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Bugusarai Saturday 25th August 2018 On ZEE world


Priyom says i kidnapped her, Bindya thinks that if he get arrested then i will lose power too, Priyom ask Avi to arrest him, Phulan says he is lying, i did this work, all are shocked, Priyom says papa, Phulan says you and i know truth but at this time i need to save my family so let me go, Priyom says why you, i will go, Phulan says if in chess game a pawn dies then it doesnt matter but king should not die, you are protector of not only this family but of Begusarai, you have to stay here to find who did this, Guddi says my father cant do this, Badi Amma says sometime its not true what we see, everyone knows how much Phulan respect women, Avi thinks and orders to arrest Phulan, Manjeeta points gun at Avi and says dare you touch my Thakur, Phulan ask him to let him go, Manjeeta says i will

go instead of you, Phulan says you have saved me alot of times, let me face this time, put gun down, Manjeeta puts gun down, Guddi says to Phulan that i know you cant do this, this inspector is blind, you dont go, she hugs him, Phulan ask her to not worry, he wipes her tears and leaves with police, outside Haveli all are chanting for Phulan, Avi ask them to calm down, he says if you dont calm down then we will have take action against you, Phulan says i will calm them, he addresses people to calm down, if i have not done injustice then God wont let injustice happen to me, let police do their work, he ask Manjeeta to take care of family, he ask Bhushan to not worry, truth will come out, he sit in jeep and leaves with policemen, all family members are sad.

Prinom in his room, he takes out his gun and calls someone to arrange lawyer and also district magistrate, he fills bullets in his gun and says if that inspector doesnt understand then.. Bindya comes and says then what will you do? will you use your gun? Priyom says this is not related to you, Bindya says i wont let you go there, Priyom says i didnt ask your permission, i will free Phulan as any cost, Bindya says you will not do that, you are not only his son but king of Begusarai, your work is to do justice, if you free Phulan without any innocence proofs for him then all will doubt you, Phulan said that no one can move without his permission in Begusarai, then how that girl came n this Haveli? Priyom ask what you are trying to say that he kidnapped her? she says not me but proofs are saying this, you will not free him till court free him else you will not get respect of people, Priyom says i dont need respect like this because of which i cant even free my father, Bindya says but i need that respect, i have sacrificed alot for this respect, i have faked this marriage for this respect, if you try to snatch this respect from me then.. Priyom says then what? you will tell truth of our marriage to everyone? i will tell truth myself to all and even if God say that Phulan has done something even then i will not believe it, he leaves, Bindya gets tensed and thinks what if he frees Phulan? my plan will fail then.

Badi Amma says that one person cant do this, one girl was hidden here and nobody had doubt about it, Choti Amma ask who can conspire against us? Badi Amma says someone from us only, that SP Avinash was right, not Phulan but someone from this house was involved in this kidnapping thats why nobody knew about it, Priyom comes there and ask Manjeeta to come with him, Bhushan ask where are you going with gun? Priyom leaves with Manjeeta.

Poonam come in room and says to God that i know Phulan is innocent, he cant kidnap a kids, please free him from this allegation, she turns to find Lakhan standing there, he ask what you were doing? she says you dont like me to pray in mandir so i was asking from God here only for Phulan, Lakhan holds her from shoulder and says do one thing, pray for Priyom Thakur too, maybe he will not need your prayers from now on, i saw him going with gun from house, if he has little respect remaining then he will shoot himself else he must have gone to that SP Avinash to fight with him, in either case your lover will be finished, Poonam ask what you are saying? he says what? are you afraid, pray for him, maybe God save him, what if he dies? then whose face will you see everyday? Poonam says i am related to you only and with people who are related to you and in this tensed situation, i will pray for every person of this house so that all stand united, Lakhan is holding her tightly from shoulders, she jerks him and leaves from there.

Priyom comes to Phulan, he is sad seeing Phulan behind bars, Phulan ask you here? Priyom says i am not alone, Manjeeta and my men with lawyer are here to take you back home, Phulan ask how will you prove that i am innocent, SP’s sister was found in our house, Priyom says to Phulan that Thakurs dont need proofs, Phulan says i am happy that you trust me but.. Priyom says trust doesnt have ifs and buts, we have surrounded that SP’s checkpost, i am going to meet him, if he understand my talk then fine else i will finish him, Phulan says you will not do anything like this, you will not free me in illegal way, what will people think? Priyom says dont stop me today, i have promised to take you from here, Phulan says take me but fusing right path, enemies has reached our house, they used police to put us in this situation, now you have to solve this, i can say that enemy is one of us only, Priyom ask how can you be so sure? Phulan says because my enemy know that my family is my power thats why he separated me from my family, now you have to prove your father innocent infront of all but before that you need to check your enemy’s limit, Priyom says it can take much time, Phulan says i dont know but you have to prove me innocent, policeman comes and says your time is over, let him have dinner as after that Phulan will be sent to Patna jail, Priyom is shocked, Phulan says only you can bring me back, find out about our soon, Priyom says i will find him, give me sometime, the one who tried to separate you from us, i will bring that person infront of you, i promise that

Phulan says to Priyom that everything is in your hands, Priyom touches his feet and says till i dont catch conspirator i will not sit quietly, i will not forgive that person.

Bindya thinks that Phulan gets free then everything will finish, Rekha comes there and dances, Bindya ask are you mad? Rekha says you have blasted bomb, i never thought i will see this day, Phulan is arrested by police, i was afraid that Priyom will get arrested, Bindya says think about what is going to happen next, Rekha ask what? Bindya ask her to prepare for celebration, Rekha leaves happily, Bindya says if Phulan returns then my plan will fail, why Priyom didnt return. Priyom comesback home, Badi amma ask where is Phulan? Priyom looks on sadly, Badi Amma says this sadness doesnt suite a heir, you went there

with lawyer then why you couldnt free Phulan? Priyom doesnt answer and starts leaving, Bindya stops him and ask what happened? Priyom leaves without answering her, Bindya says seems like he couldnt free Phulan.

Mitlaish says to Bhushan and Manjeeta that a cheap policeman came and arrested my father but i cant do anything my hands are tied by weak heir of begusarai, Priyom cant do anything, Bhushan says Priyom went to free Phulan but things didnt work out, Mitlaish says we can free Phulan in a second, our power is enough, our heir is useless, he keep stopping us to kill this or that.


Priyom drinks wine, Poonam comes in and ask can i come in? he looks at her, she says i wanna talk to you, Priyom says you dont need permission for that, Poonam comes to him, Bindya sees them and hides, she thinks what Poonam is doing here? Poonam ask Priyom why you didnt Phulan back? you can ignore me but all begusarai will ask this question, you are heir, a heir cant go against justice but how a son can leave his innocent in jail? Binda thinks that she is provoking Priyom, what if his love for father rises then my plan will be finished, Poonam says to Priyom that you are changed as the Priyom i know cant sit like this when his father is in jail, he would have fought and would try to find truth, Priyom says you are right, i am changed, i am a failed person but whatever i am, how does it matter to you? i dont wanna listen to you, leave from here, Poonam says you are not in senses, Priyom says i dont want to be in senses, leave me alone, go, Poonam leaves, Bindya stops Poonam and says did you listen? dont try to come here again, get lost, Poonam leaves, Bindya says today Priyom proved that nothing will work on him now, now its time for next trick.

Bindya comes to Badi Amma that SP Avi wants us to get afraid, we should behave normally, Choti Amma says we are not afraid, right Badi Amma? Badi amma shivers, Bindya says see Badi Amma is shivering with fear, how will she handle house in this situation and i think nobody is in position to handle house so i will have to do something, she ask keys of house from Badi Amma, Bindya takes keys from her, Choti Amma holds her hand and ask what are you doing? Bindya says i am trying to handle house, she takes keys from here, Bindya says cant you see Badi Amma’s situation, can she handle house in this state, i know Phulan wanted Badi Amma to handles house but he is not here now and no one can handle house so i have to take responsibility and my husband is heir to throne so its my responsibility to handle house, when Phulan will return from jail, he will reward me for this, she thinks now Phulan will live his life in jail, what he had done to my life, this is very less punishment for him, i have snatched my right, she ask everyone to go and cook in kitchen, all look on, she smirks and leaves, Badi Amma doesnt say anything, Poonam comes there and stares Bindya, Bindya thinks now everything is in my hands, this was just trailer, this family has to shed tears of blood.

Poonam comes to Badi Amma and says why you are tensed? if you lose strength then who will handle this house, we still have hope, that is son of this house, Poonam says to Badi Amma that i promise, i will give this house its son back who will end every bad shadow surrounding this house, its time to end our bad time and start of enemy’s bad time, Bindya fumes in anger listening this, Poonam leaves, Choti Amma ask Badi Amma to eat something, a servant comes and says i have come to give rent of land you had given me, he gives it and says farmers need money to harvest, Phulan had promised but now he is not here so.. Badi amma ask Choti Amma to give him money, she is about to give him money but Bindya holds her hand.PRECAP- Lakhan says to Poonam that you wanna have wine with me? he fills her glass and says this is to cheer our happily married life. he says when our marriage was fixed, i was so excited, i used to think about you everytime, i loved you alot, he pulls her close and romantically looks at her


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