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Madhubala Update On Wednesday 15th August 2018 On Angel TV


Next day morning.. Paddo-Trish return from Shirdi talking of how good their darshan was and think of Madhu…! Trish says..that now once they return home they dun have to cook..only order tea! Paddo knocks on the door n then notices its locked..! She wonders where Madhu must have gone? Trish says..m ust have gone for some work! Paddo insists Trish to call Madhu! Trish calls Madhu..!

Madhu wakes up holding her head and notices she is by RKs side on his bed..! She notices her phone buzzing n is about to pick up when she notices her hand is locked with handcuffs to RK n he says..where are u going Biwi? Ur Pati Parmeshwar is here..! Madhu tries to answer the call but RK snatches her moby…cuts the call ..! RK says.. its Sali jis phone! Trish says Madhu cut the call..! Paddo is worried..! Trish says. Roma nicked her correctly Mother India…Madhu must be busy in shot! Paddo says..since last night? Paddo tries Madhus cell n notices that its switched off..!

RK wishes good morning to Madhu n Madhu asks what does the handcuff mean? She asks him to remove it.. RK says.. ‘Tumhara dil mere pyaar se bandha hua hai.. par tumhara shareer tumhare dil ki nahi sunta.. to kya pata tumhara shareer bhag jaye’ He says..he wants to keep her close..real close! Madhu asks him to open the handcuff now! RK says..these eyes.. so much depth in them .so much fire.. missed it.. these eyes..which loved him.. these eyes..that wanted him … these eyes.. that closed for him.. ! Madhu tells RK to open the handcuff..!

Paddo calls Bittu and asks about Madhu ..! Bittu stammers and Paddo asks him to speak out..and if Madhu is in trouble? Bittu says.. nothing has happened to Madhu ..she is with RK..! Paddo is shocked..! Bittu tells her that Madhu has returned to RK the mansion.. n that he cant tell her more now! Paddo asks him to let her talk to Madhu .. Bittu assures he will! He wonders what new lafda RK is gonna do now?

RK asks Madhu to answer his question .. he says that only RK has the right to think about her.. dream about her.. desire her… then on holi day..why did THAT MAN put color on Madhu n why did she put color on THAT man? RK says..this is their story.. Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon.. its RK and Madhu story not Madhu and Sadak Chaps story..! RK asks Madhu to answer n Madhu says..if she will be an insult to herself..!

RK says. .he wont open the handcuffs.. no matter… if anyone calls him violent..or alleges him for manhandling her.. or calls him mad ! Madhu says..she is not his pyschiatrist.. n he cant force her to answer! She says..he cant force her.. n RK says..he is her hubby n Madhu says..he is not! RK asks.. really? So is he a stranger? Fine..! RK says.. that then the stranger will change clothes coz he is feeling hot n she will be tied to him…! Madhu asks RK to let her go..! RK starts to unbutton his shirt n Madhu explains that…Sultan coloring her was an accident n she put color on him to save him from enemies..! She was the need of the moment..! Madhu asks RK to open the handcuff..! RK says.. he believes her.. and he is now at peace..! RK opens the handcuffs..! RK says..a normal cat cannot be tied to one place.. but she is HIS JUNGLI BILLI … n he loves jungli billi he cant take chance with her…! RK locks her to the headboard.. n Madhu screams.. leave me..! She asks him why he is locking her again? RK says.. she said.. he does not need to worry.. n that she loves him .. so he is relaxed.. n she is hers.. she is gonna be his trophy .. his private property.. his jungli billi! Madhu screams… to leave her.. but RK walks out..!

Bittu comes home and tells Radha that Paddo had called n wanted to talk to Madhu.. seems she does not know what happened with Rishbala! The landline rings at the mansion n Radha wonders what to tell Paddo..! She receives the phone n Paddo asks Radha what is happening n what is Madhu doing at the mansion! Radha apologises.. n Paddo asks for what? She asks Radha to let her talk to Madhu.! Radha goes to call Madhu !

RK comes out after getting fresh and sees Madhu struggling with the handcuff..! RK says..Madhu din fulfill his wifely duties.. where are his clothes? RK says..he is trying to be an ideal hubby n she? Madhu the handcuff..! She says..he is tying her like an animal n then asking her to calm down! RK says.. dun call urself animal ..! RK says ..what if he forgot he had tied her n would have left for shooting? RK says.. he is joking.. he is Right Kameena.. not king cobra.. n opens the handcuff..! Madhu turns to leave..and RK holds her arm..! Radha comes.. and gives her the landline.. says her mom has called!

Part 2

Madhu receives the call ..! Paddo screams on Madhu n asks why she is there .. n why she din inform her? She asks Madhu if she is with RK or not? Madhu says yes..! Paddo asks..why ..she is with RK? Madhu asks her to calm down n says..there is nothing to be worried for..! She says.. the entire cast n crew is at RKs home.. n that since RKs look is changing so they are all at RKs place! RK smirks.. ! Radha is in dilema! Paddo says.. Madhu is lying.. n Madhu says.. no ..she is here after completing the shoot! She tells Paddo she will call later! Paddo asks Madhu to come soon and asks her to stay away from RK and not tolerate his humilation! Madhu says..she wont tolerate..! Madhu cuts the call..! Radha leaves the room! RK tells Madhu to bring his clothes.. and says to get clothes that befit a superstar n says.. that she better not bluff that she is not interested him …coz if she wasnt ..then she wont have lied to her mom! Madhu says..she din lie coz she wanted to stay here ensure Paddo doesnt get hassled.. n get more sick!

Part 3

RK says.. fine ..lets assume she is telling the truth. .no matter what the reason.. the result is she is here..with him…! RK asks Madhu to give him one chance! Madhu asks RK what he wants? RK says..that thing there is in the left side..she has.. n he does or does not.. RK says..he wants Madhus heart! Madhu says.. he gave her.. n then he broke it..crushed it.. burned it. .now she does not have any heart..! Madhu does not look at RK!

Madhubala says she lied so that her mother is not troubled and does not get sick. She gets emotional. RK says, irrespective of the reason, result is she is there with RK. Madhubala asks what he wants. He says he wants her heart. Madhu retorts, she does not have any. it was he who shattered n crumbled it. now she does not have heart.

RK keeps asking, dont u have one and moves closer while she goes behind saying no. He says, if she dont have then whats making dhak dhak noise, is it the kidney? Its beating because of what is between us. He asks why she is stopping herself. He says promise, even she stays with him till evening, she will stay back with him there by her own free will, give one chance. BG – Hum hai deewane.

Madhu stares on n angrily pushes him away and says NEVER. RK says Ok, but at least get my clothes, she refuses, so he asks her to make kheer for him with her beautiful hands. Madhu asks him not to demand thinks like a kid. RK says he loves making her angry and likes her sulking face. Madhu gets up n leaves. RK says meri jungli billi. I like it.

Padmini tells Trishna, that she felt that Radhaji was lieing n Madhu is in problem. Trish tries to pacify her saying why would Radha n Bittu lie to them. Even Madhubala has said she stayed back with some work. they hear a knock n find Sultan standing. Padmini n Trishna welcome Sultan. Padmini asks him about Aryan, he replies he is fine and at home. He says thanks for taking care of them, no one do so much for anyone.

Sultan offers money to Padmini requesting her to accept. He says he have very less money that he have earned without doing anything wrong. Sultan says he came last night, but Madhubala was gone back to RK. Padmini says she is not gone with RK but she in work. Trishna stops her from revealing everything.

sultan says that RK received his phone last night and said Madhubala has gone back to him. Padmini says to Trishna that her intution was right and guesses that raaksha aka RK has taken Madhubala by force. Padmini n Trishna get tensed. Sultan hears all this and leaves putting the money on table. Padmini and Trishna are clueless with his sudden departure.

Madhubala having flashback of her challenge and she is walking down. Radha comes n madhu says, she never hide anything from mom, but she was so worried, she couldnt say anything. She says she is unable to think what to do. Radha takes her to Bappa mandir, and says, yest when she saw Madhu there she was overjoyed, but when Madhu lied to Padmini today, she felt ashamed, this is not right. She know that she shud take ur side n tell Padmini the truth. but her heart doesnt know about right n wrong. She cant think anything. Radha says Madhu is back in RK mansionn rks life, maybe if he gets a second chance then everthing will be alright. She always pray and cry. Its seldom, that people listen to mind or heart, both decsions are right. now its in Madhus hands, decison is urs – Dil or Dimaag. Both offer arti and radha blesses madhu

Madhu eneters kitchen. making something. Radhas dil dimaag dialogue flashback. Trishna flashback about asking, if he asks forgiveness and Madhubala replying do u think I will ever trust him again. Then Holi flashback, tumhe rang lagane ka haq mera n tumhe kaapne ka.

Dips enters kitchen and says, middle class mentality, making food to win heart, but she thought its opp in Madhubalas case n isnt RK supposed to win ur heart? Dips taunts madhubala after last nights jalbin machli act, so much drama to leave and today Madhubala in kitchen and making kheer for RK. She says people will say Madhubala has no self respect. she asks Why dont she just leave this house. madhu ignores. Dips sits on kitchen desk and says who cares about self respect, chawl got nothing but she got all luxurious in RK mansion and self respect can go to hell. and still one has confusion, she can play the game, I love him, I love him not. Madhubala says Dips knows all this very well so she can make the kheer herself as she have no interst in her bakwass nor the kheer. She leaves the place saying all the best. Dipz thinks, its all mine ? and laughs, saying that u made a big mistake chawlbala – ab mazaa aayega.

Precap: RK dancing on Hawa Hawa

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