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Fall Into Temptation Episode 56 Thursday 23rd August 2018 On Utv:Threats


Just the facts tonight due to minor computer issues

Santiago was served with a summons to family court for a petition for custody of Benjamín. He closed the door on the bailiff.

At the same moment Miriam sneered at Raquel that she was the stupidest woman to think that Miriam would make this deal with her. She told her that Santiago was being served with the document at that very moment. Further that it was a situation of today the baby, tomorrow the business. After she swept out of the room Raquel looked Rueda in the eye, accusing him of planning this all along. His response?

“I do what my client asks me to do.”

Raquel, having already told him that this was a very low thing to do, left the room. Andres followed her, saying that he didn't expect this to turn out this way. Raquel didn't accept this, saying that he is playing her and Miriam against each other for his own advantage. She refused to speak to him any further on this and left the office.

José identified Nacho at the police station and recounted the situation. Beto was relieved. Alina told him his father would be released as soon as the fingerprints were identified.

Lola looked at the results of her pregnancy test. It was positive. Nicolás arrived home and realized that something was amiss. Lola did not want to talk about it and left.


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At the factory at Legato the gossip was on about Mia being in the hospital. Despite the general feeling that Damián had treated employees well this gossip seemed juicy around the factory, his co-workers making fun of the “illnesses of the rich.” Federico excused himself, saying he had to leave. The guy apologized about the previous evening and was forgiven. He did comment on what a coincidence that he was called to the same hospital where the boss's daughter was. Federico agreed and left.

Fernando and Antonio talked about Nacho's pending release. There had been some difficulty identifying the serial number on the newly-found pistol. Fernando demanded that they look at the fingerprints instead. Both were eager to close the case, not liking what the press was making of it.

Cinthia paid Damián a visit, telling the unconscious man that life was going on with or without him and that Raquel was finding happiness with a man who truly loved her. She challenged him to wake up.

Damián arrived home to find Raquel and Santiago on the couch. Santiago waited for him so he could thank him for his help with his business venture. Damián thought of this as an investment and appeared to be confident in the future success of the venture.

Mia was upstairs in her room with Julieta. They had been talking about the earlier incident when Jovita walked in on Mia and Nicolás. Nothing had actually happened due to that timing. Julieta could barely believe this, saying that Mia was the last virgin in Mexico. Julieta told her this was just as well, saying that Nicolás was beneath her. Mia defended Nicolás, but Julieta went on questioning Mia's future if she were to get pregnant by him, even suggesting that Mia would get bored with him quickly. Mia denied this, finally saying that Nicolás was better than the boys Julieta went after. Neither was going to budge on her position.

Carolina and Santiago had words over the Beckers' money. Santiago pointed out that they had confidence in him and they were the first to do so in a long time. Carolina said she had confidence in him, but he did not think so. It had been a long time since he felt she had.

Damián and Raquel talked about this as well. He told her that he did this for the baby, then did not talk about it any more.

Lola went to the office the next morning and showed a photo of Benjamín to Azucena. As Azucena admired the baby Miguel arrived to meet with Andres. He made a comment to Lola that it was too bad she was wasting her time working there. Azucena told him he could go in to see Andres. Although neither woman said anything both were obviously creeped out by Miguel.

Santiago, Augustin, and Nacho were going over accounts and purchase plans. Carolina brought them coffee as they changed the subject to who would be Benjamín's godfather.

Vicente was paying off the bearded guy and refused to give him any details on his dealings with “the rich guy.”

Nicolás and Federico talked about girls. Sabrina came along to ask Fede for help with her English class while Nicolás told Mia he liked her. Julieta looked like she was getting curious and suggested to Mia that the four of them (themselves, Nicolás, and Joaquin) get together for a (nude) photo session. Mia was not pleased with this suggestion.

Damián went to Carolina's house to see Benjamín. Carolina was not pleased because of the risk of her children seeing them together. He told her they could always claim to be talking about business, either the catering or Santiago's construction. She reluctantly agreed, but then told him that Nacho would be Benjamín's godfather. Damián didn't like this, saying she had to convince Santiago to change his mind. She said that he and Nacho had been close for a long time. This became the beginnings of an argument over his motives.

Cinthia visited Mia in the hospital and tried to get her to face a few home truths. Mia asked where Raquel was and Cinthia told her she was in a meeting with Miriam, possibly to decide where Mia would go home to. Mia didn't care as long as she got out of the hospital. Cinthia mentioned psychiatry and Mia refused. She also refused to answer Cinthia's question about why Mia had cut herself. She told her to leave.

Santiago and Raquel talked over the phone. She told him about Miriam reneging on the deal she tried to make with her. She wanted to help him, saying he wasn't to do anything rash. When he ended the call Nicolás was looking at the documents. He said he didn't know much about this, only that it would take time and they would need to be prepared to fight.

Raquel started to fill Federico in about this, but they were at the office. They were seen together by his co-workers, including Danny, the guy who had made a pass at him. He decided that Federico was a liar. They left before they could be seen.

Bebo and Alina sat in the police station waiting for news. She told him not to worry about his father but about his friend, Nico, was “falling down on the job.” Fernando came in with the report on the fingerprints, which were not Nacho's. They needed to show the report to the judge and Nacho would be freed. Bebo was happy.

Fernando and Antonio were back at Square One. Antonio said they needed to search through all fingerprint databases for comparisons. Fernando was sure that the killer was from among the circle around Damián or Carolina; he was sure there were more secrets than they knew about.

Laura went on the air with the story that Nacho had been released because a witness placed him elsewhere and because the fingerprints on the found pistol were not his. This has set back the investigation. As soon as she was off the air her boss gave her unholy hell, demanding that she get information. She told him she could not and he told her to fix her marital problems or go through garbage. He threatened her employment, telling her that this was her last chance.

Fernando drove into Vicente's territory and showed his photo to a local resident.

Azucena went to see Raquel with the folder she looked at the other day. Damián had been looking to provide for Benjamín in case something had happened to himself. Raquel was angry that Aucena knew about Benjamín long before this and had not informed her. She finally asked her to help her understand. Azucena told her that Damián loved her in a divine manner and nothing would have changed that.

Damián and Carolina argued about their spouses. Neither was looking to leave their spouses, leaving them in a stalemate.

Celia was afraid and Fernando tried to assure her she would be safe. Laura called his cell to remind him he was supposed to take her to the doctor's office. He told her to take a cab to the doctor's office and he would meet her there. As he took his leave of Celia it was obvious that she had her eyes on him.

Federico argued with his female co-worker about Daniel, who had felt rejected. Federico said that he wasn't his type. “So what is your type?” she asked.

Bebo walked home, finally sensing something was wrong. Juan was following him. He threatened to kill him if he said a word about this to Lola.

Fernando paid Vicente a visit to interrogate him.

Santiago and Alina discussed the custody case. He told her that his children would help, as would Federico. He was not so sure about Mia, telling her it was complicated. Alina said she would take care of the paperwork [Uno minuto; didn't she previously say she wasn't an expert on this?] and does he need anything else? He paused for a moment then asked her – not as her client but as a father – what was going on between her and Nicolás? She told him she did not owe him any explanation about this.

Raquel tried to call him but got his voicemail. Lola found her in the corridor at Legato and said she had to talk to her.

“I'm pregnant.”

Raquel hugged her

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