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Begusarai Saturday 13th October 2018 On ZEE World

Its night, Lakhan and Mitliash are at riverbank. Swimmers go in river with net, they tell Lakhan that there is no one inside, Lakhan says she drowned here only, search again, Mitlaish says to Lakhan that enough, Lakhan is distraught, Mitlaish says what they will do now? its much time since Guddi drowned, Lakhan says nothing will happen to Guddi, they are finding, swimmer tells Lakhan that some heavy thing has been trapped in net, Lakhan asks to bring it up, swimmers bring dead-body out of water, its covered, they remove cover to find body of man who drowned two days back, Lakhan recalls how his mother came to tell Lakhan that her son is missing, one man says to Lakhan that he knew how to swim then how did he drown? Lakhan asks to call his parents, he says i pray that Guddi is fine, i had
to find her.
Lakhan says what would i answer to Poonam? we have to find guddi, Mitlaish says she cant be found, if anything happen to Guddi that it will be difficult to handle to Badi Amma, Lakhan says Guddi knew how to swim, if there is even 1% chance then i will find her, Mitlaish gets calls from inspector, inspector tells Mitlaish that they have found some bodies from water, some are of girls, he asks him to come to check for Guddi, Mitlaish says i am coming, he tells this to Lakhan and says you try to go home while i will go to mortuary,
Mitlaish comes to mortuary, inspector shows him bodies of girls, its not of Guddi’s Mitlaish is distraught and thinks i wish Guddi is not here, he sees last dead-body its not of Guddi, he is relieved and leaves. Mitlaish calls Lakhan and says Guddi is not here, he says i have killed many, i have seen many dead-bodies but this is first time i have learnt about death, this incident have shaken me up, Lakhan says dont lose hope, you come here, Mitlaish says i will come, he ends call and says once i find Guddi then i will solve this river/dooba mystery too.
maya says to badi amma that all are saying dooba have done this, what is this dooba? badi amma says when a person dies by drowning in water and his/her deadbody is not found for cremation then his/her soul doesnt rest in peace, his soul resides in water and he pulls everyone in water, he or she is always covered with black sheet, i dont know how dooba came in begusarai, maya says what if guddi was pulled by dooba? badi amma says dont say this infront of poonam, she is already blaming herself for guddi’s drowning, we to have find this dooba’s mystery, maya says dont know who will next targe of dooba.

mitlaish is riding car, he thinks that nothing should happen to guddi. dooba comes out of water, he/she covered with black sheet, she comes infront of mitlaish’s car, mitlaish is shocked and applies breaks, he comes out of car to see no one there, he says if no one is present here then who got hit by my car? it must by hallucination, lakhan calls him and asks where is he? mitlaish says i am coming there, he ends call and looks around, he starts driving again and sees someone walking on road in side mirror of car, he is shocked, he stops his car and turns back to see no one road, he is confused and drives away while dooba sees him going.
All are sad at home, Bindya comes to Poonam and says no one has eaten anything since last night, in this condition, its not good to be hungry, i will bring milk for everyone, Poonam says till Guddi doesnt comeback, i wont be able to eat or drink anything, Bindya says why dont you understand, kids are sad too, they havent eaten anything seeing us sad, she asks Maya to atleast think about kids, Maya says Guddi is like Soni and Pinto for me, how can i? Bindya says why you people are not understanding, we are not alone, we have life attached to us, its not our child’s fault, we cant put them at risk, Poonam says but Guddi had put her life on risk for us, i wont eat or drink anything till Lakhan brings Guddi, Bindya says Lakhan has gone to bring her, he will bring her for sure, she hugs Poonam and Maya, Poonam cries.
Lakhan, Manjeeta and Mitlaish are riverside, swimmers says we have tried to find her but she is not anywhere, people are saying that there is dooba in water who pulls everyone in water, Mitlaish scolds him and says when you are not able to find her then you are covering it up by making fake story of this dooba, other man says to Lakhan that from the time Guddi has drowned in water, all are scared that there is dooba is water for sure, Mitlaish shouts to stop it.
Lakhan, Mitlaish and Manjeeta comes back home, Poonam asks where is Guddi? she looks around and doesnt find Guddi with them, she asks where is Guddi? Lakhan is silent and looks at her distraught.
Poonam asks Lakhan where is Guddi? she asks why they are silent? she says to Lakhan that you promised me that you will bring Guddi then why did you not bring her? where is Guddi? she asks family to not cry and says nothing will happen to guddi, i will go and see Guddi, Lakhan says where will you go? Poonam says she must be there, she was standing beside me, someone pulled my foot, Guddi’s foot must have been pulled too, Lakhan says what? your foot was pulled? Poonam says yes, i will go and search her, Lakhan asks her to calm down, Poonam faints, Lakhan lists her and takes her from there, Bindya says whats all this happening? whose evil eye has fallen on this family?
Doctor checks Poonam and says dont cry more else it will effect your child, she says make her eat something, she
leaves, Lakhan says to Poonam that dont cry, its not good for child, you have to be strong for our child, Poonam says you are worrying about child who hasnt even come in world but what about Guddi whom i raised like my child? she cries.
Badi Amma says to God that you kept me alive to see all this? i cant bear all this, free me, if you wanted to take life then you could have taken my life, Guddi was so young, please spare Guddi, Lakhan comes there, Badi amma wipes her tears and asks about Poonam, Lakhan says she slept after crying alot, now you stop crying too, Mitlaish comes there, Badi Amma says call Pundit, Lakhan asks for what? Badi Amma says for Guddi’s last ceremony, Lakhan says she is alive, Badi Amma says i am losing hope but i am praying that she returns soon but truth is that we are living in lie, we are fooling each other, Mitlaish gets calls from his man.
Mitlaish, Lakhan and Manjeeta comes to riverside, Guddi’s body has been found, she is lying dead, Lakhan says she is playing prank, she will wake up, Mitlaish understands that she is dead, Lakhan says you know my anger, please wake up before i get angry, Manjeeta says she wont wake up, she is gone, Lakhan says she cant leave, she has to give name to her nephew, he says i dont like drama Guddi, i promised Poonam to bring you back fine, please wake up, Mitlaish is distraught, Lakhan realizes her being dead and breakdowns.
Badi Amma and Bhushan comes to riverside, they are saddened to see Guddi dead, Badi Amma cries and says you cant leave us like this. Lakhan is sitting at distance, man comes to him and says i am sorry to say all this at this time but i know one person who can catch dooba, Lakhan looks on.
Servant brings milk for Poonam Bindya and Maya but they dont take it. servant says to Bindya that river is pulling men inside it, people are afraid, Haveli people are in danger and we dont know about Guddi too, Servant says Dooba who is hiding in water is taking lives, Bindya sees Badi Amma, Mitlaish and Bhushan coming back, Bindya asks Badi Amma if she found Guddi? she asks her to speak, Badi amma feels dizzy, Mitlaish takes her and makes her sit, Maya turns and is shocked, Bindya turns and shouts Guddi? Lakhan comes inside with Guddi in his arms and Guddi lying dead in his hands, Poonam asks where did you find her? she talks to Guddi, Lakhan puts Guddi’s deadbody down on floor, all are shocked and heart-broken, Poonam asks Guddi to wake up, she asks Lakhan what happened to her? why she is not speaking up? Lakahn is in tears, Bindya and Maya cries, Poonam asks Guddi to wake up, Bindya asks her to control herself, she says Guddi is no more, Poonam says this cant happen, she cries and says she cant go away, she cant leave us, i wont be able to forgive myself for this, all cry.
Mitlaish comes in his room and recalls how tries to kill Guddi, he gets angry and break things in his room, Maya asks to control himself, Mitlaish says earlier life was not in my favor but now death has become our enemy too, Guddi has gone too, Guddi did mistake, i gave her so many punishments then she became mother and lost her child too, she kept bearing all this, she had to bear so much pain alone, i thought many times to ask forgiveness from her for my deeds but she is gone, she wont comeback, he cries and says comeback Guddi, Maya consoles him.
Poonam is crying in her room, she recalls how Guddi saves her at riverside and said she wont let anything happen ot her sister in laws, she cries, Lakhan sits beside her, he tries to calm her down, Poonam recalls how Lakhan said that he will save Guddi, she moves away and says you promised me to bring Guddi back safe then why did you not bring her back? she beats him and says you are liar, you lied to me, your promise was a lie, i am leaving, she feels pain, Lakhan asks her to calm down, Poonam says you lied to me, you are liar, Lakhan gets sad, Poonam cries and hugs him.
Inspector sees video and says its Avanti in video, he says to Maanvi that we didnt see it before, he says do you think Avanti can kill anyone? Maanvi says i havent understood Avanti, she is happy one time and sad at other time, i have seen her getting pleasure seeing others pain, inspector says i will investigate this matter. Maanvi sees Nidhi, inspector says you both know each other? Maanvi says yes, she says to Nidhi that i was searching for you everywhere, Nidhi says i came here for studies, inspector is my relative, Maanvi says lets talk, she takes Nidhi with her.
Rahul wakes up in jungle, he says what this place is? he recalls how he made avanti sit in car last night, he says Avanti? he comes to his car and sees Avanti unconscious and injured, he asks her to get up, he sees marks

on her hands, Avanti wakes up, she says i painted my hand to make you afraid, you look so funny, Rahul says you think this is funny? Avanti says you deserve it after what you did last night, Rahul asks what he did? Avanti says you flirted with me then you left me alone, its so cute that you care for me seeing my wounds, Rahul says you are forgetting that i am married, Avanti says you behave like two other persons, Rahul says yes there are two natures but one is not man, Avanti is confused, he says lets go home, Avanti says i am not girl to follow your orders silently, you flirt with me when you want and behave rudely othertime, Rahul says you are right, our paths are different, you take car home, he starts leaving, Avanti tries to stop him but Rahul leaves.
Poonam cries and says Guddi cant leave, Lakhan hugs her, Chiti na koi sandes plays. Badi Amma recalls time spent with Guddi, how she used to be mischievous and worried about her appearance. Maya cries and recalls how Guddi used to have fun with Maya. Poonam cries and recalls how guddi was her best friend and used to discuss everything with her, how Guddi danced with her, Mitlaish cries too.
Maanvi gives water to Nidhi, Nidhi cries and says i cant thank you enough, if you were not there then i would have been orphan, Sonali asks if she knows about any curse? Nidhi says my grand father wanted to save your son but he didnt tell me anything, Maanvi asks if she knows about Ambika? Nidhi says she is trustee’s daughter in our village, people say that she was born in a very good time, it was perfect time, it is said that she has mystical powers but her powers work on eclipse night only, Maanvi says maybe Ambika can save Rahul from cruse, Rahul comes there, Maanvi says we have got solution to your curse, you remember Nidhi? he says yes i remember her but i am tired of this pooja, curse and all, i am not interested, Nidhi says why are you not wearing rudraksha, it is said that rudraksha keep evil powers away from person, Rahul recalls how rudraksha, worked last night, Maanvi asks Nidhi where is Ambika? Nidhi says Ambika is Bihar, tonight is eclipse night, Maanvi says i will go today only, Sonali says i will arrange flight tickets, Rahul says i will come with you, Maanvi says its not safe for you to go out of house without rudraksha, Sonali says i will arrange rudraksha, for Rahul, Maanvi you get ready, she nods.
Lakhan does lasts ceremony of guddi, he cremates her body, he thinks that i am sorry i couldnt save you but i promise you that from now on no family will suffer from this pain.
Lakhan comes home, he comes in his room, he says i will end this story of dooba, he takes out his gun, Poonam says Guddi left just other day and today you are going to kill dooba? Lakhan says i promised Guddi that i wont allow dooba to kill anyone else, i will kill him, Poonam says first Dolt then Priyom then Guddi, i dont have strength to lose anyone now, i cant lose you, you have swear on my child, you wont go anywhere, Lakhan says i cant listen to you today, what you want that dooba kill everyone in Begusarai and i remain silent? i will kill this dooba, Bindya comes and says kill him for sure but not with gun, if dooba was human then i would have shot him but he is a power and we need power to end dooba, only Ambika can help you in this case, Poonam says Ambika?
Ambika gets call from Lakhan, Lakhan says i am Lakhan Thakur from Begusarai, he tells her everything about Dooba in river, he says to end this dooba, we need your help, can you come to Begusarai? Ambika says if with my powers, some can be saved then i will surely come to help, Lakhan ends call and says to Poonam that i am going to Patna to take Ambika, he leaves, Poonam says i am worried, Bindya says dont worry, i know Ambika from Patna, if she helps Lakhan then nobody would be able to make Lakhan lose.
Rahul is in room, he says all are trying from their side, Mom has given me Rudraskh,, maybe Nidhi was right and this actually works, dont know where Maanvi is going, i have to go to her, i cant let face all this alone, he leaves.
Lakhan is in jeep, he comes to petrol pump and washes face, he sees some lady’s back, he thinks that i feel i have seen this girl, Lakhan goes to follow the girl. he comes in jungle and sees lady going in jungle, he says why she is going in jungle? Lakhan comes in middle of jungle, he looks around, someone throws dagger at him, Lakhan moves away, dagger hits tree behind him, Lakhan says who is there? he says if you have guts then attack from front, someone again throws dagger at him but Lakhan moves away, Lakhans ays seems like someone was waiting for me here to kill me, i have to leave, he leaves.
Lakhan comes to petrol pump and sees salesman dead, he says someone killed him too? my tire is punctured too, someone doesnt want me to reach Ambika, he leaves in his car, spies see him going, spy calls his boss and says Lakhan has left, they follow Lakhan and says Lakhan should not reach Ambika else boss will kill us.
Maanvi comes outside airport, ambika comes out from there too, she looks around, Maanvi doesnt see her, Ambika stands beside her, she looks for taxi and takes bag of Maanvi by mistake, Maanvi sees taxi booked for her and sees bag exchanged, she sees Ambika going with her bag, Maanvi comes to Ambika and says you mistakenly exchanged bags with me, Ambika says i am sorry, its good that you called me in time, i am searching for taxi, Maanvi asks where are you going? Ambika says to begusarai, Maanvi says it will come in my way, i have booked taxi, you come with me, Ambika says no dont worry, Maanvi says its not a problem, come with me, ambika goes with her.
Driver stops taxi and says Begusarai has come, Ambika says to Maanvi that its good to meet you, i hope your work will be done soon, Ambika leaves, Maanvi thinks that i met her, came till here with her but didnt ask her name, i forgot it.
Lakhan is waiting for Ambika, he says i should call her, he calls Ambika. Ambika has left her phone in taxi, Maanvi sees phone ringing, she takes call, Lakhan says ambika i am waiting for you here, Maanvi says ambika? i picked her up from Patna and dropped her to Begusarai, she is same Ambika who has mystical powers? Lakhan says yes, Maanvi says i was searching for her too, i am coming to Begusarai, she ends call.
Badi Amma comes to Poonam and says i know you are missing Guddi, she asks Poonam to drink milk, not for you but atleast for your unborn child, i have hopes from child, Poonam says whoever has taken Guddi from us, i will finish that power, Lakhan has gone to bring Ambika, i am just praying that Lakhan meets her soon.
Maanvi comes back to Begusarai and sees some goons dragging Ambika brutally, she comes out of car and asks driver to call police, she screams for help, she says help her, goons try to put Ambika in car, one goons comes to Maanvi and is about to hit her but Lakhan comes there and punches him hard, he protects Maanvi and beat goons, he saves Ambika and fight with goons, Maanvi asks Ambika if she is fine? Ambika says yes, we have to help him(Lakhan), Maanvi says driver is bring police soon, Lakhan beat all goons, one goon says catch Ambika, Lakhan wont be able to do anything then, Lakhan doesnt allow anyone to touch Ambika, he asks Ambika to leave from there, Ambika says we cant leave you in this situation, goons overpower Lakhan and catches Ambika and Maanvi too, Rahul comes there and starts beating goons, Lakhan fight with goons too, Lakhan asks goon who sent them? Rahul comes and says he is dead, he wont speak up. More goons come there, goon is about to attack Rahul but Rahul holds his sword and beats him, Ambika finds her locket, all goons runaway. Lakhan comes to Rahul and sees his wound on hand, Maanvi asks Rahul what he is doing here? Rahul says i should be where Maanvi is, Ambika says Rahul the rockstar? Maanvi says yes he is my husband, Pujari have sent us to you, Ambika says then it must be something important but first i have to help Lakhan, Lakhan asks Rahul and Maanvi to come to his Haveli, Rahul says i have already booked hotel but i know now i have one friend in Begusarai, Lakhan leaves with Ambika, Maanvi thinks that Ambika has to help Lakhan soon as eclipse night should not pass as then Rahul cant be cured soon.
Lakhan brings Ambika to riverside, he says this is same place where people are pulled in river and drowned, my sister got drowned here too, Ambika looks at river, she says to Lakhan that to end fear, you have to steps toward fear, i know your wife is pregnant, you know kids are not afraid of jumping in water or on ground, we are afraid of them getting hurt, fear is inside us and nothing else, you must be wondering why i am saying all this, okay go in river, Lakhan says but.. Ambika says if you dont do this then whole Begusarai will live in fear of dooba and also your child would live in fear too and i know you would never want that, Lakhan nods and starts going towards river, he enters river, Ambika starts her chants, she says holy lines as Lakhan goes in, Ambika asks Lakhan to not worry, take deep breath and go inside river fully, trust me nothing will happen to you, Lakhan goes fully in water, Ambika continues her mantras, Lakhan comes out of water with net, Ambika asks if he found anything? he shows her net and rope, Ambika puts hand in water, she imagines dooba, she to Lakhan that if dooba had power that he wouldnt need any net or rope to kill people, Lakhan says so you mean that its not any power but some man doing all this? Ambika nods, Lakhan asks if she can tell his name? Ambika says i cant answer that, Lakhan asks Ambika if she can tell him who it can be? Ambika says this can be your some enemy, coming time is much dangerous for your family, future is so dangerous that it can finish your family’s name completely, you have to be careful, i hope your family comes out these problems, i have to go now, Lakhan asks her to come home, Ambika says thanks for that but Rahul and Maanvi must be waiting for me and i have to help them, i just pray that your family problems end soon, Lakhan says i will give you lift, they leave.
Dooba comes out of water, she walks on street. Lady(who attacked Lakhan) comes to meet Dooba, lady turns out to be Komal only, dooba takes off his veil, its goon of Komal, goon says i tried to stop Lakhan from meeting Ambika but he destroyed our plans, Komal says thats why i am so mesmerized with him, he has guts, goon says Lakhan has got to know that dooba is human, Komal says even i am not liking this hide and seek, its time to come infront of everyone, to take revenge of Choti Amma’s death and to make Lakhan mine forever, she asks goon to get ready for fight, Guddi is already dead, now its time for other family members to die, she asks goon to gather other goons and attack whole Begusarai.

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