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Bride With Benefits Episode 31--33 Update On Thursday 12th April 2018 On Zee World


The episode starts with Jogeshwar hiring security guards and asking them not to allow Gulkan in. Guards see her coming in and try to stop and misbehave with her. Gulkan slaps them. Jogeshwar and everyone hear her voice and come out and see her shouting on security. Jogeshwar asks neighbors to get in. Neighbors say Gulkan will create havoc now and walk out. Gulkan tries to run in, but guards holld her. Natru says gaurds Gulkan is bahu of this house and leave her.
Indu’s neighbour praise Paya during haldi ritual and tell their Chaibasa’s proud will be going to other city. Indu gets emotional.
Gulkan tells natru how can he stop her in her own house and yells at her. Natru tries to speak. Gulkan says she knows he hired guards. He says he did not. She asks then
why will guards stand outside without money and asks what is the issue with guards and videographer. He asks her to calm down and says he hired guards to safeguard celebrities and he had asked them not to let uninvited people and continues trying to convince her. Gulkan says she has brought people to sell this house and asks to calculate its value.
Santoshi goes to Dev’s room with Guddi and asks him to go and take bath. Dev goes in. Guddi says now bhaiya will see Gulkan’s drama. Santoshi starts her overacting, gets worried, and locks door from outside.
Gulkan’s brought buyers asks natru/jogeshwar to tell the price of house. Santosh and Guddi come down. Natru gets tensed that Dev will see gulkan and asks them why did they leave things up and come down. Gulkan asks what is there up. Buyers asks natru again to tell the price. Natru says this house is shapit/cursed and because of it, he does not get 2 times food, his son left him, his daughter’s engagement broke. Gulkan asks him to stop his drama. Natru says he is telling telling truth, whoever buys this house will come under its curse.
Dev comes out of bathroom and tries to bangs door to open it. Gulkan asks who is banging door. Natru says it is jugnu, he got evil spirit, so he locked him in room. Buyers gets afraid and leave. Gulkan tells natru she knows it is his drama. Dev shouts to open door.
Payal dries her hair after bath, looks at engagement ring and Dev’s gifted watch and smiles. Indu comes with suitcases and says these are her clothes and items. Payal asks she is talking as if she will not come back forever. Indu says it is the ritual. Payal asks then why is she packing her water bottle, tiffin box etc., as if she will never come back. Dad gets emotional hearing that and says Payal will take only things necessary.
Dev bangs door again. Gulkan runs to check. Natru steps on her saree and makes her fall.

The episode starts with Jogeshwar stepping on Gulkan’s sari and making her fall from steps. He starts acting and signals Jaiswal. Santoshi also starts her overacting. Jogeshwar asks her to bring haldi milk for bahu. She brings and thinks she is feeding milk to snake. Gulkan says her brother has accrued loss in business, so she wants to sell this house and give him money. Guddi calls Ayodhya and calls him. Gulkan asks natru to give her rent of house.
Indu tells Payal she should not wear salwar kameez and wear saris only in her in-laws house and it is like giving them respect. Payal says respect is gained by values and not by dress code. Indu says whatever she likes. Marriage organizer comes and tells he will make Payal’s marriage a grand affair as she is PWD engineer.
Guddan says what about expenses. He says Payal is PWD engineer and Chaibasa’s pride, so it should be a lavish affair. Payal says she is just a govt employee and wants her marriage in a minimal way. Organizer says Bhuvaneshwar that is why his daughter is chaibasa’s pride, he will do what payal likes. Satish calls Payal and she asks him to come home.
Ayodya brings Gulkan to his brother-in-law’s house, makes her rest on bed and asks why did she go to natru’s house. Mithilesh asks how is Gulkan now. Ayodhya says she is fine and sleeping. Jogeshwar natru comes there and says Mithilesh he will return his money but needs some time, he does not want Gulkan come there and insult him in front of whole society. Mithilesh and his wife say they don’t know anything. Natru says she took car to sell. Mithilesh says he does not know anything about car and says he can take his car. Gulkan comes out and asks natru why did he come here and if he wants to loot his brother more. Mithilesh scolds gulkan and asks her to return car keys and money. Gulkan says he does not know natru, but mithilesh insists. She gives keys and money and goes back to her room angrily. Ayodhya smirks looking at Jogeshar. Jogeshwar natru asks mithlesh again not to send Gulkan to his house and leaves.
Satish comes to Payal’s house and gives her a letter. Payal is shocked to see her transfer letter. Dad asks what is it. She says it is transfer letter and she has to join Devgarh office in 2 days. Indu panics hearing it and says one problems solves and another comes. Neelu says when she is on leave, how can she get transfer orders. Satish says Payal is govt employee and she has to follow orders. Payal says she will go and speak to commissioner. Indu says after haldi rituals she cannot go out. Payal says if she does not go, she has to cancel marriage. Dad says rituals cannot bound any person and asks Payal to leave.
Dev asks Santoshi why did not she open door when he shouted a lot. She says she did not hear his voice. Natru comes, gives her money and asks her to keep it in locker. Dev asks how did he get so much money. He says he got back the debt. He says just a few days he has to tolerate Santoshi’s food, Payal makes excellent food and serves it also well. Dev starts dreaming about Payal serving food. Servant serves him food, but she calls Payal’s name. Natru asks him to stop dreaming till marriage and laughs.
Payal meets commissioner who says she has no other go than accepting transfer. She says her marriage is in 2 days and cards have been distributed, her parents are tensed. He says he can give her order and forget till marriage, later she can think about tranfer. PAyal says she cannot do this. Commissioner says he is proud of her, but cannot help her.

The episode starts with Gulkan fuming reminiscing her brother Mithilesh insulting her by taking car keys and money from her and giving it to natru/Jogeshwar. Mithilesh comes to her room with wife and Ayodhya and asks her to have food. She says she will not. Mithilesh asks why she needs money back from natru. She says she needed it for him as he has lost in business. He thinks his lie is backfiring him. He says he made a loss and will face it, does not need her help. Ayodhya thinks he should stop Gulkan from pestering natru. He asks her to not stress herself much and to look after her health.
Indu calls pandit and asks if Dev and Payal’s marriage can be preponed. He says no. Payal comes and says she has to join Devgarh office in 2 days and has no other go than postponing marriage.
Indu yells at Bhuvaneshwar that because of his leniance and overconfident, she is facing this day and asks Payal to resign from job. Payal says she cannot resign and once she joins, she cannot get leave for 3 months. Bhunaveneshwar says he will go and speak to Jogeshwar/natru.
Bhuvaneshwar goes to natru’s house with guddan and Rajath and informs that marriage has to be postoned for 6 months. Natru is shocked to hear that and says they can get Dev and Payal’s married in Devghar as he has decided to take care of Payal at any cost. Bhuvaneshwar says it is not possible and they have to find another plan as Payal has to work for 3 months without leave after joining. Natru panics seeing his plan failing. Santoshi as usual makes weird faces.
Indu is tensed regarding Payal’s marriage. Door bell rings and she thinks Bhuvaneshwar has come back, but Dev comes instead and says he came to meet Payal and needs her permisison as he promised not to meet her before marriage. Indu says after haldi, it is a bad sign/abshagun. He says shagun and abshagun are made by human. Indu allows him in, asks him to sit on sofa and asks Payal to speak to him. Dev asks what is all this. Payal says it all happened suddenly and there is no other way. He asks that means their marriage will be postponed, there must be some way which they are not thinking. Payal says only secretariat can stop transfer. He looks at marriage card and promises that their marriage will happen on fixed date.
Natru gets tensed about marriage postponement and asks Jaiswal to think of a way. Jaiwal says there is one way. Guddan on the other side tells Rajath they should bribe commissioner to stop Payal’s transfer. Jaiswal also suggests same and asks instead of money, he can take some other gift.
Natru/Jogeshwar reaches commissioner’s office with mango box as a gift for his help. Commissioner says he troubled them instead. Natru says he helped instead that day and say now he is in trouble due to Payal’s transfer. Commissioner asks him to sit and asks what he would have. Natru says he can have cool drinks any time, but if Payal’s marriage does not happen, he will be in loss. He says he brought special mangoes for him and says he knows he would not like mango seeds, so he has brought them for his superiors to stop Payal’s transfer. Commissioner says it is not possible.
Precap hears Guddan and Rajath talking about bribing commissioner. Dev goes to secretriat to meet secretary and stop Payal’s transfer.
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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