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Begusarai Sunday 14th October 2018 On ZEE World

Manjeeta comes to Lakhan and Mitlaish and says someone was seen at riverside, we have kept eye on him, Lakhan says i feel like this man will take me to dooba, Lakhan calls Badi Amma and tells her that he met Ambike and how she said that coming future is dangerous for them, Badi Amma says to Mitlaish and Lakhan to be careful, Mitliash we have your blessings so dont worry, Lakhan says attack can happen at Haveli so be careful but dont tell this to other family members, he ends call and leaves with Mitlaish. Badi Amma says to herself that dooba is dangerous, thakurs have few friends but many foes, she brings out gun and says thats why i have kept my gun safe, i wanna believe that Guddi’s death was accident but if there is dooba then he has to fight with me now. Badi Amma comes to guards
and tells them to tighten the security, she ask them to not take anything lightly, guards nod and leaves, Badi Amma says if enemy tries to come in here then he wont be able to leave alive.
Poonam is sleeping in her room, she fells uneasy. Poonam gets call, she wakes up with a jerk and gets afraid, she is sweating and says i must have seen bad dream, she sees someone calling her, she picks call and says hello, no one answers, she asks who is speaking? she ends call, call comes again, Poonam takes call again and says hello, she says who are you speaking? man says i am death speaking, Poonam gets stunned and says what you want? man says blood, blood will shed, Poonam says who are you? she sees call being cut, she calls on number again but its switched off, she gets tensed and says where is Lakhan thakur? i have to tell him about this call.
Badi Amma is sitting in lounge, Poonam comes there, Badi Amma points gun at her, she says Poonam? and puts down gun, Poonam says why you are sitting here with gun at night? Badi Amma says i didnt want to make you afraid, Poonam says this is not answer to my question, she says you were protecting like this against Komal, tell me if there is some threat to haveli? Badi Amma says no, i was just cleaning gun, we need to take care of all this, Poonam says you are lying, Poonam gets call again, she gets tensed seeing call, Badi Amma asks her to pick up call, Poonam hesitantly picks up, man laughs on call and says death has come on door, Guddi drowned in water and now its time for others, the one who is at home will be safe and the one who is outside house will die, Poonam says who are you? you can threaten me on call, if you have guts then come face to face, call ends, Poonam tries to call again but it doesnt get through, Poonam says to Badi Amma that someone is threatening me, she says where is Lakhan? he is not in house, she says man said the one who is not at home will.. she says i need to talk to Lakhan, she calls Lakhan but doesnt get through, Badi Amma thinks.

Scene 2
Lakhan and Mitlaish comes in godown, Manjeeta brings man to them, Lakhan slaps him and asks what you were doing at riverside? Mitlaish says tell truth, man says i was just filling water from there, Lakhan says dont fool us, i will kill you otherwise tell me truth, man says i will tell you truth, he looks at them and eats capsule, e dies, Manjeeta says the enemy who has men power like him, its not easy to fight with them, Lakhan gets Poonam’s call, she asks where are you? she thinks that f i tell him about call then he wont come home and will try to locate caller, she asks where are you and Mitlaish? he says we will come home later, Poonam says i saw bad dream, please come here fast, Lakhan says i have some work, Poonam says if you care about your wife and child then come here, lakhan says i am coming, he ends call.
Badi Amma and Poonam comes in room to find room all messed up, her and Lakhan’s photos broken and ill words written on wall, Badi Amma says Komal? but she died, she fell in cliff, Poonam says someone is present here in Haveli thats why that person came in my room, Badi Amma says i shouldnt have left my gun, Bindya screams.
Badi Amma and Poonam comes to Bindya, Bindya says i am feeling pain, Maya says Bindya didnt take her medicines, Bindya says i couldnt remember anything in Guddi’s demise, Poonam says i understand but you have to take care of your child, Badi Amma gives medicines to Bindya, Badi Amma thinks that this can be coinciddence that Komal attacked in Bindya’s weak state, Badi amma asks Bindya to take rest.
Poonam comes in her room again, Badi Amma asks her to not think much, Poonam says we cant deny that danger is revolving around us, Badi Amma says we all will sleep in one room tonight, together we are strong, till Lakhan and Mitlaish doesnt return, we will stay together.
Badi amma comes to guards and says someone came in Haveli and you people couldnt know anything, guard says i fell asleep by mistake, Badi amma asks them to look in every nook and corner of Haveli, enemy must have come here but wont go out easily, all guards go to search. Badi Amma calls Lakhan and asks why he is taking so much time to return? Lakhan says we were searching for new enemy, Badi Amma says whom you are finding there, that enemy is in Haveli, Komal is alive, Lakhan says what? Komal is alive? Badi Amma tells him everything what she and Poonam saw in room.
Lakhan ends call and says to Mitlaish that we have to go to Haveli soon, Mitlaish calls his goons and ask them to come to Haveli.
All family members are sitting in room, Bindya says to Poonam that kids are more sensible than you, they are sleeping so peacefully, you drink this milk, Poonam says i dont feel like drinking it, Bindya says dont give punishment to your child, Maya says dont worry, Bindya says we have to be happy for our children, Poonam says i will take water before milk, Bindya says i will bring it, Poonam says you take rest, i will bring it, Poonam says we have to be careful, Komal can still be here, Bindya says dont worry, Badi Amma have tighten security, i will bring water.
guard tells Badi Amma that he couldnt find anyone in Haveli, Badi Amma says you people
are useless, if any mistake happens this time then i wont spare you, she leaves. Komal’s men come there and attacks all guards of Haveli. Goon informs Komal that we have killed all guards of Haveli, Komal says then start you work.
Bindya comes in kitchen, she listens some sound, she comes in lounge to finds Komal with her goons there, she says Komal is alive? she gets shocked and says no, Bindya tries to run but falls on floor, she screams and holds her belly. Komal says to goons that throw kerosene at every corner of this Haveli, i will burn down this Haveli today, goons closes gate of Haveli and puts kerosene everywhere, Komal says i can still remember Choti amma’s screams, i will these Thakurs same death, these Thakurs have destroyed me but now this is my time, i will burn them down and then my revenge will be fulfilled and i will get peace too. She lights fire in house, house catches fire, doors are closed from outside.
Women come to Bindya, Maya says seems like she fell from bellyside, we have to take her to hospital, Badi Amma says i will take out car, Badi Amma tries to open gate of house, she sees smoke coming out from outside, she tries to open gate but cant, Poonam says i will see back door, she goes to check back door. Badi Amma checks other doors, Poonam comes back and says back door is closed too, smoke is filling in house, Bindya is wincing in pain. Poonam says gate is hot, this means someone has put house on fire from outside, Maya says someone wants to burn us alive? Bindya is screaming in pain, Maya says do something Badi Amma, Badi Amma asks to rub her hands and feet, Maya and Poonam does it. Badi Amma tries to break gate with axe, she says Lakhan must be coming.
Komal is outside Haveli, komal says this happens in sarkar’s government to betrayers, Priyom’s child is dead too. She says i will finish whole Thakur family today. She smirks and says Lakhan and Mitlaish wont get anything, this will be my revenge, i was living with this dream only, my revenge is completed. She sees Lakhan and Mitlaish coming, Lakhan and Mitlaish fights with Komal’s goons while Manjeeta tries to blow off fire. Lakhan breaks gate, they come in, Badi Amma says we have to take Bingya to hospital, Lakhan says nothing will happen to her, Mitlaish says you go with her, i will protect family, Lakhan says find Komal, dont spare her. Lakhan and Badi Amma takes Bindya to hospital.

Manjeeta brings Komal’s goon in house, Mitlaish asks Maya to take kids inside, they all go. Mitlaish asks goon where is Komal? Manjeeta says tell else we will cut your throat, Mitlaish says no, we will not give him easy death, Mitlaish tries to burn him, goon says forgive me, i have kids back home, Manjeeta says you tries to burn kids of this house, Mitlaish says if you tell us about Komal then we can free you.
Lakhan brings Bindya to hospital, doctor says we have to do operation now, she fell from belly side. Badi Amma asks her to save child, doctor says dont worry, Bindya is taken to operation theater. Lakhan hugs Badi Amma and asks how this happened? she says i dont know, what should i tell you? Lakhan thinks to not ask her anything at this time. doctor comes out of OT and says congratulations, its baby boy, Lakhan says i told you, Priyom will come back, Badi Amma asks about Bindya, doctor says she is still in critical state, her blood is lost, Lakhan says take my blood but save her, doctor says blood is not needed, 24hours are critical for her, Badi amma says let me meet her.
Badi Amma and Lakhan comes to Bindya, Badi Amma takes Bindya’s child in hands, Bindya is unconscious, Badi amma says sees Priyom has returned, Bindya wakes up and looks at child, she smiles and caresses his face, Bindya tries to say something, Lakhan says she is trying to tell about culprit, Bindya says Komal put haveli on fire, Badi Amma and Lakhan are shocked

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