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Fall Into Temptation Episode 49 Monday 13th August 2018 On Utv: Could This be the End of the Beginning for Santi and Raq?


Present Time 

Santi is on the phone with Raquel. He suggests angrily that she is capable of taking Benji away from him and he's not going to let that happen. Raquel is astonished by his attitude. How could he think something like that of her. Santi claims that Damian ruined his life and he wouldn't put it past that family to try. Raq insists she's not like Dam's family and reminds him that Carolina had a major part in this game of betrayal. If Raq and Santi couldn't stop them it was because they were cowards and were blind and deaf to what was going on while those two mocked them. So yes, she's guilty, guilty of trusting someone who didn't deserve it. They hang up on each other, knowing they've said some very hurtful things to each other.

Fede observes his mother while SinCin tries to give Santi a break--having just learned about Benji's parentage. She avers, though, that once Miriam finds out, she will be sure to take advantage. Now, Raq realizes that, too.

Nico calls Alina to tell her about Benji's paternity results. Still stressed over her confrontation with ex-Sammie, she lets the call go to v-mail. Then she calls Rueda and leaves him a message, berating him regarding her near fatal confrontation with his son (now we know who he is for sure). Either control him, she says, or she'll send him to jail.

Nico calls Fede next and begs him not to say anything about Benji's paternity results, even though sooner or later, everyone will know.

Raquel and Fede comfort each other. Their world has just flipped. He has a brother. Meanwhile, Nico and Lola commiserate learning they have a half-brother with Mia and Fede. Nico wonders what kind of family they are now while Lola wonders how her mother could have done that to their father.

Raq calls Miriam and asks to talk to Mia. Mimi very coldly tells her to call back in the morning. Raq briefly considers calling Santi. Santi is sitting on the edge of his bed, probably wondering how this all came about. Cute little Benji distracts him momentarily. Father and son share a hug.


Vicente, in a drunken stupor, has come calling on Caro to see his new nephew. Right away he tries to provoke Caro by inquiring as to whether she wants him to know or not, who is the child's father. She answers in a carefully regulated monotone that the father is Santiago. Vicente pushes his way in and begins his oft-heard "poor me" speech, in which he blames all his woes on Caro. However, this time he reveals to a waiting Caray Crowd what the big secret is they share. He saved her from beatings and molestation by their father. The last time, in a rage to get him to stop, he killed him and later dumped his body in the river. Vicente doesn't understand why Caro is so disgusted by him. He's her brother and he cared for his little sister. Caro watches this in horror, as though hearing the confession for the first time. He points out she was successful at burying it deep inside her, but he hasn't been able to, not for a single day. He became an murderer for her.

Raq is in Dam's office quizzing him on his odd attitude towards the Alvarados--not wanting to see the new baby. His answer is that after all they did for that family, they just alienated themselves. He feels used. Raq does not hold that opinion. She reminds him that it was they who separated themselves from the Alvarados on advice for Mia's sake. If the Alvarados had pretended friendship purely for money, they wouldn't have been the ones to separate and certainly Caro would not have left the catering business. Dam agrees, reluctantly, to go see the new baby.

Vicente and Caro continue their very painful conversation. Caro doesn't accept any blame for what he did. Vic disagrees. They are both to blame. He collapses onto the floor and Caro extends a shred of tenderness toward him. They hug.

Raq is called to the Foundation and on her way out, is blocked by Andres who comes up to her. He teases a bit about Caro's baby being born and shouldn't she feel good? She does, she says, trying to figure out where this conversation is going. She'll see, he answers mysteriously. Dam sees the exchange and calls Andres into his office. Andres swears he said nothing to Raq about Dam's little secret. He needles Dam about the baby being his. Dam shuts him up.

Nico catches up with Mia and Fede on campus. Mia states unequivocally she is not interested in seeing the new baby. Fede says he will stop by later.

Dam arrives with flowers at Caro's. Even knowing Vic is in the house, Caro stupidly lets him in. Dam says he doesn't want Vic anywhere near her or their son. Caro reminds him she can't be sure it's his baby. He brings up the incidence of twins in his family. He knows this is his child and that changes everything between them. He wants his son to have all the same privileges and benefits his other children have. She begs him to leave. Vic listens, hidden, from beyond the doorway.

Nacho is on the job at the catering business office kitchen. They need some additional pipes to fix some leak. While Santi has gone to get them from the truck, Nacho takes the opportunity to tell Raquel how badly Santi needs an investment to make the next project successful.

Vicente has recovered sufficiently to approach Dam, who is holding the baby lovingly. Dam tells Vic to leave him alone. They have a deal. Vic says it ain't happening that way since Dam has a great deal more to lose. He's doing Dam a favor by not talking. So, he wants to up the ante. Dam says no way. Caro returns and takes the baby. She asks Vic to leave. He looks at both of them. They aren't in a position to dictate terms. He alleges that Dam doesn't know what happens to guys like him--just ask Caro. Oh, he realizes, he doesn't know? He tells Dam to ask her what he did for her.

Fede is forced to listen to Mia's conjectures--the Alvarados only want their money, or to live off them. She reels off the facts as she sees them--they put Lola to work in her dad's office; Carolina stuck herself into her mother's catering business; her dad gave Nico a guitar as a gift, and Santiago is doing repair work at the factory offices. Fede stops her and refutes all her claims. He thinks she's crazy and tells her to stop thinking stupid things. Crazy or not, Mia says, she doesn't want the Alvarados in her life and she's going to make sure her father and mother know it.

Back with the three connivers, Vic won't leave until Caro tells Dam what he did for her. Lola comes home from her trip and defuses the tension in the room. But Lola picks up the vibes. Caro brushes it off and says she's tired. Vic leaves with a smug smile on his face and polite goodbyes all around. Dam tries to make small talk with Lola, but she leaves to unpack. Alone with Caro, Dam reiterates that he wants to be with her and Benjamin and they are not going to lack for anything. He gives her a quick kiss and leaves.

Raq and Nacho are still talking about investing in Santi's next project. Raq says of course they will give him a hand and promises to get the information out of him without letting on Nacho told her. Santi comes back and Raq whisks him off for a cup of coffee.

Lola admires the baby in Caro's arms and asks innocently who the baby takes after, Caro or Santi. She's saved answering by Nico's arrival--in a grumpy mood. Lola is sure it's because he's been with Mia arguing. The girl is crazy, she explains. She hates everybody, especially Caro, or people like Caro, in other words, people without money. Mia keeps telling Nico to forget her. It's because he has no money. Lola explains to Caro that guys like Damian want someone like Raquel for a serious relationship, while they seek out women like them to just have a fling and enjoy themselves. Of course, she is thinking of Andres and Miguel while Caro has images of Damian dancing in her head. Caro doesn't agree with Lola.

Epoca Actual

Santi is off to see Alina before breakfast. Before he leaves, ex-Sammie calls Nico and tells him about what he did to Alina. Santi and Nico take off for her place.

Fede is curled up with his head on Raq's lap. He wonders what they are going to do. She doesn't know. She doesn't know how Santi could think she would take Benji away from him. Fede points out that Santi is not the father. Raq starts to ruminate. Fede stops her. Enough about them. The lies have come to light. It's over. It's time to think about their own family, which now includes a brother and he wants to be able to see him. Raq assures him that he will, but she wants to keep it from his grandmother and Mia at least until she sees what Santiago needs. At the sound of Santiago's name, Fede rebels. He accuses her of always thinking of Santi first. It's time to think of her family first. He storms off.

At the police station, Fernando is asking Tonio how it went with Santi learning the results of the DNA test. Not well is the answer he gets. Nando thinks it's one more motive for revenge but Tonio says Santi couldn't have known ahead of time. Nando wonders if it could have been Raquel. Tonio is sure that Nacho is the only suspect. They have to go with the facts they have. Nando contradicts him. The fingerprints on the shovel are not enough to implicate Nacho with both crimes. They need to find the gun. Nando indicates that if Nacho indeed is the person who carried out the crimes, does that clear up everything--as he points to the board behind him. There might be someone else who gave the orders. He points out that though Nacho is closer to Santi than anyone else, he was also around Raquel, working at her house and her husband's business. Either one could have given Nacho orders.

Nico and Santi are at Alina's front gate. Nico bangs on it until she finally answers. Nico is all over her, physically and verbally, understandably upset. She assures them both she is ok and that kid is just crazy. Santi explains why they are there--for help with Benji. She asks for a minute and leaves the room. Nico looks on lovelorn and lovelost. Santi wants an explanation later. He leaves.

Fede has arrived at Lola's to see Benji. He gets down and starts to play with him while Lola texts Nico about the visit. She says he has a right to know.

Laura arrives at the police station very agitated. She's desperate for new information on the case. Nando approaches and taunts her. So, she's lost her inside informant and now wants another? What she really wants to know is if she's lost him forever. She makes a scene in front of officers and waiting patrons. Nando grabs her and steers her away saying this is not the place to discuss this.

Alina is furious with Nico for how he made her look in front of his father. Now he knows about her and ex-Sammie. Nico says he was desperate. They argue and she tells him it's OVER. (Nico, you don't know how lucky you are.)

Miriam is shocked, shocked, I tell you, that that child is Damian's. Rueda says DNA doesn't lie. All her illusions of the faithful son are blown away. How could Dam have been so stupid as to get involved with a low-class person like her. Andres pipes up and says they can use this information to sink Santiago--as has been her wish all along.

Santi has come to Raquel's house to beg forgiveness for all the brutal things he said to her. He was stupid. Raq also asks forgiveness, but there is more. She explains that he accused her of wanting to take his son away from him. Santi defends himself. It was said in the heat of the moment, getting the news. He reacted badly. He knows she wouldn't, but her family....Raq asks if he thinks she's like Miriam? No, of course he doesn't and again asks her to forgive him. Raq says the problem is they are beginning to hurt each other and it's very hard for her to forgive when he's lost confidence in her. Not only that, it was right after he told her he loved her. They stand apart and stare at each other with the hurt showing on both their faces, mixed with that love they both thought they had found in each other

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