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Thursday Update On Color Of Passion Episode 92 12th April 2018 ON TV3


The Old:
-Mario tells Magda that he loves her and she’s all he needs—kids or no kids.
-Lucia makes Nora happy by telling her she went out to eat with Roman. Nora then shares the gossip that Alfredo is an old acquaintance of Rebeca’s.
-Rebeca admits to Alfredo her sick jealousy of her sister Adriana, and her even sicker game of abusing her name.
The New:
Rebeca tries to use her feminine wiles on Alfredo, to distract him from the fact that she just admitted to being a perverse, cheating succubus, who has used and sullied her dead sister’s name to troll for men for over two decades. She slithers up to him, and drapes herself on him. “If I had stayed with you, and not returned to Puebla, my life would have been very different. I could never forget you.”
He allows her to lay a kiss on him for half a second, but then abruptly breaks it off. “You think I believe that?” He points out that she deceived him AND Federico, while using her sister’s name. He even accuses her of killing Fede. Rebeca denies it, pointing out that Federico put a bullet into his own head, and starts marching out.
“Well, his mother thinks you did.” He wonders what Marcelo, her niece and her daughter would think. Rebeca points out that Marcelo already knows and hasn’t done anything. Does her daughter also know? Rebeca starts to panic. “No! And she can’t find out! She’s the only thing important to me.” Alfredo leaves the threat in the air as Rebeca exits his apartment-- “We’ll be seeing each other, I have no doubt.” After she leaves, he wipes her cooties and blood red lipstick off his lips.
Clara shows up for her first day working at Normita’s house. Normita pays her in advance for her work, since Lalo says she’s trustworthy. She leaves Clara her work number, in case she needs anything.
Marcelo has breakfast with Rafaela and tells her about seeing Lucia with that damn (dichoso) Dr. Andrade the evening before. Rafa admits that she saw the infamous hugging photo. Marcelo’s resigned-- “At least he seems to be a good person and really seems to care about her…With him, she won’t have the kind of problems she had with me.” He asks after Mili and learns that the Momster left early. Rafaela has no idea if she went to the hospital. “Your mother can be mysterious.”
And indeed, no one would suspect where she is and with whom. She’s meeting Lucia at an outdoor café, and is rude from the moment Lucia arrives.
She intended to stand Lucia up, but her curiosity won out, she tells Lucia. “I don’t trust you or anyone in your family. Your dad seemed like the only decent one…Why did you want to see me?” “Is it true you saw my aunt in the church the day my dad died?” Mili tells her that she’s not sure, but thinks it was between 6 and 7pm. She asks why Lucia is asking, and points out that Marcelo asked her the same thing. “I just wanted to corroborate that my aunt was where she said she was.” Lucia politely takes her leave.
Felicia has a sh*t-eating grin on her face as Leticia walks by her. We find out why when Leti goes into her and Sergio’s office. Gloria is lying in wait, sitting at Sergio’s desk. She taunts Leti with a sweater that Sergio supposedly left at her place. She calls Leti a ho who stole HER man. Leti tells her that Sergio is hers now, and she better step off! Gloria tosses the sweater at her and leaves. Meanwhile, Mario asks Sergio for the gossip on him and Leti--Felicia told him. He’s happy for them, but they’ll need to learn to separate work from their private life. He congratulates Sergio. Leti’s a great girl and he’s a great guy.
Marcelo arrives at the hospital and finds Alfredo, but surprisingly, not Milagros. Alfredo tells Marcelo about the investigation Mili asked him to conduct, and that he discovered Rebeca is the mystery woman and that Marcelo knows. Why doesn’t he want his mother to know? Marcelo knows Mili is a loose cannon and he really doesn’t want to cause any more trouble. Alfredo agrees to keep it under his hat, for now. Well, now it’s Marcelo’s turn to question Alfredo. He’s heard that he knows Rebeca, by the name Adriana. Al admits that over 20 years ago they had a short affair. This time, he’s the one asking Marcelo to keep this information under his hat.
Amador slimes into Alonso’s office (I refuse to call it Rebeca’s office). Rebeca’s still shaken, remembering her conversation with Alfredo. Amador, oh so casually, mentions the new company, Probadora de Centro, that he thinks they should do business with. [The same company that Al sent Marcelo to investigate, since it seemed fishy to him, and whose contract he cancelled. And the same one that’s really just a shadow company owned by Amador and Ricardo.] He tries to convince Rebeca to sign the contract. “It will be a good business for us. I’ll bring you the contract to review.” Rebeca agrees to look at it, then demands to know if Amador fired Ricardo and hired a new lawyer. “Yep, just like you asked.”
Leti gives Gloria just what she wanted, and takes her jealousy and insecurity out on Sergio and tosses the sweater in his face. Sergio tries to calm her down and says he’ll speak to Gloria about backing off. Then he warns Leti to tone the shrieking down, or they both might get fired. “Well, put that beyotch in her place!”
Normita’s MIA from the front desk when Lucia passes by. The phone rings so Lucia answers, but neither she nor Clara identify themselves by name. Lucia quickly passes the phone to Normita so that Clara can ask her where the bleach (el cloro) is. Clara then calls her comadre to ask if she’s arrived at her place yet. She urges her to hurry so that Benito’s not home alone for too long.
Milagros finally arrives at the hospital, and casually tells Marcelo that she was with his “beloved” Lucia. Marcelo’s annoyed she’s pestering Lucia. “She’s the one who wanted to see me!” She tells him about Lucia asking about Rebeca’s alibi. Marcelo’s surprised and wants more details. Mili wonders why it’s so important, and why he also asked her the same questions. Alfredo’s return to the waiting room saves Marcelo from thinking up an excuse. He tells them that Dani hasn’t woken up yet, and he’s worried. But Marcelo’s too lost in thought to really listen.
Lucia goes to see Rod in his office to apologize for being rude the day before. He accepts her apology and once again says he’s there for her. Lucia’s cell phone rings, and she pauses, contemplating whether to pick up when she sees it’s Marcelo. Rod has the nerve to act like a jealous boyfriend, and demands to know if it’s her new suitor, the one Nora told him about. Way to blow a nice moment, Rod! Lucia’s all, EXCUUUUSE ME?!! “I don’t have ANY reason to speak about that with you! In fact, I don’t even have a reason to come here to apologize.”
The Baby Fever has hit Magda hard, and she’s hanging out in the maternity ward looking at babies in their cage-bassinets in the nursery. She runs into Sara, who is having a down moment, thinking about Alonso. “I can’t stop thinking about Alonso and his sudden death, and…It’s not fair that he died so soon. He should have lived many more years!” She sobs, then, embarrassed by her tears, leaves quickly.
Clara’s comadre arrives at her house and finds Benito gone. She calls Clara and they panic together. Meanwhile, Benito, who looks like he’s used up every bit of strength in his sickly body, arrives at the police station and asks a female detective for Detective Ramos. They both realize that the additional trip up the stairs is NOT going to happen, so the detective has him wait while she gets Ramos. While he’s waiting, Benito sees a poor woman being dragged in by two officers, begging and crying, protesting her innocence. He turns white with fright. By the time the female detective brings Ramos, Benito’s long gone.
Lalo checks in with Normita to see if Clara showed up that morning, and tells her about Clara’s sick son, Benito. His illness has affected his ability to walk, and sometimes he has trouble breathing, but the doctors can’t diagnose what’s wrong with him. They both feel for them.
Amador tells Rod to reactivate the contract with Probadora de Centro, that Alonso already cancelled, but with new/current dates. Rod is not in agreement. He points out that if Rebeca finds out that Probadora de Centro is really Amador’s business, she’ll have his head! Amador says she won’t find out, because his name isn’t anywhere on the paperwork. He orders Rod to keep his mouth shut and prepare the contract!
Milagros and Alfredo are having a coffee in the hospital—Mili is jabbering away, while Alfredo is lost in thought. He asks her what she intends to do when she finally finds the mystery woman who messed with Fed’s head. “I’m going to give her a taste of her own medicine.” (hacer pagar con la misma moneda) Al looks alarmed as Mili continues that she’s going to make that woman’s life hell. He points out that Federico took his own life, right? “But she provoked it!” She asks if he’s heard anything back from the investigator. “Nope, not yet. I would have told you.”
Marcelo barges into Lucia’s storage-room-office, loaded for bear. “You refuse to answer my calls, so I had to come see you.” Lucia says they have nothing to talk about. Marcelo gets even more agitated and demands to know why she was asking his momster about Rebeca’s alibi. When Lucia tells him she found Plot Earring, he gets practically hysterical. “Why didn’t you tell me?!!” Dude! I was going to tell you when you got out of jail, but you went all drama queen, broke up with me, and ran off! She explains where the earring was found, and that she believes that Rebeca definitely saw her father that evening, even if they can’t be certain she had something to do with his death directly. But if she has nothing to hide, why is she so concerned about her alibi? Marcelo insists they have to get to the bottom of this, so that he can clear his name. She once again tells him that she already no longer blames him for her father’s death.
Rodrigo strolls into Lucia’s closet-office and once again acts like a possessive boyfriend. He gets into Marcelo’s face and tells him he has no business being there. He reminds Marcelo that there’s a legal process currently against him and threatens to call security. Lucia puts her foot down. “You’re not going to call anyone! Marcelo was already leaving.” Marcelo asks Lucia to keep him informed, and she nods in agreement. By the time Rod gets around to telling her he has something important to tell her, she’s not in the mood to hear it.
Clara and her comadre are in mid-panic at Clara’s place, when Benito finally arrives home. Clara scolds him for scaring her like that. He admits he went to the police station to tell them she didn’t do anything wrong, but he never spoke to anyone. Clara loses it. “OK. You’re right. Let’s go right now! Let them put me in jail!... What do you want to happen?!” “For them to not treat you like a murderer! Not you.” Benito starts crying and limps away, and Clara weeps.
Lucia pays Brigida a surprise visit. “Hola, nena! What a surprise. You look divine, as always! I just made cookies. Want some?” Lucia turns down the delicious offer of cookies, and gets right to asking about Rebeca’s alibi. Brigida goes into great detail about Rebeca’s surprise visit to apologize, and how she was a nervous wreck. Why? She was having problems with your father, because of that Sara Ezquerra. What time did she arrive? “Maybe around 8? No it had to be later, because Amador and I had already eaten. It had to be around 9pm then.” That’s all Lucia needed to hear, and she thanks Brigida and leaves in a fog. “Marcelo was right. She had time to see my father.”
Nazario goes to the front desk looking for Lucia, but Normita doesn’t know where she is. Naz turns to leave, then turns back and very formally asks Norma out to dinner that evening.
Marcelo meets with Mario in his office for an update on his case. He’s impatient to leave Puebla, or at least to be able to work. Mario acknowledges that it will be hard to get a job with the pending case against him, and offers to check if any of his clients have an opening. Marcelo runs into Leti on his way out, who tells him that she’s tried to talk sense into Lucia about breaking up with him, but she’s stubborn. Marcelo admits he just saw Lucia. Their conversation gets interrupted by a call from Rafaela. Felicia’s been listening in so hard on their conversation, that it looks like she’ll need a neck brace. Rafa tells Marcelo that she needs help with a big problem, right away!
Lucia goes to confession with Padre Samuel. She confesses that she hates her aunt Rebeca and wishes her ill. She asks for forgiveness-- she feels bad about it, but she can’t help feeling this way. Padre Sam asks why she feels this hate. “Because she took my mother’s place; because she turned the only sister I have against me; and because she killed my father.” These are grave accusations, says the Padre. “I know. But, I have proof. The problem is, I can’t say anything because I don’t want to hurt my sister. Please help me! Tell me what I should do.” Lucia’s in tears, and Padre Samuel looks like he’s about to be too.
Brigida calls Rebeca at home and tells her about Lucia’s visit and questions about her alibi. I told her what time you came to see me—that was ok, right? Rebeca politely thanks her. But when they hang up, she looks concerned.
The problem Rafa needed help with was Nora, who broke into Marcelo’s apartment, invaded his bedroom, and refuses to leave. The only way to get her out, says Rafa, would be to drag her out by the hair (las greñas). Marcelo says he’ll handle it, and goes into the bedroom.
Nora is looking at the pictures of Federico on the laptop. “How lovely your brother was.” Marcelo snatches the laptop away, and demands to know how she got in. She dangles the keys in his face-- he never did change those locks. Nora says her reason for coming was to set things right with him, since their last interaction left her with a bad taste in her mouth (mal sabor de la boca). Marcelo isn’t interested in fixing anything or in having ANY kind of relationship with her! Nora starts getting screechy and accuses him of being unfair to her. “If you’d let me, I could make you forget all about Lucia.” She lunges at him, latches on to him, and starts sucking on his neck like a vampiric howler monkey.
Marcelo pries her off and tosses her to the bed. “If you’re done now, get the hell out!” Nora tosses the keys to the floor, and continues to screech. “Why can’t you see me as a woman?! Why do you only want Lucia? What does she have that I don’t?! Why is Lucia better than me?!” She then starts tossing breakables to the floor, and Marcelo grabs her. She slaps him so hard he falls onto the bed. Giving her enough time to storm into the living room, screaming how much she hates him, and tossing any breakable she can find. Poor Rafa, who’s been a shocked spectator to this whole thing, tries to protect a lamp and stay out of Hurricane Nora’s way. “What is wrong with that girl?!”
Marcelo chases after Nora out the apartment, trying to rein her in, to no avail. They make it out to the sidewalk in front of the building. She screams at him that he doesn’t care what she feels. They both spot an oncoming car, and after looking at it for a half second, Nora runs TOWARDS it, and flings herself in front of it. She crashes into the windshield and then rolls and lands hard on the ground in front of the stopped car. Marcelo runs to her, calling out her name, but she lies limp on the ground.
-End of episode.
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