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Iron Lady Tuesday 25th September 2018 On ZEE World


During the night, Zara is in the rickshaw but the driver takes her somewhere else. Zara gets to know his intention and she miffed with the driver who's trying to act smart.Zara shows him the gun and in a flash he takes her to CC.Zara does not get time to pay him and he run away in his rickshaw.Zara is trying to find SN.Radhe with a friend are watching FF and Radhe says all these ghosts things do not exist.The friend run away all scared.Radhe goes outside and sees Zara he's frighted and panicky thinking Indira is back as a ghost.Zara tries to ask Radhe about SN but the latter keeps on praying.Zara slaps him and he falls unconscious.Zara thinks why is he calling her ghost and how many more mad person she'll meet.Indur is guarding SN in the watchman uniform and seher asks why he says he's a guards and Rishi told him to keep a watch on SN.No one should know Indu went to Bhopal with Rishi.Seher enters in all irritated with Indur answers.Indur sees a thief and shouts out him he leaves Indu picture and run away.Indur picks up the picture and thinks why is the picture lying down.Zara comes from the back and asks Indur about the picture what is he doing with it.Indur keeps looking at her.He says he knows she'll come and that also still angry.Indur calling her Babli says everyone are tired searching for her.He's dragging her inside in SN and seher comes out asking Indur who's she??Indur tells Seher see this is Babli who was lost and now she's back.Indur wants to take her inside.Zaqra does not want to go and asks Seher why is Indur behaving weirdly Indu says he's suffering from amnesia, she can leave

.Indu asks Seher where's SN and Seher says this is SN showing her SN.Zara asks about Indu where about.Seher says she has gone to Bhopal with Rishi to participate in the cycle race.Seher takes Indur inside and he keeps telling Zara/Babli to come but Seher closes the main keeps looking at the picture and is in thought.Kutumbh hears some noise between Indur and Seher she comes down to see what is happening.Indur tells her about Babli whom he met just some few minutes ago and who's outside.He tells Kutumbh seher closed the door.Kutumbh is irritated with indur and tells him off to accept the fact that Babli is no more.Indur slaps him telling her not to say so and he drags her to see indira outside,but the latter already left.Kutumbh tells Indur to accept it now Indur thinks how can he accepts it when he just meet Indira in front SN.Zara is still in CC and thinks Indu went to Bhopal.She'll go to Bhopal to save her she can go to any extent for her.the picture is a proof that Indu life is in danger.Bhopal city all the participants are on their position waiting for the gun shot to start the race.Someone hiding behind a tree is spying on Indu.the last year winner tells Indu she'll win but Indu says not this time all proudly.She goes to talk with Rishi as he does not wish her best of luck.Indu tells him she's giving him time to say so but Rishi tells her to go as all the participants are waiting and the countdown will begin.Indu begins to leave Rishi thinks well and calls her back saying to be careful.Indu tells him to take care as she's the one who'll win and Rishi will be mistified as he did not say Best of luck.Rishi looks down.Indu continues her way towards her bicycle and takes out her Ganpathi idol from her pocket seeking his blessings.Rishi talks to his Shreematiji that he sees Indira in her and today also he was not able to wish her best of luck.He wishes she would have been with them.indu needs her parents love and their best wishes.If ever she's here near them tells her all the best.He hopes the time stops and Indira is back in their life.Zara appears from behind.searching for Indu among the participants.All thr participants are getting ready and Zara thinks where's Indu and sees Rishi.She tries to call him but all the person begin to clap and Zara thinks with all these noise how will he hear her,so decides to call him.Rishi answers back and she tells him she's Zara Khan to look behind him.Rishi gives a shocking look.


Zara calling Rishi among the crowd.Rishi turns behind to see where's Zara but unfortunately though the latter is indicating him and waving he's not able to see her.A man bumps on Rishi and his phone falls down and turns into pieces.Rishi begins to re-assemble it and zara thinks he hang up.The race starts and Zara sees Indu among the paryicipants.Zara runs after the girls,Rishi sees her but from the back.Zara continues to run after them and each time consecutively indu arrives at the 4th position on the check point.Rishi and the other parents are all clapping for their kids.Rishi is really sustainingIndu and he heartedly wants her to win.Sweta calls Rishi and asks how is the race going He says their Indu's will win Sweta also says Indu will be the winner.Indu continues the race and some men are following them on the bike.Slowly some others dressed equally like them arrive on their cycles and replace them by hitting the original one.They begin to follow only,by not giving her the way to follow and compete with the others.They are surrounding her not giving her the way to go though Indu is requesting them.they stop at a point and indu threatens to beat them they laugh as she's a kid.One of the goon asks what to do with the girl as they already catch her.the other goon answer their boss wants her alive and not to harm her as their boss only knows what to do withIndu.Zara continues to follow indu and the goons.Rishi also sees that Indu does not arrive among the participants and he reports the facts to the organiser who traces her on the computer.rishi is a bit upset as may be Indu fell down somewhere.He looks on the screen and sees Zara on the bicycle he thinks it is all his illusion.,and begins to run.Zara and Indu are both riding in the opposite direction and Indu feeling the danger calls her mom,here enters Zara.

They both fall down and zara is unconscious after coming to her senses she again searches for Indu though hurt.She sees indu surrounded by the goons and thinks she's hereand will not let anything happens to Indu.Indu as brave she's removes her slingshot and shoots the men who are hurt and she's able to run away.Zara is now searching for her and she continues to ride.Rishi also sees a man byke parked just take in and run away in search of Indu.Indu is cycling and a goon is able to reach her and gives a kick to the bicycle and both Indu and the bicycles falls to the other side of the road from a certain height,but Indu before falling cling with a rod calling for her mom and zara is searching her everywhere,she takes out the little Ganpathi idols from her pocket and closes her eyes before falling.Zara catches Indu.RIshi also arrives at the same spot and is calling Indu when he sees a shadow coming toward him he stops and wait and sees a woman carrying Indu he's shocked on seeing Zara he keeps on looking at her stunned.Zara is angry with him saying he's not able to take care of his daughter and how many times she called him but Rishi has no action he's only looking at her.Zara makes him hold Indu and treas are rolling his cheeks Zara says she did not scold him that much that he needs to cry she asks the reason why is he crying but he's only quiet and Zara calls the police and the ambulance.She tells him to take care of Indu whereas she's going to take care of the goons.Zara touches Indu forehead as she's going to leave RIshi hold her hand and she's shocked she continues to look at Rishi.

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