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Fall Into Temptation Episode 54 Tuesday 21st August 2018 On Utv : The Secret Not Even Santiago Knew


The past 

A tearful Carolina confesses to Damian that it was her father who attempted the violation. He used to fondle her inappropriately when he got drunk. At the same time he would beat Vicente unmercifully. He never beat her. In fact, when he wasn't drunk, he was nice to her. He treated her like a princess. One night he showed up drunker than usual and it was obvious to both young siblings that he intended to attack Caro sexually. Vic intervened. He knocked out the dad and later dragged him away. His body was found in the river the next day. Everyone assumed he fell in because he was drunk. He did it to save her.

At Raquel's house, meanwhile, she and Santi continue their heart-to-heart talk about--who else, Caro. Santi feels Caro deserves someone better than he--he's just a simple man with an ordinary life and an ordinary household. Raq tries to dispel his impression by using the same words on him that three years later he would use with her, "If you could see yourself the way I do, from my perspective, you would see yourself differently. You are a man of great accomplishment."

No, he never got tired of her, but maybe she got tired of him. Raq, probably putting herself in Caro's place assures him that couldn't be so. Caro adores him. Santi says he adores Caro, too. Then Raq compares him to Damian, in a positive way. Dam had most of his way ahead handed to him, Santi on the other hand got ahead all on his own abilities. Santi tells Raq that Caro is no longer "there" and blames himself for not doing his part. He's embarrassed to admit he even has to ask Caro to have "relations" with him. They are too distant. She's already gone. They are just two different people, in two worlds they keep hidden. Raq asks if he's seeing someone else. He says no. As he does so, he looks at Raquel and sees someone different. Raq looks at him and sees another sort of man.

Upstairs, Mia is challenging Fede. Doesn't it bother him that Santi is in the house? Presumably for money. Fede replies, so what if he is, it's none of her business and yes, he already knew about the investment. It was the day he went to see Benji. Mia thinks he went because he likes Lola. He says no. Mia, the expert in sexology, tells him he's bisexual. She does get him to admit he hasn't had sex with either sex.

Dam is moved by Caro's story. He's surprised she never told Santi. He tells her he loves her and she responds. They kiss hungrily. Dam tells her he wants to stay close to his son and suggests Caro choose him to be Benji's godfather. That way he could be near him and give him all the things he would need. Caro doesn't know if that would work. She'll have to talk to Santi about it and he may have already chosen someone else.

Raq and Santi are still talking about Caro's distance. Raquel remembers her own post-partum days and decides it's all hormonal. Caro's just had a baby. He agrees and gets up to leave, but Raq persuades him to stay a little longer. She gives him a lecture in Interpersonal Relationships 101. It's up to them to take over the responsibility for the relationship and infuse it with some passion and pizazz to make it work again, otherwise the distance may lead to things breaking little by little and it allows others in and they fall into temptation. They sit there and reflect on what she's just said and look at each other again with a different look.

Epoca Actual

SinCin has made up an excuse regarding Santi's gun to have Nando stop by Raquel's house. He tells her she doesn't need an excuse any more. He moves closer and tells her he can't stop thinking about her. Unfortunately, just as he is about to give truth to those words, he gets a phone call from Tonio. He tells her he has to leave and she gives him a tiny kiss near his lips. He looks like he'd rather get fired than leave her, but he does his duty and heads for the office.

Raq and Santi have their coffee-hour break-up in the hospital. He doesn't understand why breaking up is a good thing. She just wants Mia to be well. He tells her he'll be there if or whenever she needs him, day or night, just call, send a message, even if they have to do it secretly. She asks him for time, but when she gets up to leave, she gives him a very meaningful open-mouth kiss, nuzzles him, kisses him gently on the forehead and says to be compassionate. [I know I heard her use the word compadesco, which if she said no me compadesco, it would mean I don't feel sorry for myself, so my translation isn't accurate, but I think in context it's ok.]

Azucena greets Miriam as she arrives at the Legato offices and tells her Rueda is waiting for her and no, Andres isn't in. Miriam says not to bother calling him. She greets Rueda and hopes his personal life will no longer interfere with her need for him. She states quite loudly, just as Azucena pops in, that she wants Rueda to move full speed ahead with getting custody of her grandson, the one her son had with that Carolina woman.

Lola is leaving Benji at a baby-sitter. Bebo is with her. She tells him she just let her dad know she is going back to the house and Bebo is with her. Sour Grape Face Juan is watching from afar, but not far enough for me.

A groggy Mia tells Nico she's glad he's there with her. Raq arrives at her daughter's hospital room. Fede explains that when she woke up, she asked for Nico. Raq pulls Nico aside and tells him she needs to know if anything happened between him and Mia (wondering perhaps if Nico was responsible for her near-fatal self-mutilation) and she wants the truth.

The police have gone to collect the gun the boys found in the underbrush. At least the father had the good sense to use a handkerchief before touching the gun. He also knew that they lived near a crime scene where the gun was never recovered. The police will want the boy's fingerprints to compare to any found on the gun. They assure the dad and the boy that the youngster is not under suspicion. Nando tells one of his underlings to run the serial number right away.

En el Pasado

Nando is at the model's apartment. He's telling Tonio he's there because she was very nervous. Tonio wants him at the office stat. All they have of this crime from the security cameras is a man with his face covered using his own keys to enter. He goes to tell Celia he's leaving some guards with her and finds her standing there naked. He's speechless. He does look but turns away and goes to stand in the hallway. She wants to talk to him. He says later.

Raq and Santi are still talking about marriage and relationships. They both think it's a little strange that he's the first male friend she's had and she's the first female friend he's ever had. He wants to leave but she asks him to wait until Dam comes home so they can further discuss the new business venture. She calls Dam but he can't answer because he has a mouthful of Caro. She makes him answer. He tells Raq he's on his way home and she tells him Santi is at the house with her. Bombshell--although he's three years too early, he wonders how Caro would feel if Raq and Santi were doing the same thing they're doing. Caro has the perfect answer--with a question--how would he feel, with the emphasis on the "he."

Epoca Actual

Nando gets back to the office. Nothing yet on the ballistics, but it is the same type of gun, a 9 mm used to kill Carolina. They have one clear fingerprint that doesn't belong to the boy. It's being processed. They're still working on the serial number. Nando and Tonio have different theories of where the results might lead them. Nando says if it belongs to Ignacio (Nacho), they have their killer, although he might not have been working alone. Tonio asks if Nando still thinks Santiago had something to do with it. He says yes, even knowing Santi is Tonio's friend. Tonio says they need to identify the print first, then Nando can speculate further all he wants.

Juan watches Bebo and Lola getting closer, smiling at each other. Bebo likes her but he doesn't want problems with her father. Lola wants him to stop thinking about her father and think about her. She's all coquette-ish with him and he begins to respond. They reach in for a very chaste kiss when Lola doubles over in pain. Bebo is concerned, but she won't go to the doctor for a simple stomach ache. Juan is seething with anger and jealousy as he watches them.

Raq quizzes Nico about his relationship with Mia. He says, frankly, he doesn't know where he stands with her. They tried, but it didn't work out. Raq knows Mia has a lot of problems but she doesn't want Nico to hurt her. He claims (somewhat untruthfully) that that was never his intention. There's the problem, Raq says because she knows he has a relationship with an older woman and never mind how she learned of it. That's the sort of thing that hurts people, she tells him. Nico throws it right back at her. Does she know what really hurts Mia? To see Raquel with his dad. Raq reflects and follows up with wanting to know how he feels. He would be ok with it under different circumstances, but his mother died very recently and regardless of what else she was, Caro was still his mother.

Laura is back on camera pushing her ratings with the latest poison on the Becker scandal. This time she pushes too far. She adds Cinthia to the mix. Bebo is free because Cinthia has admitted to taking her own sister's things and covering up for a disgraced former cop-drug dealer named Rafael Estrada who was brought down in a hostage situation at the Beckers house. She continues by announcing, with great glee that the paternity test of the last Alvarado child shows he is the son of Damian Becker (and she's oh, so loving this job). She wraps it up announcing the recovery of the murder weapon which might show Ignacio as the killer and Santiago Alvarado as the mastermind. Ba-Da-Boom!

Nando has come back to see SinCin, but she's furious with what his "wife" has done to them on the broadcast. SinCin thinks she's getting revenge on the two of them, using her family to do it. She wants him to go to her and convince her there's nothing going on between them. He will. They both calm down and Nando repeats his newest hypothesis that doesn't let Santi off the hook.

Lola is at home with Bebo. She's feeling better. Santi arrives home and Bebo leaves. Mia is better, but he's not. All this that's going on is just separating him from Raquel--and now it has been accomplished.

Nico shows up at work in yesterday's T-shirt. Alina is at first really angry. When it seems Nico has grown a little spine she sidles up to him seductively and says she likes him like that and moves in to kiss him. He doesn't respond and looks away. He must not be into her anymore.

Miriam and Rueda are discussing the latest findings in the Caro killing. They have to wait for results. Mimi tells Rueda to move ahead with the custody issue regardless. Rueda is interrupted by a call from Alina, which he takes. His offer is looking good. They need to talk. Later.

Santi shows up at the station to see Tonio. He's furious that the news announcer in implicating him just because a gun has been found with fingerprints. Santi loses his cool. He wants his wife's murderer found, so what is the hold up? Tonio says they're working as fast as they can. The fingerprint is the best evidence they have. Santi is still convinced Nacho had nothing to do with the murder. He can't take much more of this. Tonio understands. He says that once they find out who the gun belongs to, they can pretty much wrap it up. Santi leaves, but the look on his face tells us he is worried.

Bebo is out on the street asking for directions, looking for an address.

Andres offers Raq coffee at the hospital. They sort of make peace with each other, or at least they are civil with each other. She finds out that Mimi is already fighting for Benji's custody. Andres tells her he has an idea on how to stop her.

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