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Fall Into Temptation Episode Wednesday 15th August 2018 On UTV : Blackmail Comes in All Flavors


Just the facts tonight due to major holiday activities and minor computer issues. Miriam told Santiago “I am here to see my grandson”, which he was understandably suspicious of. Nicolás' cell began ringing and it was Alina. Miriam was stubborn, knowing that she was not welcome in the Alvarado house. Raquel tried to calm things down. Mia took her grandmother's side, saying that the baby was her father's child. Santiago did not allow Miriam to be alone with the baby, telling Lola to accompany her upstairs. Federico was annoyed with Mia, asking her why she was taking Miriam's side. She answered that it was because she was her grandmother and because “Our father isn't here because he's in the hospital and it's all Carolina's fault.” This offended Nicolás and Mia asked “What does that make us, stepsiblings?”

Bebo visited Nacho in jail to assure him he would get him out. Nacho swore he was innocent and confided that he was very afraid of going to prison. Bebo swore to fight for him.

Lola regarded Miriam with appropriate suspicion. Miriam asked whether Benjamín had his own room; Lola said that he slept either in her room or her father's. Lola reluctantly allowed Miriam to hold the baby.

Raquel tried to calm Santiago down because he would need a cool head when dealing with Miriam, whose motives were known to him. While this wasn't easy, the hostility among the older children was tougher. Mia did not want to acknowledge Benjamín as a “brother,” making the distinction that he was only a “half-brother.” Raquel told her that this meeting was necessary to reach a mutual decision about what was best for Benjamín, but Mia didn't care. She didn't want to be there. She was waiting for Miriam so they could leave. Nicolás told her off, saying that Benjamín was their brother, like it or not.

Miriam expressed disapproval that Benjamín didn't have his own room and was in a room with an adult. She asked whether the baby was healthy, whether there had been birth issues, then decided that Lola would only lie to her about that. She began criticizing the structure of the house, then tried to get the baby to smile or laugh.

Mia began accusing Nico of using her and being interested in her only for sex. Raquel tried to get her to calm down and remember the purpose of the meeting. Mia's response was that “My grandmother is my only family; nobody else here is.” Federico began to get annoyed. Lola came down and told her father that Miriam is making her uncomfortable and can he make her leave. She enumerated Miriam's comments. Santiago went upstairs to see her playing with the baby and she quickly realized that Lola had sicced him on her. She released Benjamín and said something about wanting uninterrupted time with him “in an environment less hostile to me.” Santiago blocked her path and told her “He is my son.”

“That's not what the DNA says.”

“I don't care what any document says. I feed him, I take care of him, I care for him when he's sick. What are you going to do? I am his father whether you like it or not.”

“So can a nanny or [???]. How much do you think you can do for him?”

Raquel tried to rein her in, telling her to think of the child rather than herself. Miriam – predictably – said she was thinking of the child's future and what kind of a future could he expect in his house and was Raquel going to move in while Damián continues to lie in the hospital. Santiago finally told Miriam to leave. He stayed in the bedroom with Benjamín while Raquel escorted Miriam downstairs.

Miriam and Raquel's next battle was shorter and it was over Mia. Miriam asked Mia what she wanted and the girl answered – rather zombie-like – that she wanted to leave with her. Raquel accused Miriam of interfering in her relationship with Mia She made one more attempt to get Mia to come home, but Mia said they had nothing to talk about and followed Miriam out. Federico stopped his mother from following them, knowing his sister well enough to know that this would not have a positive outcome. Lola said she would make coffee so they could all have a civil discussion only to see Nico leave the room

He was calling Alina, who was anxious to know what he and Sammy talked about. He didn't want to leave home at the moment and she pulled his declaration of love card on him. He finally said he would come to see her.

Sammy finally went home, to the relief of his father. He asked him why he hated Alina so much. Rueda answered that it was “because of what she's done to you,” but Sammy said there had to be something else. Rueda got the pistol back from him before telling him that she played with his feelings. Sammy then promised to help him destroy Alina.

Nacho visited Carolina and Benjamín, exclaimed over the baby, and asked her why she objected to the idea of borrowing money from the Beckers for Santiago's new venture. She said something about not wanting to be indebted to anyone. He reminded her of his loyalty when his own wife was alive he had eyes for no one else; Santiago was the same way about her. She may or may not have caught his meaning.

Federico and Lola talked about the garbage that had been posted about him on social media. She asked if he was gay and he said he didn't know. She said a lot of the same things Raquel said, that it didn't matter what other people said. He asked about her spring break trip; she said nothing happened. Carolina came in with baby Benjamín. Federico said he had come to see him. Carolina invited him to hold the baby although she looked as though she was not comfortable with this. She excused herself so she could bathe, leaving the baby with Lola and Federico.

Vicente got a visit from a bearded man (name unknown) to whom he owed money and apparently was late in paying. He told him he would have his money soon, but the man didn't quite believe him. They began fighting, which ended with the other man aiming the point of a knife at Vicente's throat.

Nicolás went to see Mia at her request and they were in her room. He had no idea why she wanted to see him. She told him to close the door, then coerced him into sex. She even produced a condom for him to put on. He asked if she was sure and they ended up on the bed.

Lola didn't want to talk about the trip. She excused herself to make tea. In her absence the cell next to the bed rang with a message “I need to see you.” Fede asked Lola about it. She said it was not her phone and claimed not to know what that was about.

Azucena entered Damián's office telling him that Vicente was calling, saying that he had to pay double. Damián didn't want to talk to him, but realized he had to. When Vicente made his demand, Damián agreed on the condition that Vicente reveal the big secret he was hiding. He said he would if Damián gave him cash. Damián told him he was tired of this extortion but Vicente threatened to pay Raquel a visit if Damián reneged.

Mia and Nicolás got it on in her room. Jovita opened the door to bring in the clean laundry, then backed out when she saw what was happening. Both Mia and Nicolás realized that they had been seen.

Raquel persuaded Santiago to accept a loan, saying that he would do well and that the investment would help get Damián less tied-up in “the family business” and more involved in something new, which would be good for them as well. Just as they were finishing their conversation Mia and Nicolás started down the stairs.

Carolina asked Lola if she and Federico would go and pick up some milk and baby formula. They agreed and went out. As soon as they were out the door Federico realized he had forgotten something and went back inside.... just in time to overhear Carolina telling Damián over the phone that he was not to come over because she had to handle this situation herself. She ended the call and got the vibe that she was not alone and turned around to see Federico.

Bebo went to the pizzeria that Nacho was ordering from on the night of the murder. He told the owner that he was the son of an innocent man about to be railroaded.

Santiago and Raquel talked about how since Carolina's death he lives for Benjamín and how he didn't know what he'd do if Miriam took him away. He had been through so much he wasn't sure he'd be able to fight. Raquel told him he could count on her.

Miriam and Mia went home to find Andres waiting for her. He asked how the meeting had gone and she told him. As to whether she could get custody of the baby that would depend on what options Rueda had for her. She had expected him to be there and was indignant when Andres told her that he had left on an emergency involving his son. She displayed her true colors here in her reaction, that Rueda's family was so insignificant he had no right to prioritize it over her. After she left the room Andres talked to Mia, who made it clear that she didn't care about Benjamín and was angry that he was being prioritized by everybody over her. She said that if that child came into the house she would leave. He asked her where she would go and she said “What do you care? If he comes to live here I'm going.”

Andres' expression of shock lasted only until Mia left the room. He grinned to himself before sipping his favorite poison.

Santiago got home and asked about Nicolás. Lola told him he left to see Alina. Santiago was not pleased at this and left the room. Federico reminded Lola about when he first came to see Benjamín, but this led to nothing positive.

Cinthia was still in Fernando's bachelor pad. She sniffed one of his shirts. She called him on his cell but he told her he needed to work. Antonio asked him how things were going at home and Fernando told him he had left his marital home. Antonio realized that the call didn't come from Laura and advised him not to get into the same situation he had been before. He needed to think of his career. Fernando told him not to worry.

Beto talked to the pizzeria's manager and the night in question was one on which Nacho had defended a waitress named Josefa. Beto needed her as a witness but the manager told him that Josefa quit the next day. He couldn't give her address to him but agreed to call her.

Miriam came back into her living room asking where Mia was. Andres said he didn't know; they had spoken briefly in which she expressed her resentment about the baby and she had left. He asked whether Miriam had checked her room' Miriam had and she was not there. She didn't have her cell phone. Andres took his out.

Nicolás arribed at Alina's place. He said that Sammy had talked about her and their relationship. After the usual around in circles Alina moved in for the sexual kill, virtually guaranteeing the obsession she says she doesn't want.

Raquel had fallen asleep on Santiago's bed next to Benjamín. He came in to find them.

Mia was cutting herself on the floor of a bathroom. There was more blood than usual and she lay down and closed her eyes.

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