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Timeless Love Episode120 Friday 13th April 2018 On Gh One: The Tragedy of Love is Indifference

*Somerset Maugham

Alternate Titles: 1) People need to talk but nobody does, 2) Renata reluctantly agrees

Redux and to quote Marta: Marina arrives at Jero’s… he is surprised she is there. She wants the truth from him. He takes a deep breath before dropping the bomb… My heart, my body and my soul want to be with Nata.

Tonight we continue with a lot of “I’m sorry to hurt you” and “I had to know the truth” and sad, understanding smiles. Maritata was hoping there would be a space for Them but she wants him to be happy. She’s going to return to Ensenada to care for her uncle but then...who knows? Good luck with Renata, Maritata says, imparting a love’s lost kiss on his cheek. She leaves and sobs outside the door as the loud music drives out any sympathetic thoughts we might have for her.

Ezequiel approaches Lazaro for his help with Augustin’s latest demand. It’s not an easy vine shoot problem like before. This time it’s a real toughie (algo bien grueso).

Jero calls Nata, he wants to see her tomorrow, please it’s super important he urges. Renata reluctantly agrees.

Back to weepy and top-heavy Doc BalconyBoobs perched precariously at the top of some stairs. She sobs she has lost him but she loves him so. Step back you fool!!

Nata’s phone rings again and this time it’s Augi calling to offer his apologies for his last phone call, excusing himself because of his fury. She wearily manages to get a dig in about his jealousy along with her forgiveness. She says they Need To Talk. He doesn’t get the hint and changes the subject back to himself, griping that Arely was the wine saboteadora, no doubt due to her jealousy about their relationship. The nerve, and after he was such a gentleman with her! (Ha!!!) She does a little “I told you so” about Jero being the culprit but this only sets Augi off on more Jero-bashing. He says Renata is his highest priority and as soon as he cleans up this wine mess he’ll head out to the DF. Good because, she repeats, they Need To Talk. She removes her ring and thought bubbles she doesn’t want to hurt Augi but she still loves Jero and she’s got other plans independent of Augi’s.

Over at La Bonita Carlos pleads with Mati to stop harping about that curse crapola. The padre just has the flu; loosen the headband and get over it. Aw shucks and all right, she agrees. Laz and Ez stride in and want to talk to Carlos pronto!

It’s nighttime in the DF where Matias and Adri discuss their trip (to the Sea of Cortez!) and relationship. He wants her to talk to Chema before they leave. Oblivious of the anvil, they enjoy some sweet kisses and face caresses.

Laz sneaks into Arely’s room and wakes her up. He grabs her watch from her nightstand, says he’ll explain later, get dressed, no noises or lights, and trust him.

At the hospital Berta, Gonzo and Regina happily inform Renata that Berta will be rooming with Regina for a while. Nata’s not super excited about this and says she was planning to look after sis. Regina gushes that they should all stay at her house and remain united. Berta urges sis to come, she needs Nata now more than ever and it will be an opportunity for Berta to start making amends. Renata reluctantly agrees.

Under cover of darkness and the well-lit courtyard, Laz and Arely jump into the SUV and speed off. Herminia, peeking out the curtains, wonders what’s up with that?

Next morning Mati asks Herminia if she’s seen Lazaro, his bed hasn’t been slept in. Herminia looks abundantly guilty and shrugs. Mati prods, Kari sneaks up behind and Herminia spills, Laz left with Arely last night. “What? Where?” demands Kari, “No puede ser!!” she cries, dashing out of the room. Mati scolds Hermi for being chismosa. Sheesh, she just told the truth.

Ez visits Augi in his office, looks around suspiciously, and tosses Arely’s watch on the desk. Doesn’t el patron recognize it? It’s Arely’s, proof as it were. Augi asks how Ez did it. Ez nervously recounts the faux fable (fábula falsa). She was going to return to the DF last night so he had to act. He went looking for her pretending it was a chance encounter. He offered her a ride to the airport and she accepted. They stopped at a cliff to check the lights of the car, then he bonked her on the head and dumped her and her suitcases into the sea. We see a split screen of Laz and Arely throwing her suitcase into the inky black bay. Augi cheerfully observes not many have the cold blood it takes to do what Ez did. He says Ez is the only guy he can trust and pushes a big wad of cash his way. Ez says the money’s not necessary, he did it to prove Augi could trust him. Augi makes him take it and, alone, says “One less problem in my life” as he casually tosses the watch aside and gets back to his paperwork.

Laz puts Arely, now in traditional dress, onto the bus where she thanks him profusely. He says what she can do for him is to take care of herself and go someplace where Augi can never find her. (Which begs the question, why did she bother to show up in the first place? Don’t bother trying to answer, it’s rhetorical and we know why anyway.) She promises that Augi will never hear about her so Ez is safe. She plants a real, live kiss on him before he leaves, prompting him to kiss his rosary. (Funny! Did he ad lib that?) How many of us really believe she is gone for good?

Carlos calls Jero to give him the skinny on Arely. Jero angrily says Augi is much worse than they ever imagined. I think he says that every time they discuss Augustin.

MariTata, thankfully having avoided a fall down the stairs of doom, confirms that the padre has the flu and says he must rest for at least two weeks. She hands him a mask and we get a short PSA about contagion. He’s sure Matilde will die because he can’t perform her ceremony. Maritata sadly comments she will stay to help him. Nosy Padre suspects she’s sad about Jero and she confirms they are finished, “Terminamos.” But she’s not returning to the DF, at least not while Padre is sick.

Back in the DF Fina, in sixties mod cum Mao cum workout disguise, hands a letter to her reluctant accomplice Nurse Raquel. Raquel says she heard Fina is a murderess. “Lies, all lies,” insists Fina. She greases Raquel’s palm with cash (lana) and nursie takes the note for Roberta.

When Berta is alone Nurse Raquel gives her the letter which Berta feebly tries to refuse but can’t resist reading. “Roberta, blah blah blah you don’t know how much your rejection pains me. We are together in this business and don’t even think about betraying me because you know very well if you do you’ll lose everything! Love Mommy”

Adri shows up at Chema's and tells him they Need To Talk, to finish the conversation she started the other day before he got sick. What? he says, he doesn’t remember it at all. Uh, whatever, she says, can they go for coffee now so They Can Talk? Well, he’s busy now but what about tonight at her place? (NO! Talk NOW you dumb bunny Adri. It’ll take 30 seconds tops.) But no, she agrees to meet the guy-who-remembers-nothing tonight. At her place. He says he will be there. He won’t remember. Gah!

Nata walks in and sees Berta’s letter. Berta quickly rips it to shreds vowing she doesn’t want to see her mother ever again. “All it said was lies, pure lies like always!” she insists. They bond about being daughters of a murderess. Nata says their mom is a killer whot kept her from the love of her life. Berta rudely throws all the pieces of paper all over the floor so the nurse can pick them up and put them in the wastebasket located next to Berta’s bed. Nope, our entitled Berta has not yet progressed much. Berta suggests Renata forget Jeronimo and find someone whose brother their mother hasn’t killed. 

Over at LA BONITA Doctata meets with Carlos and Mati to tell them about Padre’s influenza. He’s out of commission for 15 days and they should look for another padre to marry them on Saturday. Mati’s indignant, no way will she be married by another, tell the padre to take care of himself and they’ll get married at the end of the month. “End of the month?” murmers Doc MissedAMonth. “we’re already in the middle of the month and...” And what, says Carlos. “We’re in the middle of the month and I’ve missed my period,” thought bubbles Doc BunInTheOven. Carlos gazes at her suspiciously as she quickly exits.

Evil Berta starts working on Renata’s fears. Berta says at least she can’t have children so they won’t inherit mommy’s evil. She suggests Nata avoid Jero, just imagine if she has a child who ends up damaged like their mom! Nata sighs that evil isn’t inherited. Maybe not, says Berta, but some flaw could get passed on. And she can’t avoid the fact that their mom killed Jero’s brother. Renata should leave Jero in peace so as to avoid their future fights. He’ll find it very difficult to forgive and overcome the murdering mother part of the family. Berta insists she has no doubt that sooner or later Jero will blame Renata. (Again, I add.)

Nurse Raquel brings the ripped up letter to Fina and reports her sister was in the room and Berta is getting released in just a couple of hours.

Berta gets Renata to leave the room so she can make a call on Renata’s phone. She calls Augi, “Ha, fooled you! It’s the evil sister.” He reports that Adri has Berta’s phone and told him she was in the hospital. Berta says he needs to get his buns down the DF pronto because Renata’s in bad shape about mom and is making noises about having kids with Jeronimo. He says he now understands Renata’s existential crisis. (Hee!) It’s over Berta’s head and she says Huh? Just get down here. He reminds her to erase the call and she mutters “Duh, estupido!”

Kari is crying to Alfonsina about Laz and Arely sneaking out the night before. They man bash and assume the worst. She’s going to see the Padre because she suspects he knows some secret and she wants to know the truth.

Mati, in spite of her support for the padre, is now crying because their wedding is postponed. Carlos comforts her as Laz walks into the room. Mati immediately forgets her grief so she can jump up and give her brother some of his own. Where did he go last night with Arely? Laz insists he’s done nothing to be ashamed of. Then why did Herminia see them sneaking out and why didn’t he tell anyone, she demands? Carlos says they wanted to tell her but ...listen up and not a word to anyone!

Augi and Ez are inspecting the vines which seem to be improving. Ez says he’ll keep an eye out for further outbreaks. Augi wonders if there has been any gossip or news about Arely’s accident. Ez says he doubts anyone will find her. Even better, laughs Augi who is now in a good mood. He informs EZ he’s heading off the Mexico City to take care of his priority Renata. He trusts Ez to take care of his vineyard and Ez breathes a sigh of relief at Augi’s departure.

Kari visits the Padre who is dutifully wearing his mask. She reports she’s living with Alfonsina because of Lazaro. He’s been catting around (andar coscolino), that’s why Padre suggested they not marry, right? Padre’s all “Huh? No!” He scolds her for thinking that of Laz. “Then why did you advise me to postpone our wedding?” she demands.

Ack! Cut to Doc ShouldBeDead over at the prison hospital. He’d rather stay in hospital instead of going back to jail, but the real doc says Doc Ick is fine and it’s time to call Linares.

Short scene with Carlos and Mati in the office, kissing and loudly promising to keep Arely’s secret, when the phone rings. It’s the prison doctor; Carlos gets rid of Mati so he can talk. The real doc tells him that Doc Ick is ready to go back to prison in a couple of days. Doc IWannaBeFreeToDoEvil writhes in bed, no doubt plotting his escape.

Regina, Gonzo and Jero receive the DNA results. Dum da dum....drumroll please.

“Thank you God,” gushes Regina, “after 25 years I finally know my daughter is alive and I can hug and kiss her. She has a name and I have the privilege of knowing her.” Jero can’t stand it and asks the Drama Queen who is her daughter, Renata (hopeful smile) or Roberta (frown)? “My daughter daughter is...ROBERTA!”

Avances: Fina, disguised as a hayseed, smacks her maid and skulks around

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