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Kuch Rang Episode 193--194 Update On Thursday 16th August 2018 On Adom TV


Bose family cut Dev’s birthday cake at 12:00 a.m. in their house. In Dev’s house, Dev’s family wish Dev happy birthday. Dev cuts cake. Ishwari says it is 12:03 a.m., her Dev is born. She does his aarti. He touches her feet. She blesses him. Sona comes. Mamaji says ghar ki lakshmi bahu came. GKB Radha and Neha smirk that Sona will burst on Dev now. Sona wishes happy birthday to Dev. He nervously says Sonakshi. She smiles and says he should say thank you when one wishes. Ishwari sees Sona in party clothes and asks if she and Dev had planned something. Dev says Sona was waiting outside a restaurant since 2.5 hours and they had planned to spend night together and whole day with family. Sona says if they had informed her, she would not have

planned all this. Sona says why she is so much worried, when birthday boy is happy, they should all b happy. She asks Nikki if they did not plan anything and says birthday bump. Radha tells Neha that bengalan will throw bombs on Dev. Neha says bump means one will throw birthday boy in air times his age. Radha says good bengalan does not know her age, else she would have thrown her in air so many times. All youngsters throw Dev in air and he says no no.
Sona takes cake to dining table to slice it. Ishwari comes and says if she had known about their plan, she would not have really planned aarti at this time. Sona says she is not angry at all and in fact happy seeing Dev happy, they both want Dev happy. Ishwari says even then. Sona says she is really not angry at all. Mamaji comes and says if saas-bahu are planning to eat cake themselves. Sona says yes they are planning same, if he insists, she will give him a slice. They both smile. Ishwari stands silently. Sona goes to give cake to others. Mamaji while munching cake tells Ishwari that she is lucky to have bahu like Sona, Sona should have thrown tantrums, but she did not and is happy seeing Dev happy. Neha comes and says Sona is angry and is just acting. Mamaji says no. Ishwari says Sona is a kid like Dev and she feels she stole their precious time.

Dev goes to room. Sona says he should run tomorrow to burn extra calories consumed today. Dev gives pillow to Sona and says she can vent out his anger on her. She says why should she, he thinks too much. He says he could not ingore mom’s request. She says let us not talk about it. Their discussion continues. Asha calls Dev and asks if their dinner party is over, she is trying to call him since such a long time. Dev says no, he could not go restaurant as maa had planned aarti here. Sona speaks next and disconnects call. Bejoy hears their conversation and fumes that Dev kept her daughter waiting so long, he is not a good husband. Asha says he is always behind Dev and should chill.

Ishwari tells Mamaji and GKB that she stole children’s quality time, she is feeling guilty, Sona did not react at all. Neha says bhabi is acting. Mamaji says Sona is happy and not acting. Ishwari says again she is feeling guilty. Mama says not think so much.

Dev and Sona spend quality time room. Dev tells how Ishwari celebrated his birthday. Nikki and Rhea enter holding cake plate and say they want to wish bhaiya once more and wish him. They ask Sona why did not she eat cake. Sona says she tasted, it it is too sweet. Dev says she should not diet too much and forces her to eat cake. Ishwari enters and asks what is happening. They all stop. Ishwari says she wants to talk to her bahu and takes her down. She says things are not at place, tomorrow she will have to spend whole day correcting them. Sona says she will do it. Ishwari says if they would have told they wanted to spend together, she would not have kept this party. Sona says nothing like that. Ishwari gives a long speech and says Sona would have planned so much, but she spoilt it. Sona says Dev was so happy celebrating with family. Ishwari says yes, her happiness is in Dev’s happiness. Sona says that is it, she is a mother and can do anything except apologizing children. Ishwari asks if she cannot apologize now and she will not forgive.

Sona tells Ishwari that she cannot apologize her children and should smile like she does. She walks to her room and wishes Dev happy birthday again. He says your mom also wished birthday. She asks why is he calling mom as your mom, what happened. He stutters. She says he can call mom as aunty. He says okay. She asks what..she will call him mom as aunty from tomorrow then. He gets nervous and thinks what if she really calls maa as aunty.

In the morning, Dev wakes up in the morning and does not see Sona on bed. He nervous goes down and sees Sona helping Ishwari in kitchen. He asks what is she doing here. She says learning to cook his favroite food. He asks why did not she wake him up today. She says she thought to let him sleep peacefully on his birthday.

Ishwari asks if he brushed his teeth. Dev says no. She asks him to go and get ready for office. He says he does not feel like going away from them both. Ishwari says then he should not go to office. GKB Radha comes and starts her usual witty dialogues. Dev says he will go and get ready for office and leaves. Sona walks along. He asks if she called maa as aunty. She says not yet. GKB sees their nok jhok from ktichen and shows Ishwari that bahu is fighting with Dev even today.
At Bose house, Daadi makes sweater. Bejoy says he liked it, but it is big. Sourav says it must be for him and says it is small for him. Daadi says this is for Dev. Sourav asks Bejoy what is he giftinng Dev. Bejoy says unique and powerful gift, five 100 rs notes. Sourav says he is giving 100 rs notes to a crorepati. Asha says they should give something good as Ishwari is senstive regarding Dev and may not like it. Bejoy says they will give according to their status and let Ishwari feel bad.

Vicky repeatedly calls Elena, but she does not pick his call. He fumes in anger and shouts it is all because of bengalan/Sona. Mamaji comes and scolds what is he doing in his room. Vicky shouts at him not to pester him. GKB enters and Vicky shouts to send her husband out. GKB pampers him and says he has become weak with hard work, she will get him milk. Mamaji taunts her. Vicky shouts at both to not pester him and go out. Radha yells nobody cares about her, she will get out of this house. Mamaji says she will never leave this house and walks behiind her.

Dev gets ready for office and asks Sona if she called maa as aunty. Sona says not yet but will during his birthday party. Dev gets tensed and warns not to. GKB hears their conversation standing near door and thinks how dare bengalan to call jiji as aunty, if she does during party, she will see the real drama.

Ishwari guides servants to decorate house as per Dev’s choice and scolds Kichu to get Dev’s favorite flowers. She sees Sona and asks if there is a problem between her and Dev, why Dev looked so tensed, at least today she should not fight with him. Sona tells Dev is tensed because of himself and tells that he is calling Asha as aunt instead of maa since 2 days. Ishwari nervously says Dev is habituated to call only her as maa and is unable to accept Asha as maa. Sona says he has to change as he is married now. She leaves and Ishwari stands anxiously.

Precap: Dev praises Sona that they are all lucky that she is so understanding. She says she is understanding, but he is still a child and should hide behind mamma, mamma’s boy. Ishwari hears their conversation.

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