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Kuch Rang Episode 203--204 Update On Thursday 23rd August 2018 On Adom TV


Dev starts sneezing after Neha drops water on Dev and Sona by mistake. Sona says he caught cold. He says how will they go back to room. She gives him towel and says let us go up. He asks why. She says it is very cold here. He makes her sit on swinger and says if she sits near him, she will not feel cold. He rubs her hands and says his tiny miny rabbit’s tiny miny hands. She asks what. He says big hands and sys whoever threw water on them did good as they got a chance to romance after a long time. She says let us go up, else if mom sees them here, she will scold them. He thinks she gives him surprise always, he will give her surprise this time.

Sona comes down to living room in the morning and sees Ayan sitting on sofa. She asks when did he come. He says

he and Rhea are going for movie. He drops his phone on sofa and goes to Rhea’s room. Sona picks mobile and checks if it has Khushis messages. Dev comes down and sees her checking mobile. Ayan comes out with Rhea and says his phone is missing. Dev takes phone from Sona and asks whose phone isit. Ayan says it is him. Dev asks how he manages with 2 phones. Ayan says he has one personal and one professional phone, thinks he kept mobile purposefully out to check Sona. Once they leave, Sona tells Dev that Ayan purposefully kept mobile here. Dev says she is watching Byomkesh bakshi’s serial a lot.
Ishwari walks to Dev’s room and knocks door. Vicky comes out and wishes her. She asks what is he doing inside. He says his room’s AC was not working, so Dev gave him his room. Sona comes and says Ishwari same. Ishwari asks if Elena woke up. Vicky says no and opens door. Sona tries to wake up Elena, but Elena asks let her sleep. Sona says it is already 11 a.m. and maa has come. Elena asks her to tell aunty to prepare milk shake for her. Sona tries to wake her up, but GKB comes and yells to let her bahu sleep.

Bejoy with Asha comes to Dev’s house and tells Sona that whatever happened yesterday, he did not realize what Elena must be feeling. Ishwari runs mixer in kichen and hearing Bejoy’s voice thinks Kichu is fighting with laundryman. She loudly asks laundryman dont fight. Bejoy asks if he lookslike laundryman to her. Ishwari says no. He argues like his usual. Sona handles situation. Ishwari asks him to sit. Radha comes with Vicky and Elena. Elena ugs Asha. GKB asks reason for coming. He says to meet Elena. Asha gives Elena some moral gyaan to mingle with her new family well, etc. GKB asks if she gave moral gyan to even Sona. Asha says her both daughters are here, so if she teaches them with love, they will learn. Ishwari asks her not to worry, Elena will be fine here. Asha says she knows like she gave Sona a place in her heart, she will give a place to Elena also.

Sona comes to her room and sees it dark. She thinks she will call Kichu to fix lights, but then sees Dev standing and posing in a filmy style. He switches on lights. Sona is suprised to see whole room decorated with decorative lights. He pulls her and starts dancing. Kuch rang pyar ke…song…plays in the background. They dance romantically looking into each other’s eyes. After song finishes, Dev feels urgency. Sona asks what. Dev says he needs to go and rushes to bathroom. Sona thinks he is so cute.

Ayan drops Rhea back home. Rhea thanks him. He says he loved her company and is eager to marry her. Khushi calls him and asks if he is still with Rhea. He says yes, Rhea is very boring and he is missing her a lot. She says even she is missing him and asks to come home soon. He kisses mobile and says love you. Sona watches it from window and thinks whom heis talking and kissing on mobile, if it is Khushi. Ayan says he is doing this for them. She asks him to go and tell bye to Rhea right now. He tells Rhea that he got a client’s call and leaves. Sona thinks this is weird, why only she can see this and not others. Dev comes and hugs her from behind and says he told her sorry. Sona says she saw someone. He says she will not see anyone else than him.

After Dev sleep, Sona thinks how to expose Ayan. Khushi is very posessive about Ayan, so she has to trap her and make use of her possessiveness. She posts Ayan and Rhea’s pics on social media and thinks Khushi will be very jealous.

In the morning, on breakfast table, Nikki asks Elena to prepare something on her first day postmarriage like Sona prepared food. Elena says if she wants to punish her taste buds, she should eat her prepared food. GKB says her bahu will not work so early. Elena asks Vicky if she should work. Vicky says it is bhabhi’s department. Dev comes and asks Vicky if AC worked. Nikki and Rhea burst in laughter. Dev asks what happened. Sona thinks Dev does not know anything.

Dev comes down for breakfast and asks Vicky if room’s AC worked. Nikki and Rhea start laughing looking at his neck love bite. He asks what happened. Sona writes “hitched” with sauce on plate. Elena and Vicky also laugh. Ishwari asks Dev why did he add so much sauce and what happened to his neck Nikki says a big mosquito bit bhaiya. Sona feels embarrassed. GKB says they should call pest control then. Elena has arranged a party with her friends and Vicky will stay at home and help in arrangements. GKB says let her bahu party, she needed a modern bahu always. Ishwari says Ayan’s family is coming today to finalize engagement date and venue.

Bejoy writes a letter to Elena that he did not difference between her and Sona and both are his daughters.

He gives her some moral gyaan how to lead her life further.
Ayan with his parents and Khushi comes to Dev’s house to finalize engagement date and venue. Sona with a fake ID of a handsome man messages Khushi that she is very beautiful, etc. She replies every boy says same. She continues messaging her and Khushi replies. Ayan’s parents say it is difficult to book a good hall for engagement. Dev asks not to worry, they should just select a venue and date, he will arrange everything. Father says he forgot he is speaking to Dev Dixit.

After they leave, Sona goes to her room and continues chatting with Khushi on her laptop. Dev enters holding an exotic oil and reads its ingredients, says he cannot pronounce them well, but knows to massage. Sona asks if he really knows to massage. He says his main job is as a masseuse at India gate. Sona says so funny. He says there are different kinds of massage other than neck massage, says he forgot the procedure and will check on laptop. Sona gets tensed that she did not close fake ID profile and tries to stop Dev. Dev opens laptop and sees profile and asks what is this. She says she still doubts Ayan and is worried about Rhea’s future. If she is wrong, then she will apologize everyone and if she is right, Rhea’s life will be safe. Dev says then he will also help her, what is the use of him if he is not a good brother and husband. Sona smiles.

GKB holding juice enters Vicky’s room without knocking. Vicky and Elena are intimate and move aside seeing her. Vicky asks why can’t she knock door and enter. GKB says she brought juice for bahu rani. Elena says she does not drink juice at nice as she feels heavy. Vicky says not to worry, mummy can finish it. GKB asks if they are going out. Vicky says they are going to have icecream. GKB says if they had informed, she would have stopped their papa from going out, she will come wearing her shawl. Elena says she should rest at home as she is old now and will get ill in cold. They both walk out. GKB disappointedly look at them going and sips juice. Rhea asks where are they going and why she is sipping juice at this time. GKB says as she cannot have ice cream and she sent them to go out and enjoy.

In the morning, while having a casual chat mamaji asks Ishwari to prepare methi paranthas in this cold weather. Ishwari asks Kichu to bring fresh methi and vegetable. Sona notes down grocery list, feels nauseous and rushes to washroom. Mamaji gets worried. Nikki says she will ask bhaiya to send doctor. Ishwari says she knows what happened and happily tells mamaji that bahu is pregnant. Whole family gets happy. Sona returns. GKB happily says bahu rani fooled them that she will not get pregnant for 5 years, she give such a big happiness. Ishwari does Sona’s nazar. Sona says Ishwari she will test to confirm. Neha says looks like bhabhi is not yet ready to become mother. Sona says not like that. Ishwari says she is daadi and does not need any test. She happily starts praising Sona and thanks her for making her daadi. Sona also thanks her for sharing Dev with her. Ishwari says papa should be informed. Sona says she will call Dev. Ishwari says no, she wants to see Dev’s expression when he hears this news.

Precap: Sona calls Dev and tells maa.. He asks if maa told anything. She says no… he is becoming papa. Dev stands in a shock.


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