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Kuch Rang Episode 199--200 Update On Tuesday 21st August 2018 On Adom TV


Dev goes to Ishwari’s room. Ishwari asks why did he come now, he does not listen to him at all, she needs grandchildren like any other mother desires. He says why she is talking about this topic, they have to concentrate on Rhea’s marriage now. She says yes, times flies, Rhea grew up so soon. Dev says they should be happy that Ayan is a good boy. Ishwari says good people and Rhea blushes hearing Ayan’s name. Sona enters and hears their conversation and says she needs to talk. Dev says good she came, he needs some files. She says she needs to talk important. Ishwari asks what she wants to tell. Sona tells she went to meet a client and restaurant and saw Ayan with a girl trying to convince her. She asks Dev to hire an angency and enquire about Ayan.

Ishwari says if she doubts her choice now, she examined Ayan and his family with her experience. Dev says it is a not a question of her expertise, it is a question of Rhea’s future and they should evaluate every aspect. Ishwari asks to do whatever he likes but make sure there should not be any tears in Rhea’s eyes.
Ishwari arranges dinner for Ayan’s family. Ayan’s family enters and Ayan touches Ishwwari’s feet. Ishwari says he does not have to touch her feet every time. He says he needs her blessings everytime. Father is Dev. Dev comes. Ayan asks if he was busy. Dev says he was waiting for them. Father calls a girl and introduces her as Ayan’s cousin Khushi. Sona realizes she is the same girl who was with Ayan, does not seem they are cousins. Ayan asks Sona if she was in Lajpatnagar yesterday as he felt he saw her there. Khushi says she was present with Ayan and helped him buy a gift for Rhea. Ayan gifts Rhea a bracelet. Rhea likes it. Khushi says if Rhea wears it, she will look pretty and asks Sona to get Rhea and Ayan’s nazar as they look very cute together. Sona looks confused.

Elena is at home alone. Vicky knocks door and enters. Elena asks why did he come. He says let me hug her and hugs. Even she reciprocates, then asks to go as her family will create problem if they see him. She says he knows she also loves him and is avoiding him on Sona’s advice. He shows her ring and proposes to marry him. Elena says even she wants to marry him, but cannnot go against her family. Bejoy knocks door. Elena asks him to go and hide in Sona’s room. He asks to say I love you first. She says I love you. He hugs and leaves.

Ayan’s family enjoys dinner with usual chatt. Neha notices Sona tensed and walking to kitchen. Sona goes to kitchen thinks what is happening, she is confused. Neha follows and asks what she looks tensed seeing Ayan’s family, if she knows Khushi. She says not really. Nikki on the other side taunts Rhea if she had dinner or filled tummy staring at Ayan. Ayan walks out to pick a call. Sona tells Neha that she mistook regareding Ayan. Ayan hears that and asks what did she mistook. Sona says she saw him and Khushi cafe and thought Khushi is his girlfriend. Ayan informs his family. His mother says one should joke seeing situation and relationships. Mamaji asks to calm down. Father says Khushi is like their family members and this relationship is not that strong that it cannot be broken. Ishwari apologizes. Ayan asks his parents to calm down as Sona got misunderstood because she loves Rhea a lot. If she would have asked him directly, this confusion would not have happened. Mothe says Ishwari that she does not like anyone badmouthing about her son. Father says he knows they are respectful people, even they have a lot of respect in their society. He walks out with family. Rhea cries and runs to her room.

Elena opens door. Bejoy enters with Daadi and Asha and asks why did she take so much time. Elena says she was in washroom. Bejoy saays he was worried and was about to call police. He says he is tired after outing and asks Asha to prepare tea. He asks if Sona’s policy file is in her room. Asha says yes. Elena gets tensed and says she will go and bring it. He says he will and goes to Sona’s room and finds policy in cupboard. Papers fall. Elena gets tensed thinking Vicky must be under bed, says she will pick. Bejoy picks himself and sees lots of dust, asks her to order maid to clean it.

GKB and Sona start bombarding Sona with her abuses and allegations and say Ishwari chose Ayan with her expertise and Sona does not want Ishwari to select a partner for her third child. Dev says Sona did right. Ishwari says she does not Sona to mess up again as always and hopes she does not break Ayan and Rhea’s alliance. Sona stands sadly.

Neha, Nikki, and Maami try to console Rhea after Ayan’s family talk about breaking alliance and walk out. Sona enters and asks if anyone want to have juice. Radha yells she already did a lot today and does not have to do anything more. Neha starts yelling next. Nikki says what is wrong if bhabi came to ask for juice. Neha yells at her to shut up. Dev enters. Neha yells even at her. Dev asks to calm down. Neha yells she is staying in his house, he will scold only her now and not his wife.

Bejoy after finishing lunch and tea tells Asha that he will sleep now and goes to bed. Vicky hiding behind bed thinks these bengalis and their mid day nap. Elena messages where is he. He replies he is in Bejoy’s room. Bejoy hears mobile beep and asks Asha

whose phone is it. Asha says she does not know. Elena rushes in, keeps her phone silently, and says it is her phone. She tells Bejoy and Asha that she needs to talk to them and asks to come out of room.
Dev makes Sona on swinger says he is thinking of buying a big swinger. Sona says if he thinkshe will impress her with big swinger, he is right, but he does not have to do this. He says maa and Neha. Sona says whatever happened today it is obvious about their reaction, whatever happened in Neha’s life even her frustation is obvious. Dev says she is marvelous. He says this all happens in family. He says whatever happened today, he enquired about Ayan and got sure that heis perfect for Rhea. Sona thinks something is wrong.

Ayan and Khushi play card and Khushi says she wins always. He says he lost because he does not want to lose her. She says today his acting was awsome, he did not let Rhea and his family doubt on him. He says even her acting was good, she spoke so well to her sautan. She says he is meeting his goal well. He says they should be careful about Sona, she will create problem, but he is also 2 stteps ahead of her and uses his brain to tackle her.

Dev gets ready for office and asks Sona to move aside of mirror as he has to look good. She asks in his age. He says he is not in his 50s. She asks whom he has to impress. He says his wife, she is too picky. She says even her husband is too picky. She asks to give her some cash as she did not go to ATM. He says with govt’s new rule, at least his wife is asking money. They continue chatting and smiling. Neha enters yells when to enter their room, they are always busy romancing. Dev sys whenever she comes in is the right time. She says she needs cosmetics and mom is going somewhere else, if she can bring them. Dev says he has important meetings. Sona says if Dev brings even shirt for him, that would be great and says she will bring cosmetics while returning from job. She asks Dev to give money. Neha yells she asked just cosmetics and not diamond necklace, bhabi always tries to degrade her and does not want her to be in this house, if she would have earned, she would not have stayed in this house. Dev says she is thinking wrong and tries to explain and walks out angrily. Sona asks Neha not to feel bad about Dev’s words. Neha yells why she is interfering between her and her brother.

Dev’s employees inform him that a big transaction happened from company’s account and asks if he did it. Another employee enters and says Mr. Reddy from IT department found out who did transaction, it is Vicky.

Elena goes to Sona’s clinic with Asha’s prepared food. Sona shows her Rhea’s engagment pics. Elena sees Ayan and Khushi’s pics and says Khushi works in her college and Ayan comes there often. Sona gets tensed. Elena then walks on road and sees a van following her. She informs a passerby man and asks to help her. He asks not to worry.

Nikki shows Ayan and Rhea’s pics to Radha and Neha. Radha tells Ishwari that she found a good boy for Rhea and should get them married before Sona creates any problem. Neha says yes, you know how Sona is. Nikki looks at Elena’s pic and says she is very cute. Radha yells what koot/cute, she is black. Ishwari says bhabhi…Radha says okay, she is dusky. Nikki says Elena is so cute.

Asha calls Sona and informs that Elena did not return home and she informed via phone that she is coming directly home from Sona’s clinic. Sona asks not to worry, she is coming home. She informs Dev to reach home soon. They both reach Bose house. Bose family gets very tensed. Sourav says people saw her going and not coming in. Dev asks not to worry, she will come back soon. Asha saks Sourav to file police complaint. Sona says she will check Sona’s room first. Dev follows her and asks what will she get in Elena’s room. Sona asks where is Vicky. Dev asks why she is asking about Vicky, he withdrew money from company account and is missing. Sona says Elena and Vicky are having an affair. Asha and Bejoy enter and ask what…Sona says yes, she spoke to Elena about Vicky and Elena broke up. Bejoy says she knows how arrogant Vicky is. Dev says she would have informed him before, if she is sure Elena will be with Vicky.

Precap: Dev with Sona reaches home and sees Vicky there, he asks where is Elena. Soa asks same. Vicky shouts to shut her mouth. Dev holds his collar and warns to behave with his bhabhi and says if something happens to Elena, he will not spare him.

Update Credit to: MA

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