishi tells zara that he knows that she is zara but was silent because of indu. zara gets shocked and tells him that she does not know anything about her whereabouts. Rishi slaps her. Rishi says nothing will happen to LW. indu comes out of room saying mummy. Rk asks indu not to misunderstand. indu tells him not to shout at her mom or else she will file complaint against him. Rk tells her to go inside and he has to talk to zara. indu gets shocked and says zara. Rk covers up by saying he wants to talk to zara on phone. indu asks Rk to kiss lw(zara) and rk kisses her. indu goes inside. zara gets a call from vanraj who tells her about LW and she asks about where is lw and where they found her. vanraj says that lw is in party and tells her to come fast as commissioner is sending her to asylum. rk snatches the phone and asks vanraj to not to send her to asylum and adds that he is coming. rk tells zara to stay back as lw and goes . kutumb-seher scene kutumb speaks against lw and indu comes and threatens kutumb not to anything against her mom else she’ll tell everything to rk and starts coughing. zara gives water to indu. indu tells kutumb to serve dinner to both of them. zara goes to indu’s room and starts talking to herself that she thought that indira has got a very bad family but was wrong because she has a daughter like indu who loves her so much even in this situation.
Zara talking to Indira picture telling her how lucky she’s to have a sweet family consisting of Rishi and indu while the latter is coming in the room where’s Zara,she also says that she can’t share Rishi with her.Indu arrives and calls her mum and if she’s talking ara says Rishi…
Indu asks where’s Rishi? Rishi is searching for Vanraj as Indira went with him he checks his phone and notices that his battery is low so he must have missed Vanraj calls. kutumbh calls Indira and Indu for dinner.Indu makes zara sits on her usual chair and tells her she’s still as important as she was before.kutumbh is not happy with this and while serving Zara/Indira dhalls she sees the lizard lying in the dalls and feels yucky she removes it and serves Zara the same dalls.Indu asks why she did not give her some Kutumbh says the dalls is over,Indu thinks no matter she’ll share the dalls from with her mom as she begins to eat Zara holds her hand and Indu notices her hand.

Vanraj with Indira and all the others followed by Rishi who’s in a rickshaw arrive at SN.Vanraj is paying the auto rickshaw driver when Munna tells Indur that he messed everything.He would have got his photos printed in the 3rd page of the newspaper. Savita gets angry and says that everything was going on smoothly and Indira is the one who messed it she raises her hand to slap Indira(the mad one)Rishi holds her hand and Munna says why is she doing all these while Indira enters SN.
Indu asks Zara how her hand is cured so quickly to which she does not answer.Indira playing ,jumping arrives in the dining room and she sees Zara dressed as her she’s shocked(Is this Zara really MAD she knows to differentiate?DOUBT! DOUBT!)Indu also sees Indira and everyone arrive.Indira says Rishi-Rishi then tries to say that Zara is dress like her.Indu asks Zara who’s she?Kutumbh gets a shock and asks why is Zara acting as Indira?(Kutumbh thinks of her 15 Lakhs and she gave lizard dalls to her)Zara says she’s Zara..and Rishi tells them Zara did all these for the sake of Indu.

Indu asks why for her? If everyone thinks that she’s so stupid.She says no one can be compared to her mom only Zara face is like Indira but her heart…impossible.Indu says she wanted her mom not some duplicate,where was her mom?She adamantly asks Rishi where was Indira?Rishi tries to explain but in vain.She continuously asks Rishi about Indira whereabout… Zara tells her she went to take Indira from the hospital but she was lost.Indu asks who’s she to take Indira to the hospital why is she staying in their house?She’s a cop she must know the law it is not allow to stay in someone else house.Zara is hurt and says to Indu this house belong to her equally.Rishi tells Zara to keep quiet, But Zara says no she’s hurt she has a feelings also and she cannot take it when someone will malign their relationship.Zara tells Indu that Indira may be her mom but not Rishi wife because she was far from him for more than 7 yrs.Rishi tries again to explain to Zara to keep quiet but she finally tells Indu that rishi is her hubby and it is her right to stay with her hubby and Rishi is only her’s.Indira Slaps Zara…

Zara says to Indira she slapped her first Rishi slapped her and now Indira she asks everyone to slap her if this is the reward for loving someone.Rishi is going near Zara but Indu stops him and tells him to answer to her questions.She asks Rishi if he really married Zara Rishi is quiet and worriedShe tells him she already told him that she does not want any step mom.She curses Rishi. Kutumbh thinks well and is happy she tells Rishi why he hides such a big necessary things from them.rishi assures Indu that he never married Zara Indu is ill he tells Zara she must think well before talking and the latter is thinks of her marriage with Rishi while he’s signaling her to keep quiet.Zara leaves from there and Kutumbh asks Rishi again if the marriage is true.Savita says it must be true that’s why zara left.Indu says Rishi will never take such a step like that w/o asking her.She asks Rishi if it is true that Rishi and Indira are no more husband and wife?Rishi tells her because Indira was not in her life for more than 7 yrs.Indu thinks to herself she will make Indira and Rishi wedding again.

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