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Fall Into Temptation Episode 50 Tuesday 14th August 2018 On Utv: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Tree. And In Mia’s case the tree is Miriam.


Santi tells Raquel that it is not that he mistrusts her but he is going crazy, many things are happening and they want to take his son away. He can’t tolerate the thought of losing Benji and also losing her. “Benji is mine, I don’t care what a paper says, and then to lose you, forgive me” “you hurt me Santi” He tells her he is sorry and that he is destroyed, and to lose her he would not know what to do. “Sorry, sorry” and then gets close to her and they kiss.

Miriam says that she will not fight for a son that was born outside of the marriage. Rueda and Andres try to convince Miriam that she can fight for custody of Benjamin, and at the same time she would hurt Santi.

Fede goes to the Alvarado’s to visit Benji and says that since Benja is his brother that makes them family. Lola says that is not the fact. Fede just says that he had a desire to see Benjamin and that everyone will take care of him like they always have.

Godoy follows Laura into her house, tells her she is going crazy. She responds by saying “You can’t leave me, you are cruel” he tells her that he is fed up with her. She then continues to play the victim and says “I don’t trust you” to which Godoy says “I also don’t trust you”. Laura explains that she never cheated on Godoy that she only got close to Juan because she was investigating Patricia’s death. Godoy finds it curious that she got close to Juan in an intimate way. He tells Laura it’s over because she is driving him crazy and he does not love her anymore. He has not fallen in love with any other woman; he just does not love her he leaves, and Laura is left to contemplate her very sad and lonely situation.

Raquel tells Santi she will never hurt him or Benji. But what about when Miriam finds out? Is what Santi wonders “she is going to want to take him away from me, and what about when Damian wakes up he will take him away from me. The law will not allow me to keep him.  What about your kids, when they find out what are they going to want to do?”

Raquel gives him two  answers “Number 1 get yourself an attorney, there may be a way for you to keep Benji and Number 2 I know my kids. Santi says he knows Mia, and that’s what worries him

Alina tells Nico everything is over and that she hates possessive people like you.  Nico replies by declaring “I love you Alina”, she slaps him and asks to be left alone.

He leaves the house and as he walks out sorry Sammy is at the door; Sammy takes off running and Nico chases him down and tells him that they need to talk.

Rueda and Andres discuss that they don’t understand why Miriam does not jump at the opportunity to hurt and get rid of Santi. Rueda does not understand why Andres hates Santi so much. He gets a call about Sammy and runs off. Andres and Miriam left alone and Andres reiterates that she can ask for Benji’s custody.

Raquel and Santi continue to make up after their misunderstanding. Raquel says that she trusts that getting all four of their kids will support him. Santi is not so sure.

Cynthia comes out and says that it’s not a good idea to get all four kids together because Mia is being influenced by Miriam. Raquel agrees but that is the reason why she needs to get Mia out of that house.

Bebo is getting released from prison Antonio tells him that what he did was wrong. Bebo says he had to do it because he needed money for his dad. Bebo says he will help prove that his dad did not kill Carolina, he will get the evidence. Antonio calls Santi to let him know Bebo is out.

Nico threatens Sammy that he will kill him if he gets close to her. He explains how Alina used him, and that he lost everything, family friends because she drove him crazy. He has a letter and Nico reads it. He tells Sammy he is crazy. Sammy then says “Tell me can you leave her, how can you live without her, what woman can give you what Alina gives you?”  Nico tells him that nothing is worth more than his life; Sammy needs to find something that adds meaning to his life. Sammy just stares and does not say a thing and walks away.

Mia and Raquel are in Damian’s office, Mia says she will not go back home. Raquel tells Mia that they need to talk about Benjamin. Mia says “what do I care about that kid?”  “Well you better care because he is your bother”

Santi and Bebo arrive at Santi’s house. Bebo thanks him for picking him up from the station, he did not have to do that, Santi explains that Bebo is like his son. Bebo says that he knows he screwed up but he had to help his dad get out of jail. Santi tells him to try to stay out of trouble, Bebo says he will. Then he tells Santi that he remembers something that may be an alibi for Nacho. Santi says he can’t help right now because of the Benji problem Bebo tells him he understands

Rueda is at Alina’s front door calls her because he is worried about Sammy he left a good bye note at the house and he cannot find him. Alina says that’s not her problem and wants Rueda and Sammy to stop contacting her. They hang up. She calls Sammy’s phone but no answer; she leaves a message telling him to stop clowning around that everyone is looking for him because they are worried.Nico gets home and tells Lola he was not able to talk to Alina about Benji. Lola is worried because they want to take Benji away. What is wrong with you, it’s that woman right, you need to wake up they want to take Benji away from us, Mia and her grandmother are what worries me.

Raquel tells Mia that they should have a reunion with the Alvarado’s “understand you have a brother,”“That kid has nothing to do with me so don’t count with me mom” Mia leaves Raquel in disbelief.

In the past:Raquel and Santi having coffee, she wants to know "when you have problems why don’t you come to us who are your friends". Santi replies “Who told you, Nacho?” "yes but don’t tell him". She says that she is willing to help him financially because they are friends. Plus there is some money from the banquet profits that belongs to them, she says that "they will either help him or they will help him." (take your pick Santi, either or)Damian calls Carol and asks what was Vicente talking about their history. What did he do for her in the past; she can’t talk about that over the phone. He then says that he wants to be part of Benji’s life but Carol says that Santi will be Benji's father.

Carol goes to tell Nico that if he is suffering for Mia he needs to leave her because he deserves better, and he is not less than the Becker’s.Raquel tells Damian that she promised Santi to help with his project, at first Damian refuses but then leaves it up to her.

Santi gets home, hugs Lola and tells  her he is glad she is home, Lola lets them know that she is researching universities and that she will help to pay for it because she is working.  Santi looks at Lola with pride. When Lola goes to her room Santi tells Carol that Raquel is given him a loan, Carol acts all butt hurt that Santi continues asking the Beckers for help. (really Carol? really!!)Nacho and Agustin come home to see Benjamin, they bring balloons and presents but Santi says it’s not a good time because Carol got upset about the loan that Raquel is giving them but now that they are getting the loan their project problems are over.

In the present:Alina asks for Santi’s forgiveness because of what happened at her house. She tells him that Miriam can ask for custody but Lola and Nico can also ask for Benjamin’s custody if they can prove that they have an income. She also thinks that if Mia and Fede agree that may help.

Mia gets to her grandma’s and tells her that she does not want anything to do with Benjamin. Miriam convinces her to go and see BenjaminRueda gets home looking for Sammy, but Sammy is not home.Laura goes to look for Raquel about the latest facts in the murder case. Raquel tells her that she will not talk to Laura. “it is a shame that you don’t’ want to talk about this, but keep your eyes on the news” She leaves.Sammy is at Alina’s and tells her that Nico convinced him to find a purpose in life. And now he has found the purpose, Alina wants to know what he is talking about, but Sammy tells her she will find out soon enough.Santi has a heart to heart conversation with Fede, Lola and Nico tells them that Benja already lost his mother and to lose his father would be devastating. He asks for Fede’s help to help him keep Benjamin. The doorbell rings at that time and it is Mia with Miriam the monster. Raquel sees Mia only at first and thinks that she is there for the meeting but then she sees Miriam who says “Good evening where is my grandson?

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